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  1. Strange issue here. The overhead button lights only show if I right click the mouse. Once I let go the toggle switches go dark. This goes for the AC switch, fuel boost pumps, apu, etc. Any ideas here?
  2. I believed I solved the issue. The addon.xml file was missing a category and name. I compared it to the addon.xml for Seattle Airports which had this information. Will report back if this does not work.
  3. Hello, I just installed Drzewiecki Design's Tokyo Narita and now I am receiving an error about it in Simstarter. What does this mean?
  4. Hello, All of my other screens light up fine from the turn around state except for the MFD which stays black. Tried adjusting brightness and nothing else seems to work. No error messages either. Running latest version v1.0.5.0
  5. Same thing here (Honeycomb throttle). As a work around I have been using the F2, F3 keys in flight to manage this. The only problem is I occasionally get "spikes" and pressing F2 ends up increasing the throttles instead of decreasing them.
  6. Was using the mouse wheel but I will try another flight and see if it happens again.
  7. After takeoff I have found that none of the switches on the side panel are working. Cant reset Baro to STD, change range, format, etc. What is going on here?
  8. Great so far except I cannot seem to get the throttle to work. I set lever 3 as throttle in the joystick controls, but I have no movement of the throttle at all. Any ideas?
  9. I have an i9-10900k. P3d is using 100% of core zero so if PFPX is also using that core, maybe there is an issue? I have Process Lasso so maybe I can try using an affinity mask for either p3d or pfpx.
  10. Could this be freezing because I am trying to calculate the flightplan with p3d running? I noticed PFPX runs very slow if P3D happens to be hammering Core 0 at the same time.
  11. To add to this it works fine as long as I don't include the OMN.HILEY7 STAR in the flight plan. For some reason it wont take.
  12. Just tried the following route with the 747BCF and BDSF profiles and PFPX freezes up when clicking compute flight. Tried with cost indexes and without to no avail. Route: KJFK-KMIA WAVEY EMJAY J174 ORF ISO J121 CHS CAKET Q97 KENLL OMN HILEY7
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