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  1. Thanks Mathijs. With the number of airports I have from you, it's hard to remember the exact titles as I'm sure you can imagine.
  2. As the topic suggests, please include what simulator updates are for when sending out updates like the one below.
  3. I'm on the latest version available via Orbx Central which I just checked is 2.0.7. In the past, I installed SAM outside Orbx Central but lately, it's very easy and convenient to have Orbx Central handle it. So are you saying the issue I'm reporting here has been addressed in the version you refer to?
  4. I've noticed this at some airports, Malaga being one of them how the SAM jetway status icon shows even when I have configured it to be hidden. Why is that?
  5. Just realized there is a 2.07 version of Zurich for X-Plane. I was on 2.06 and completely missed this 2.07 update. Or was it even announced? Because usually, I'll get email notification for these kind of updates.
  6. Yesterday, I installed your new Paderborn scenery. Is it somehow possible to activate/deactivate the scenery in MSFS without uninstalling the scenery to be able to compare it to the default Paderborn scenery?
  7. WebMaximus


    111.15 inbound course 055
  8. WebMaximus


    Paderborn doesn't have a RW27. If you meant RW24, the ILS freq is 108.55 and the inbound course 235.
  9. WebMaximus


    Got it. Would have made sense IMO though to see the content you've installed regardless of developer.
  10. WebMaximus


    I ran the installer and didn't have any visible issues. One thing I like to ask though. I was expecting to find the installed scenery in the content manager in MSFS but failed to find it in there. Like everyone else, it's very early days for me using MSFS but I thought the idea behind the content manager was for you to see content you installed in an easy way?
  11. As the impatient guy I am 😉, I went ahead and looks like I manged to follow your instructions. Just started up X-Plane at Paderborn and everything is looking good and no more error messages. Brilliant 👍 Many thanks as always for your top-notch support!
  12. I've now downloaded the correct Paderborn SAM seasons pack. For the installation, I take it I simply need to copy the Custom Scenery folder found in the package into the main X-Plane 11 folder? Then when you say I shouldn't active Spring, Autumn, Winter or Deepwinter, does that mean I need to enable Summer for this fix to work? Up until now I have never touched any of these things. I guess enabling the Ortho color option might be a good thing though considering I'm using Ortho all over Europe as previously mentioned. I guess I don't have to do anything since you said the scenery will default to summer.
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