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  1. I agree, would be very interesting to hear from other VR users if they see the same issue. I'm using a Samsung Odyssey Plus HMD. Meaning WMR and SteamVR powering my VR setup. ...and you should really try X-Plane in VR @Heinz Flichtbeil, it's amazing and if you have a good system powerful enough, you won't want to fly on a 2D display again after having experienced what's it like in VR where you're "inside" the aircraft you're flying just like IRL. Rather than just looking at a 2D display pretending you're in the aircraft.
  2. Since I've seen the same thing both at EDDK and now at LIMC, I don't think it's an EDDK issue but rather a problem with SAM and the textures used for jetways and airstairs which should be addressed by the SAM developer.
  3. Thanks guys. I think I'll wait for the developer to fix the issue instead. And what about the transparency issue?
  4. Thanks Heinz and yes, I'm on 1.01. Please also include a report for EDDK.
  5. Just flew into LIMC for the first time since I bought this scenery from you and wasn't a very pleasant experience I'm sorry to say. Parked at stand/gate 606 and noticed how the animated jetways collided with each other when attaching to the aircraft (Zibo ) and just like with EDDK, I again see the same transparency issue reported over here for EDDK where I'm still waiting to receive a reply. Here are a couple of screenshots showing the above
  6. Noticed tonight how the airstairs are transparent in VR. At least that was the case at stand D22 as seen below. The top image, in VR and the second one on a 2D screen. I'm on version 1.01.
  7. Bought EDDK some time ago but haven't had time to try it out until today when I did a fairly short hop from EGHI. I liked what I saw already after I landed even when I thought some of the textures could have been a bit sharper. I also noticed all the static aircraft and thought to myself "OK, time to do some WED editing...again...". I then figured before doing this, I would check out the documentation and also see what else might be included with the prooduct. And found the config tool... SUPER THANKS for including this with the scenery !!! This is just what I would like to see for all X-Plane scenery products going forward! And I hope we'll see more of it both from you as well as other developers going forward as X-Plane becomes a more and more popular platform for lots of people. As the topic says, way to go Aerosoft and Jo, you're leading the way for payware X-Plane scenery !!
  8. @Heinz Flichtbeil Will pressing the enable buttons for colors and seasons do any changes to standard X-Plane 11 files if you don't have the seasons pack installed? Reason for me asking is I did that yesterday night just to see if there would be any changes. I got this message telling me a scenery reload was required. I chose to allow that and it then took quite some time for it to finish. What happened (if anything) during that scenery reload when I didn't have the seasons plugin installed? I think I'll just skip all this for now but before putting this behind me, I want to make sure I don't go on from here with any modified files without knowing about it. I guess I could find out by launching the X-Plane 11 installer and allow it to replace any modified files. But only if necessary.
  9. I guess I'll end up spending my time flying instead. Could be interesting to just give it a try though.
  10. Ok, guess I'll try it for only a couple of tiles at first to see what's actually happening.
  11. @FlyAgi Using the first approach isn't an option for me when you say it will require the double amount of space. I might try out the second approach. Is there anywhere I can learn what exact modifications are done to my tiles using that Winterizer program?
  12. How is the colors and seasons features found in SAM 2 supposed to work? I'm using Ortho4XP all over Europe and I tried pressing the 'Enable' button next to Ortho4XP and the 'Enable' button next to Winter but can't see any difference. What exactly are these features supposed to do? If I would be able to get a winter look now with that season coming in many parts of Europe, it would be quite cool! At the same time I'm a bit scared when I don't know exactly what these features do and how they may affect my Ortho4XP tiles. I have almost 800 tiles/6 TB Ortho4XP ZL17 which took me quite a while to build. So I think it goes without saying I don't want to perform any actions that will screw up my tiles in any way... Reading the SAM documentation, I understand I need to download SAM Seasons extension? These are the features I'm talking of:
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