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  1. Thanks, but unfortunately that did not work. Whatever modification was done to the p3dv5 installer fixed the issue, however this fix was not applied to the v4 installer.
  2. I ran a registry fixer tool to se if that would fix the issue but it looks like it is still happening. This time with a slightly different feature error: P3DV4_GA. What causes these errors? Is it something with my computer? Because I have been able to install this multiple times in the past without an issue.
  3. Due to stability issues I went back to p3dv4 and noticed this error again when installing the p3dv4 version. Were both of the installers updated?
  4. Okay I just checked my account and the V2000 that they have is dated from May. Do I need to contact them directly or just wait until they upload the new file?
  5. I purchased this from Simmarket. Will I still be able to get this file from here?
  6. Hello, I came across this error when attempting a reinstall of Aerosoft's Anchorage. I saw some other forum posts about this error, but none of them with this exact wording. Is there a way to fix this?
  7. Same issue today. Skyvector is showing active sigmets all over but I dont see any in PFPX. The Tracks and weather are there, but not sigmets.
  8. Hi, I dont see any sigmet information within PFPX. Is the weather server down?
  9. Hello, I noticed an issue that was not prevalent in previous version of p3d. Whenever I try to use PFPX with p3dv5 open, it becomes very slow (especially within the route editor or picking my departure and arrival airports). The only way to speed things up is to go into the p3d settings while using pfpx. Previous versions of p3d have all been very CPU intensive so I am not sure why this issue came up just now. It is interesting to know that running other tasks works just fine. I can browse the internet and watch Youtube videos without a problem. Is PFPX very CPU intensive?
  10. Hello, I have a question about flight planning in danger/warning areas. Sometimes PFPX will generate a route through these areas and also there are airways that pass through these areas. Is it normal for a flightplan to be approved in this situation (in the real world)? Looking at the picture below you can see the B595 airway near NTAA goes straight through a danger area.
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