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  1. I checked the timetables and the ARJs were listed, but somehow I only see them as Daedalus-repaints. I switched to MyTraffic 2013 by now, which is by the way much better on performance. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hello Shaun Thanks for your reply! I didn't check the timetables so far, will do that in the next days. But I even though everything is at 100% I never saw a Swiss ARJ at LSZH and that's very strange (EUROSWISS has 20 Jumbolinos). Do you use UT, MyTraffic or WoAI? I would be very grateful if someone could post the three screenshots I mentioned above
  3. I have another question regarding MyTraffic for FSX but I didn't wanted to start a new topic for this. At the moment I'm using UT2 as a traffic tool, but I'm not really happy with it. For me the most important airports are by far LSZH and LFSB. But for example at LSZH: No matter what time it is, I never see an ARJ on the apron (Traffic is set to 100%). Or at Basle there are no Easyjets. Even though it's not one of my favourite airlines (...) they just belong to this airport. Instead I see more Learjets at Zurich than Bombardier has ever constructed Now my question: Could somebody please be so kind and make three MyTraffic screenshots for me: LSZH and LFSB from bird's eye view and a close-up of a Swiss Airbus. If they're fine (or at least better) I will immediately switch to MyTraffic and MA Zurich. Thanks and best regards!
  4. Good evening altogether I'm considering buying FS Map. I'd like to use this wonderful tool together with FS9, but there remains one question: Is it possible to display FS Map on a second display while FS9 is running on another screen in full-screen mode? Regards
  5. Bei mir im CCC ist die MipMap-Einstellung auf dem Maximum. Ich habe in LEBL ein paar Tests gemacht. Stelle ich den Mip-Wert im FS9 auf über 4, so ist der Flughafen zwar gestochen scharf, die Texturen um den Flughafen flimmern aber mit zunehmendem Wert immer mehr. Stelle ich den Wert auf 3 oder weniger, so habe ich den Eindruck, dass die Texturen des Flughafens deutlich an Schärfe verlieren.
  6. Hallo Thorsten. Ich nutze seit einiger Zeit eine Sapphire HD 5770 Vapor-X mit 1GB Speicher. Da Du auch mit einer ATi Karte fliegst, wäre es sehr interessant zu wissen, welche Einstellungen Du im FluSi und vor allem im Catalyst Control Center verwendest. Mich plagen derzeit drei Probleme: - Das Flimmern bei gewissen Objekten - Linien, welche sich quer über Flughäfen mit fotoreal versehenen Bodentexturen erstrecken (verschwinden bei näherem Betrachten) - Und von Zeit zu Zeit ein Flackern im 2D Cockpit (Wilco Airbus) Ich weiss nicht, inwiefern diese Probleme zusammenhängen und, ob man sie mit den richtigen Einstellungen gänzlich beseitigen kann. Trotzdem wäre ich Dir sehr dankbar, wenn Du mir Deine Einstellungen mitteilen könntest. Mein FluSi wäre der Perfektion einen erheblichen Schritt näher Freundliche Grüsse
  7. Good evening Chris. I changed the entry from QTR to QAC, think this will solve it. It's an AI plane from flightsim.com. Thanks a lot!
  8. Good evening Thomas. First of all I want to thank you and your team for this wonderful airport. Regarding the textures and the incredible performance, it's the best airport I ever bought, simply stunning! Furthermore I'm impressed how quick you were able to fix the "bridges problem" and offer the patch, that was great too. I really like EDDM and I will fly many times to this airport, even though it's only 35 minutes away from LSZH There's only one thing I remarked: I don't know if the Afcad is the cause, but I had a cargo plane (Qatar) parking at a passenger gate. Maybe this can be fixed too.
  9. Good morning Rainer Any ideas how to shed those lines? They cross the whole airport, depending on the perspective. I use a Sapphire HD 5770 Vapor-X, 1GB. Regards
  10. If the screens are black, one reason can be the luminance. Point to a screen with your cursor and use the scroll wheel.
  11. Good afternoon Shaun. I followed the instructions and the planes have gone, thanks alot! I had to delete some entries in the scenery library (MyWorldAirports, Carriers...) and afterwards the "Carriers 1, 2, and 3" entries out of the scenery.cfg. Now I have some "empty areas" like [Area 1] [Area 2] then [Area 6] [Area 7]. Is this a problem? I think there are 6 areas unoccupied.
  12. Of course you can, but most probably the flightsim will crash again. Please have a look at the PDF file "UNNT-2008 User Manual" that came with the scenery. At the end of the file you'll find an e-mail address. Write them en e-mail about your problem, I'm sure they will be able to help you. Regards
  13. Hello Nicholas Try the following: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=16315
  14. I've been using MyTraffic for FS9 many years now. But some screenshots (LEBL )and the fact that there most probably won't be any further updates led me to the decision to compile my own AI Traffic. Now the big question: How to install MyTraffic 4.1 properly? The last time I tried it, I still had the AI planes. I tried to uninstall the program through the uninstall manager of Windows XP. Can I use THIS guidance? Regards
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