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  1. Still haven't answered as to why the app says to go to the Support area. And when I get there, I can't get in because I haven't replied to some email I never got. Also, my first question about reinstalling could have been answer by a simple "yes," rather than the holier-than -thou responses about the manual.
  2. Why can't a simple question be answered simply. I found the update in my account. Do I have to uninstall before updating? Why did the app say to use the Support Update?
  3. Then why tell me to get it from the Support Update site? Do we have to uninstall previous version?
  4. I did buy it from Aerosoft. The app tells you to go to Support and download the update. I logged into the Support Update site, entered SimStarter P3d, but it told me I hadn't returned the email. Of course, it doesn't say what email, who it's from, what it's about. Anybody know how to get it?
  5. Never mind, I sorted it out.
  6. What do you need other than the log file? SIMstarter NG.log
  7. I uninstalled Ultimate Traffic Live since I now use another program for AI. When I try to open Simstarter I get a screen saying it can't find UTL. Since I don't have it any longer, how do I handle this?
  8. I can't activate it. Order # 1120244401
  9. Not running AV software while running Simstatrer is not an option that should be followed, I don't think. Make an exclusion for it in the AV software, but not running it is an invtiation to malware.
  10. Doc_Z

    Every Time

    Why very time I close a scenario I get a Diff Manager with Display FullScreen Autofill=1; Display FullScreen Background=1 and Display WideviewAspect=1. I check it every time, apply it all profiles, but there it is again. Why?
  11. The problem is that some of the ORBX xml files are stuck within default scenery files. When I try to move them to touch the other ORBX files, I click OK to move them and that's when I get the exception. Happened again after rebooting with nothing else open. This did not happen before the update to build 42. After uninstalling the MK scenery, I was able to fix the order in the scenery configurator. No error message then. Still not the way to do things.
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