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  1. Yeah this is what I am talking about. Unless it is the way Flightaware is transcribing it, you don't see DCT anywhere in domestic flightplans. So basically with FAA format it is implied that two waypoints not connected by an airway are direct, whereas ICAO actually states it with "DCT".
  2. Okay so I presume it is normal to have the DCT's in a filed flightplan? For some reason I thought that was a international thing.
  3. Is there a way to disable PFPX from using DCT between direct waypoints? I have the output format listed as FAA but it still appears to be exporting as ICAO.
  4. Thanks I just tried doing that but it still isn't working in the sim. Here is a screenshot of the setup in FSUIPC for the taxi light. Button 24 is the Taxi switch on, but I am not sure if there needs to be a separate binding for off.
  5. Just purchased the amazing Honeycomb yoke today and I am having trouble getting everything setup. I downloaded the driver/config tool and set everything up as directed, but now the light switches only work with default aircraft. I tried the same thing in both the NGX and the Milviz B350 both of which don't respond to any of the switches. Only the axis, trim, and autopilot controls work. What am I doing wrong here?
  6. I keep having freezes at random times when computing certain flights. I have tried PFPX generated routes as well as real world routes. Here is the details of my most recent flight. KMSP-KMZJ SCHEP9.ONL LBF PUB ALS J102 GUP SJN ITEMM using a template from the PFPX Boeing 767-300ER Performance Profiles Pack 2.1 I found here on this website. I dont usually have issues, but for some reason it keeps hanging here.
  7. Unfortunately limit my frames through the Nvidia control panel made my FPS much worse. It will not go over 20FPS with that turned on. As far as the MSAA over SSAA, my frames remain the same regardless. I will keep experimenting more and see what I come up with. I appreciate the help though!
  8. I have been able to improve overall FPS by reducing settings inside P3D, but it still remains that the aircraft is quite heavy on performance. Even with my settings reduced, the fluctuating FPS problem still remains. I am getting anywhere from 30-100FPS in cruise. I have tried locking it with the frame limiter, but that only causes the FPS to dip even lower. So far I have been unable to find the cause. Turning traffic off has no impact and reducing from SSAA to MSAA actually makes my FPS drop surprisingly (maybe something with the NVIDIA settings?). The only thing that has helped is reducing draw distance. CPU: i7-9700k GPU: GTX 1070 Memory: 16GB
  9. This happens every single time I load a flightplan from simbrief. Reloading your SID/STAR and approaches is usually necessary.
  10. I did get some performance improvements by doing what was listed above, but the CRJ Pro is still pretty demanding in its current state. For now I have just been turning down some settings when I fly this aircraft. This should at least help with the FPS fluctuation problems.
  11. Thanks for providing this info. I ultimately decided a complete reinstall of Windows to be the best course of action. After doing so my system runs much faster both with and without running P3D. There may have been outdated drivers, registry issues, and who knows what else going on with my computer.
  12. Here are some screenshots providing some more details. I have tried two airports so far Flightbeam KPHX and the default MMGL. Flightbeam was around 19-20fps constant and MMGL was better at 18-40fps (but fps was very inconsistent). Once in the air away from any autogen my fps was more playable at around 28-40fps. So it is mostly at the airports or near the city where it is bad. I am using Tomatoshade as well as Active Sky, but even with the FPS issues that Tomatoshade is known for, my performance isn't this bad with other detailed addon aircraft. Thanks for looking in to this.
  13. I am averaging about 19-20fps in the cockpit when facing the glareshield area. If I pan away from that area, my fps goes way up to 30-40.Tried turning my settings way down, turning off dynamic lighting, reflections, MSAA, etc. This is coming from a higher end system. i7-9700k and a GTX 1070. Some of the other more detailed aircraft such as the QW787 or the NGXU, both started out as FPS hogs but got better with updates. Hopefully we can say the same for the CRJ in the future.
  14. I just reinstalled the aircraft with the new update, and it appears to still be happening. Is this something anyone else is able duplicate on their end? I really hope I can find out what is causing it. bandicam 2020-02-10 19-30-27-509.mp4
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