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  1. Luckily for all of us your opinion is not a shared one as when you say "we", it is just Aerosoft, not the industry as a whole.
  2. On P3D version 4.5HF3 and getting this CTD with latest version of EDDM. Just had my inaguarl flight into EDDM from Toronto CTD on me. Came here and saw this thread. Not very pleased.
  3. I think the transition from FSX to P3D vs. P3D to MSFS will be vastly different. Even hardcore P3D users will not be able to hold out for long once MSFS is out and the 3PD's start releasing products for it. I think P3D will fade much faster than FSX did, even by the 3PD's themselves. I don't think P3D v5 will come anywhere close to being able to keep up. What will be interesting will be LM's long term plan......
  4. First dev team that gets any high quality commercial airplane released for MSFS gets my money. If it is this CRJ, then I guess I'm doing regional flights to the longer range types for this dev team or other dev teams are released. This will also prompt me to finally uninstall P3D. I have no intention of maintaining 2 simulators and clearly MSFS is the better choice.
  5. B777ER

    LSGG - CTD

    That is what I am got my CTD in as well, using the exact same STAR and nav database as you.
  6. B777ER

    LSGG - CTD

    Always about 20 to 25nm.awa6 from airport. Mathijs suggestion to disable mesh is not going to happen. No other 3rd party airports in Europe have this problem. I have a bunch from numerous dev's installed all without issue including other Aerosoft airports. This bug is with LSGG, not my system. I'm uninstalling it. Waste of money.
  7. B777ER

    LSGG - CTD

    Anyone from Aerosoft?
  8. Have version of LSGG installed with latest version of P3D. Keep getting Terrain.dll CTD when flying into the airport. Have Orbx products installed and FS Global Ultimate Mesh as well. I saw another closed thread here where someone else was having this issue but was solved with latest update. I have the latest update and still get it.
  9. Dave, side note, what do you use to keep all your drivers up to date? I use Driver Booster 7 Pro.
  10. As I use hardware throttles and run it all through fsuipc (paid version) just wondering, before I purchase the A330, if this has been resolved?
  11. Do run the Aerosoft Airbus in this configuration? Direct and no calibration?
  12. Default weather and tracks are failing to load latest. Just keeps saying connecting to server.
  13. I select a 747 and then go to build a route. The route auto builds and selects an arrival for turboprops only. Please address in an update.
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