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  1. Nice aircraft, In real life EC-KDH is an A320-214 - i.e. CFM engines installed. Your repaint shows A320-232 in the cfg file and also the model.
  2. I´ve just clean installed V1.2.5.0 for the A318-319 and A320-321. Ive not flown these aircraft since the initial reports of the annoying beep. Well, it´s back. A318. As soon as I was pushed back from the gate and prior to taxi the beeping started and continued until I changed aircraft. Weather sys is Active Sky for P3D V4. Temporarily I have disabled the Beep.wav in the sound directory for the 318/319 & 320/321. Thanks Ken
  3. Hi Mathijs i was flying the 320-CFM, using Active Sky. Flying conditions were smooth and altitude never varied more than +- 20'feet.
  4. When in cruise at FL370, smooth flying conditions, the Altitude Alert will sound if the altitude deviates by less than 20ft per the FL readout - gets very annoying on a three hour flight.
  5. No, the sound and Master Warn Annunciator flash s coming from the bus; I have my active sky mapped through a separate speaker. But this has only become and issue for me again since downloading the 320/321 release. I rolled back to V1.1.0.0 on the 318/319 with Active Sky enabled without an issue, then I installed the 318/319 experimental update and that´s when I first started getting the ding.
  6. Definitely Active Sky. I just loaded up my newly downloaded 320/321 and now I have the annoying ding back. If I switch off Active Sky the ding stops. As soon as I enable it again the ding starts. Direction and speed of wind seem irrelevant.
  7. Just performed a clean install of V and now no warning or brief master warning, also have my checklist back. No other changes. FYI - loading the airbus as part of the default scenario does not cause beeping in V1.1.0.0 in my setup.
  8. Bang goes that theory, I only got it after installing the update!
  9. But it would prove that the latest installer is the issue??
  10. They are always the worst to track down. I am going to roll back to the initial release, run that, then install the update again and see what happens. I will let you know! Brgds Ken
  11. +1 - sounds is heard once airplane is loaded up from Cold and Dark - no power applied either from main battery or external. This in on the latest update - Installed version: - also lost the Checklist function - can enable Checklist and Copilot but all entries remain blanked- Sound continues all the way through that startup sequence and only appears to stop once the aircraft is airborne. This has only happened since installing using the automatic Aerosoft installer. Also, this is on a clean install of both Windows and P3D following installation of new SSD. As long as you access menus from the FMC then the sound is not heard, as soon as you just sit in the flight deck the sound returns. The sounds is not at a specific interval. initially 20 secs then it varies and is sometime has a brief flash from the Master Warn annunciator,
  12. Observation, during descent in the A319 default BA livery and using the checklist feature, I received the call from the FO for "SEAT BELTS"....continuously.... and the seat belt switch was in constant motion from off/auto/on with the associated sound. I could not cancel it or manually select the seat belt sign. This did not stop until I quit the sim. Thanks Ken
  13. Maybe English is not this persons first language.
  14. Thanks for correcting the page border on the 1st page, it was driving me crazy. FYI; I have not noticed any of the other user´s issues with this hotfix, Best regards Ken
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