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  1. Ahhhhh the time!!! Damn sorry for the dumb moment. I just also managed to work out that the two lines are METAR and TAF hence the slight variation. Thanks for your help and quick response! 🙂
  2. Hi, I've just noticed that with ActiveSky started, whilst planning a route in PPFX, that when using the takeoff module it appears to be ignoring some of the METAR. It has the correct METAR, it's just not using it in the calculations. EXAMPLE: As you can see from the screenshot, the METAR, which matches ActiveSky, states the wind is 020/05 yet in the calculations window it states 250/09. It also says dry in runway conditions yet it's raining. But.... it does actually have the correct temperature and QNH, it appears to be using some aspects of it. Any ideas why it's ignoring wind and wet/dry conditions? Latest version of PPFX, ActiveSky and Topcat. Thanks, Mark. EDIT: Now I've just written this, I can see in the second METAR line down that it also has 250/09, so now I'm confused why it has two sets of conditions in the METAR. As far as AS is concerned, the top one with 020/05 is correct.
  3. Ok, thanks DaveCT2003, It does look incredible. I subscribed earlier, so I'll keep my eye out for it.
  4. Hey Mathijs, Thanks for taking the time to look into it and come back to me/us. I'm certainly not annoyed at you or Aerosoft, and it's only minor disappointment, maybe annoying so too stronger word!! 🙂 I'm still wary at the minute. I looked into all of the other distributers on their website and none of them even acknowledge the existence of Fly Honeycomb let alone sell their products so this has made me a little cautious for now. Something isn't quite right with that picture. Thanks again though, I'll keep my eye on it, and bear in mind that the price could go up again. 🙂
  5. Hey again, Can't edit my last post for some reason, hence another post. OK, it looks like Honeycomb have bumped their presales price up by 20 EUR and this is just passed through. Bit annoying they've moved the goal posts already, it's not been on presale that long. It would have been nice, and a little fairer, if everyone was able to buy it at the same presale price.
  6. Hey all, I'm also confused. I thought the Throttle Quadrant was initially priced at 199.99 EUR but I've looked again just and now it's 219.99 EUR, and worst, it claims it was 250.00 EUR before and that this is now a discount...…. What is going on with the pricing? In the UK, you are not allowed to claim something is discounted unless it has been offered at the higher price for a period of 28 days first. I'm sure there must be a similar law in Germany. Am I seeing things or have I misunderstood something? I know this is a presale discount so maybe not quite the same, but that's what it looks like. How come the 20 EUR increase? Thanks, Mark.
  7. annnnnd I've fixed it. Did some digging, seems that installing these fixes most things! Microsoft Visual C++ Visual Studio 2017 x64 https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=746572 Microsoft Visual C++ Visual Studio 2017 x86 https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=746571
  8. Hi all, I'm new to PFPX so I'm hoping none of these have already been discussed. I've had a quick search. I have found the following issues; When in the Aircraft Database window, Add > New Aircraft and Add > New from template do nothing. They fade out when clicked but do not produce the form. (I can still get to it from within the Aircraft Data dropdown for now.) When in the Aircraft editor, Clicking Save > Save Aircraft doesn't save anything, even though it fades once clicked. The only way I can save information is to make changes, close the window and then click OK in the "Aircraft has changed, Save Changes?" prompt. Other than that it's great!! Assuming these are genuine bugs, is there a specific area to report them in? These problems occur both in version 1.28.0 and 1.28.9i. Using Windows 10 Home, running with Administrator makes no difference, all directories and .EXEs are excluded in my AV. Cheers, Mark.
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