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  1. Hi @C Schaffhausen, I've created a small lightweight app to help us try to diagnose where the issue might be. Not sure if it will help. Please run it on your MSFS machine whilst an aircraft is loaded on the tarmac. See what fails and what doesn't and check any recommendations against your SimConenct.XML (Flight Sim Root) and SimConnect.CFG. (Application Root) Please also make sure the local SimConnect.CFG included with this app is correct for your rig. Let me know. Thanks, MSFS Simconnect Test.zip
  2. Hmm, the only things that blocked me during development were: A: Firewall, when I was testing it from my development laptop across the network. Assuming that you are on the same machine though. B:BT (UK ISP) free Symantec based Antivirus didn’t seem to like it C The missing .CFG file D Simconnect froze and I had to restart my computer E: Simconnect wasn’t installed Thats about all that could block it. I will send you a very very basic app that will help us diagnose the connection issue if that’s ok? Just need a small window to create it.
  3. Do you have Simconnect installed? MSFS doesn’t technically need it but because it’s backwards compatible with P3D I had to include it. I included it with the utility
  4. Hi, It could be that you have simconnect setup for networking? I've noticed this has some strange effects with MSFS and you need to include a simconnect.cfg file in with the application. Please put the attached .cfg file in with the application files in the root folder of the utility. Also, you may need to change the IP address and port to match your computer settings, although it you're running it on the same machine as MSFS is running, it should work as is. Let me know how it goes, Thanks, SimConnect.cfg
  5. Version


    Hi all, Quite a while back, a created a very early version of an interface called the PMDG Honeycomb Interface found here. It only worked for the PMDG 737 and 777 and only for the Alpha Yoke. This was until the Aerosoft team created the very excellent Honeycomb software, that also included the PMDG group of aircraft after a few revisions. However, I had a few requests to continue with development and recently, PMDG have of course released their MSFS 737-800, 737-700, & 737-600 which is also not currently covered by the Aerosoft tool. (for now 😉 ) So, here is the new shiny version of my Honeycomb interface. This now covers: Honeycomb Alpha Yoke Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Works with the following platforms: FSX Prepar3D MSFS The following aircraft are catered for: FSLabs A319, A320 & A321 PMDG 737 NGX PMDG 737 NGXu PMDG 737 for MSFS PMDG 777 TFDi 717 NOTE: This utility requires SimConnect to work. It's included in the download. NOTE: Please remember that you IP Address may need to be amended in the included SimConnect.cfg depending on your setup. NOTE: I've created a small utility that will help you diagnose any SimConnect issues. This will come in useful if you're not sure if you have set up SimConnect correctly. You can find it here. I should point out that I'm not affiliated with PMDG, TFDi, FSLabs, Honeycomb or Aerosoft in anyway. This is a private project and due to PMDG's EULA, MUST ONLY BE USED for personal entertainment as per the EULA that I'm obligated to initially display for acceptance before you are able to use this utility. Also, thanks to Raphael Jakob from Aerosoft who helped me with the original version of this with some tips and code. There's a manual included, any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments here. Thanks,
  6. Hi @Gamergotgames, If you look in the root folder of the Zibo aircraft you’ll find B738_commands.txt and B738_Datarefs.txt. All the commands are in there and you can enter them in using custom. You can also hover them in the X-Plane joystick assignment screen and it will show you the datarefs in the tooltip that appears. Hope this help,
  7. Hi @Marcelo Bartsch, Yes, no problem. Will send you them when I’m back in the house in about an hour. Cheers,
  8. Hi @Antonio Jimenez, Sorry for my late reply, I was not notified by the system. Do you still need help? Thanks,
  9. V1.2.1.0 - 31/08/21 Removed the 'save mapping' button - all mappings automatically save as their configured now. Ease of use. V1.2.0.0 - 05/08/2021 Fixed repeated 'object does not exist' error when reverser is lifted and no action has been assigned. V1.1.0.0 - 27/07/21 Added Bravo Throttle functionality Fixed bug regarding errors when disconnecting controllers whilst running Fixed bug regarding errors when sim is stopped whilst running Fixed unpredictable behaviour when 'on release' function was used Fixed bug when more than one assignment was added per button. This has been limited for now
  10. I've just created a utility you might find useful. TOD Calculator & Pause » Microsoft Flight Simulator Works with all aircraft. It has it's limitations, but it performs the task pretty well. Cheers,
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