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  1. The Malaga scenery is supposed to have SAM jetways but today when I flew into Malaga in the Zibo mod and parked at gate 45, the jetway didn't attach to the aircraft. I also noticed how I had the small circled 'A' icon in the upper, left part of the screen. Even when I've configured SAM to never display the jetway status in the SAM settings. Not sure if this indicates something is wrong with my installation (I've seen the same issue at other airports as well) or if it's caused by the scenery and a faulty SAM config for the scenery? This is what it looks like when I'm parked at gate 45 in Malaga And this is the SAM settings screen
  2. Thanks for the info, no big deal really. As for the icon, I've only seen that at Zurich. So it doesn't seem to be a general SAM issue.
  3. Just flew into LSZH and when parking at A08, I noticed two things: - I got this little SAM jetway status icon in the upper left even when I've configured that to never be shown - the jetway never attached to the aircraft even with the engines shut down, the parking brake set and anti-collision light OFF I found some other posts about issues with SAM and/or jetways at LSZH. So I guess this is related? The most recent version of LSZH for X-Plane 11 seems to be 2.05. I'm honestly not fully sure which version I have installed. I know it's 2 something though. How/where can I check what version I'm on? Looking at the name of the folders, they say 2.0 so not really sure what's after that. Mostly it's very hard to find the version information for X-Plane scenery. I've pointed this out in the past and I do it again, would really be very helpful if you could include a clear version number somewhere in your scenery. So easy for you to add and would save lots of time for us users/customers not having to spend time only to figure out what version we're on. Here are some screenshots showing what I saw today
  4. I'm happy to hear that Mathijs! Waiting for new jobs myself for my PC. I've had it running more or less around the clock for the last couple of days but seems to currently be more computers waiting for something to work on than there are work units available via the FAH client.
  5. All very well said Mathijs and I do understand your view on all this after reading your post. I didn't think of it from a marketing perspective. I just thought of it from a flight simmers perspective (and liked the idea) having as many flight simming fellows as possible join for a good cause. Sorry for that and I'll edit my original post to reflect this. Also very nice to hear what Aerosoft is already doing and have been doing for a long time when it comes to charity work 👍 Looks like I can't edit my post any longer. So please feel free to change it for me as you see fit to point people to FoldingAtHome.org rather than to SimmersWithoutBorders.org
  6. Of course FAH itself isn't related to flight simming nor Navigraph. Some people like yourself might already have participated in their efforts to help fighting various medical conditions. While others might have not. What I personally thought was a good thing here was the initiative taken by Navigraph to get as many people as possible within the flight sim community participate. Especially in a time like this where all of us face a very serious situation. Both from a medical point of view as well as an economic.
  7. Was a bit surprised I didn't find this great initiative by Navigraph mentioned anywhere here after doing a quick search in the forums. Or maybe I missed it? Anyway, I highly suggest anyone reading this to watch the YouTube clip below by Navigraph which will explain what it's all about. In short, how everyone can be part of helping finding a vaccine or even a cure for the Corona virus. You can also read about it over here -> https://simmerswithoutborders.org/
  8. Happy to report all is good now 👍 Just landed in Bergen, again on rw 17 and taxied to the same stand without any issues having to use excessive thrust this time.
  9. Haven't had a chance to try it out yet but will let you know 👍
  10. That's great! Good there was a simple explanation for what was happening.
  11. Happy to let you know the redownloaded zip file does include the folder you mention. So guess I was a bit too quick downloading version 1.03 back when it was released. Looking forward to try out this new version. I'm sure it will be good now 👍
  12. Nope, don't have that one as you can see I checked the date of my folder and it's the the 5'th of Feb, the same date version 1.03 according to the product page and the version history over at the X-Plane.org store was updated. But looks like I still got the old version. I'm just redownloading to see if the folder is there now. Will let you know.
  13. Ah, that explains it. Well, I always remove old versions before installing new versions. So I guess the problem is the download wasn't the latest version. I downloaded it from the X-Plane.org store when the new version was announced. Just checked the order and this is what the download looks like. Hard to know what the version is when the version isn't included in the file name. Or maybe there's some other way to check the version?
  14. OK. Could be an issue with the Zibo mod maybe but I doubt it since that would also be seen at other airports I like to think. Which has not been the case.
  15. Thanks for the quick reply! I landed on runway 17 and vacated on A6 and taxied to gate 28. A bit hard to judge if it's uphill. Maybe a little but not as much I think that it would require excessive thrust...? Here's a screenshot where I'm as close to the ground as possible looking in the direction I taxied and it doesn't look that much of an uphill to me. Edited to add, the aircraft was the Zibo mod.
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