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  1. Very nice to see Brussels again with an up to date airport. Thanks !
  2. Thanks Mathijs ! Just one little question in order to not polluate the post : Where can we access to the Pre-Order page ?
  3. Hi guy's ! I'am following the A320 Thread since the beginning and I have just one question here : Do you know approximately when the bus will be release ? Cheers !
  4. Salut à tous ! Voici le dernier test d'Avionic-Online : le site N°1 pour la simulation Française ! j'espere que vous allez apprécier ! http://www.avionic-online.com/index.php?Mnu=innsbruckx
  5. Hi all ! Here we go with the new test of Avionic-Online : First website for French Simulation ! Hope you'll like it ! http://www.avionic-online.com/index.php?Mnu=innsbruckx
  6. It's too bad to see that this Airbus will be beautiful (Looks like a real cockpit when I'm looking at the pictures) and that you don't want to take much more time to develop correctly all the systems (MCDU,FCU,ECAM memos,...) I think all the simmers here are looking for a complex addon, to enjoy flying ! but when you are speaking of "standard FSX flightplans" we are disapointed !
  7. Hi, If you need any help to translate your products pages in French I'm here for you and if you want I can do it free. Kinds regards, Josua Duval. Avionic-Online.com
  8. Really not : I've just found these pictures on IVAO forum ! Sorry ...
  9. Apparently My idea is very good ! So Oliver you always want to put this feature at the end of the prio list ? I have to say that your behaviour wasn't very gentle as far as I'm concerned ...
  10. Dear Oliver, It would be very nice to create this thing for AES ! Some emergency vehicules on the runway (same system as the Follow Me car I presume...) in case of any problem during a flight : I find some screenshots on Ivao forum and was thinking you can do the same thing ! Give me your point of you please. Kinds Regards.
  11. One more thing would be very nice to create for AES Oliver ! Some emergency vehicules on the runway (same principle as the Follow Me car I presume...) in case of any problem during a flight : I find some screenshots on Ivao forum and was thinking you can do the same thing ! Bye.
  12. Very very good Idea : The smell of fuel is so good !
  13. Hello all, Apparently a very nice tool for AES has been created here : [Link removed. This tool has no permission and there was no agreement to use the textures. We will just discuss a new version, which fits to the roles. O.Pabst]
  14. Et merci à toi Alejandro pour cette interview !
  15. Hi, It will be nice to see Tegucigalpa Airport by Fly Honduras Team and Henry Carcamo. This airport is very nice including good textures and bgl's, and is Free. http://library.avsim.net/sendfile.php?Loca...ID=143534&é http://library.avsim.net/sendfile.php?Loca...;ImageID=143535 (NB : fly-tegucigalpa_v2.zip on Avsim ) Thanks a lot.
  16. Here it is !!!! Thanks a lot Aerosoft Team and also Simwings (Manfred!) The airport looks so nice and real, very nice job!
  17. Very nice job!!! But could you also modify the stairs textures because AERO in blue is not really realistic! It's not possible to put for each airports a real texture like Lufthansa in main German airports, Air france in France, etc...? However one more time: very very nice job!!!!
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