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  1. Very nice to see Brussels again with an up to date airport. Thanks !
  2. Thanks Mathijs ! Just one little question in order to not polluate the post : Where can we access to the Pre-Order page ?
  3. Hi guy's ! I'am following the A320 Thread since the beginning and I have just one question here : Do you know approximately when the bus will be release ? Cheers !
  4. Salut à tous ! Voici le dernier test d'Avionic-Online : le site N°1 pour la simulation Française ! j'espere que vous allez apprécier ! http://www.avionic-online.com/index.php?Mnu=innsbruckx
  5. Hi all ! Here we go with the new test of Avionic-Online : First website for French Simulation ! Hope you'll like it ! http://www.avionic-online.com/index.php?Mnu=innsbruckx
  6. It's too bad to see that this Airbus will be beautiful (Looks like a real cockpit when I'm looking at the pictures) and that you don't want to take much more time to develop correctly all the systems (MCDU,FCU,ECAM memos,...) I think all the simmers here are looking for a complex addon, to enjoy flying ! but when you are speaking of "standard FSX flightplans" we are disapointed !
  7. Hi, If you need any help to translate your products pages in French I'm here for you and if you want I can do it free. Kinds regards, Josua Duval. Avionic-Online.com
  8. Really not : I've just found these pictures on IVAO forum ! Sorry ...
  9. Apparently My idea is very good ! So Oliver you always want to put this feature at the end of the prio list ? I have to say that your behaviour wasn't very gentle as far as I'm concerned ...
  10. Dear Oliver, It would be very nice to create this thing for AES ! Some emergency vehicules on the runway (same system as the Follow Me car I presume...) in case of any problem during a flight : I find some screenshots on Ivao forum and was thinking you can do the same thing ! Give me your point of you please. Kinds Regards.
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