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  1. Hey Dave, I have looked in Documents and public documents and I have no honeycomb folder in each. The handbook resides in C\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\aerosoft - honeycomb P3DV4 -PREPAR3D V4.X
  2. Where is the honeycomb software? I have the handbuchs and uninstall.exe but I can't find the profiling software anywhere.
  3. Installed the update, can now use the keyboard on the EFB. Thanks for the continued support.
  4. Hey Mathijs, After reading your post I realised I was only trying to enter text into the Navigraph charts, so I tried your way, into the weather tab, and I couldn't enter any text into it. Clicked top bezel to illuminate the green dot, left clicked the text box and pressed keys! Still doesn't work
  5. for both the 31/32 series, if theres another update, I dont know where to find it.
  6. I also can not access the keyboard function through the EFB. As its been suggested that you know what the problem is, would a reinstall of the Airbus fix it, or there differences within peoples computers that cause it? Would you like my DXDiag or any other data to help isolate and fix?
  7. Received help via Facebook. I need to move my scenery insertion points via ORBX Central.
  8. Afternoon, I have an issue where I can see aircraft on the ground textures, I ran the AEC for Orbx and it fixed a floating issue I had. P3dv4 (latest version) Orbx TEGB Aerosoft EGLL I have removed all files pertaining to EGLL from within the orbx folders and this still exists, can anyone help me please. x
  9. All I am trying to do is assign the light switches, but they do nothing in the sim
  10. I did this with the x55 and it never seemed to work, but I change the settings from the x55 to the honeycomb and now it works. Whoop. Now to figure out the honeycomb software in relation to the pmdg events :-/
  11. ahh yes I have chase plane, but some reason, it only allows me to pan when holding down the middle mouse button and moving the mouse. The custom views is whats made me leave it installed.
  12. Not using trackIR dave, I have a delanclip for DCSing, but just used to the hat switch for non combat sims.
  13. I have created a clean profile now in the HA software to prevent any other inputs, Cant get the hat switch to be a hat switch though.
  14. Received mine an hour ago, Thanks so much Mathijs and the team!. DaveCT, do you happen to have any profiles for the software that you would be willing to share?
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