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  1. Is there a way to increase the disc space? The manual doesn't say.
  2. When I start the app, I get an error message saying the SimConfig backup disc space (500mb) has been reached. It asks if I want to delete old backups. What is the proper procedure here ?
  3. I think I found the problem and fixed it.
  4. Should the scenery.cfg shown in the Scenery Config Manager match the loaded scenario? For instance, I do not activate certain sceneries in a North America scenario, should they also be shown as inactive in the scenery.cfg file in Config Manager?
  5. I had to do some repair work to P3d v4.3. When I started SimStarter it told me that the path to dll.xml in the appdata folder was incorrect. It was because there was no dll.xml file there. There was one in the ProgramData folder. Is there a way to create a dll.xml file for the AppData folder?
  6. Doc_Z


    The ransomware alert came months after installation. I reinstalled etc. and things seem OK, although I lost all my profiles. Strange incident.
  7. Doc_Z


    Out of the blue, Malwarebytes quarantined SIMStarter as ransomware. Is there any reason this may have happened? After setting exclusion in MB and redownloading, it will not start.
  8. Doc_Z


    The MaddogX does not show up in the airplane list in NG. It is listed in the P3d V4.3 aircraft list.
  9. I'm using P3d v4.2, ProATC, Squawkbox 4and the PMDG 777. After I create a flight plan in PFPX, I know I can export it to the PMDG 777 flight plan folder. I understand that I can also export it to Squawkbox and ProATC can import from there. Where does Squawkbox hold flight plans?
  10. I have just installed 1.28.0. Does the latest hotfix include all previous or do I have to do all of them? Thanks
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