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  1. Thanks for confirming and that's what I thought. Still strange why going uphill didn't slow down my speed. Because I've seen that happen at other airports where the runways and taxiways are elevated. Oh well, no big deal. At least it's great the actual issue has been fixed and now I'm looking forward to the next overhaul/update of the scenery that was mentioned above.
  2. Tried using the fix provided and indeed the issue has been resolved, awesome! One question though. Would it be possible that the fix also takes away the effect the elevation has on the aircraft? Reason for my question is when I was taxiing northbound along taxiway Y, even when there is a clearly visible uphill, the ground speed didn't decrease by a single knot even at idle thrust which felt a bit odd.
  3. Got it, thanks 👍 And thanks for fixing this issue that has existed for so long!
  4. That's excellent news! Will give it a go myself. And to make sure I put it in the correct place, should this go before or after the actual scenery in scenery_packs.ini? I guess before...?
  5. That's really odd and risking to sound a bit grumpy, I do find it strange how a developer of a payware scenery would forget to define the apron and taxiways. If that turns out to be the case here and what is causing the reported issue.
  6. But that is great news the developers are working on a bigger update for Bergen! Hopefully, they will then also be able to get to the bottom with this issue and have it fixed.
  7. Indeed, thanks a lot Heinz for trying to help us with this one. Would be awesome if it somehow could be fixed!
  8. I too really hope this can be fixed one way or the other. Because I do like the scenery a lot. With this issue though, I hesitate flying into Bergen.
  9. Can you please start including the version number somewhere in the title of your scenery products for X-Plane. Would make things so much easier when you try to figure out what version you're currently on.
  10. Thanks for looking into this. Must be a way around it though since I've seen other airports with ground traffic without this issue. Maybe the developers of this scenery could check how others did it since it appears to be different methods.
  11. Tried disabling the tile where Toulouse is located (+43+001) and sure enough, no issue as you say. However, I then tried re-enabling the tile and still no issue which of course is great news! The only thing I can think of is I noticed how I first reported the issue on April 16'th but has since rebuilt all my tiles using Ortho4XP v1.30 where I was previously using Ortho4XP tiles built using Ortho4XP v1.20. So, in one way or the other, Ortho4XP v1.30 builds tiles with better compatibility in this regard. I do remember one of the main reasons I chose to rebuild all my tiles (which took a while considering I have 736 of them...) was a new feature in Ortho4XP v1.30 where it automatically takes elevation at airports into consideration meaning you can enjoy sloped runways for instance but also see the correct elevation in general at certain airports. And looks like it also sorted this issue so feel free to close this thread 👍
  12. Hello Heinz, I'm on X-Plane 11.34 and I'm using the Toulouse scenery from your store. I don't have any separate mesh products installed since I'm using ZL17 Ortho4XP all over Europe.
  13. Hello Heinz, I'm on 11.34 (which I believe is the latest official version) and looking at my framerate when I see this, I'm just shy of 80 FPS. Here's a quick clip I made demonstrating the issue. No extras loaded which I normally use such as CLS2Sim (the software for my yoke), swift (pilot client for VATSIM), ASXP etc. This is just plain X-Plane 11 with the Zibo mod at stand 508. And edited to add, sorry for the crappy quality. Looks like the resolution ended up being 360 even when I'm on a 4K screen. Not that important though for this demonstration with the exception you won't be able to see the FPS value in the upper left corner but will have to take my word for it.
  14. Got it. Thanks for confirming and let's hope you'll eventually figure out what's going on so you can fix it. When you find a solution, how/where will it be announced? Probably as an update to the scenery? Reason I ask is I think I'll remove your Bergen scenery for now and go back to the default XP11 one instead. Since it IMHO takes away quite a bit of the realism and immersion having to use in excess of 50% thrust to move around on the ground.
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