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  1. I'd prefer an A319 over an A318, but why cant we get them both?
  2. What about a double boggie model?
  3. Its definitely fake, even a rookie could easily photoshop that...
  4. I was really expecting that the RAT would be modeled in this. My three disappointments with this are: *No A319 *No RAT *No Wingflex(although its supposed to increase FPS but most simmers including myself would be willing to sacrifice a few FPS for maximum realism)
  5. Ideal customer? K. This would be the ideal product with an A319 model!!!
  6. You guys are using EIS 2? But how comes the FCU has orange text instead of grey? I agree, it does look kinda 'fake'. This is a great airbus and they need to correct those little details which will make this plane the best
  7. Mathijs, this product looks too good to just have 'basic' systems. I hope you guys decide to add greater depth to the systems and add support for some 3rd party weather radar addon.
  8. Such a pitty no ARC's on the display!
  9. So from the looks of that video that thing on the cargo doors weren't modeled right? The thing which looks like some kinda lock or something. http://img2.photographersdirect.com/img/24706/wm/pd2014267.jpg Also, does the bulk cargo door work?
  10. WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought the first one was an airliners.net shot. Please do an A319 and add more detail to the systems so this can be the best A320 on the market!
  11. Mathijs, although you guys wont be doing a weather radar, how about support for the reality xp or captainsim weather radars? I'd love to fly an A319/A320/A321 in FSX with a working weather Radar and everything. I'm also hoping you guys decide do add more realism to the FMC and maybe do an A319 model That would make this the perfect! Airbus for FSX.
  12. Mathijs, I know I said that this product could never compete with Airsimmer and all and that it was stupid because it wont have any systems etc. but I take all that back. I'm actually looking forward to this product now, and I was wondering....... could you guys model an A319 too?
  13. The Air Jamaica repaint could use some work Plus it would have been cooler if you did Air Jamaica A321 6Y-JMH.
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