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  1. Good morning. I recently installed LLBG and since then, the ground textures for EGLL have been the ORBX true earth ground textures. I understand the two situations don't really correlate, but its the only change that has occured. LLBG is fine, with no issues noticed. In my ORBX central, ORBX regions and airports are below my lowest 3rd party addon and I have checked for any EGLL files that maybe floating around. If anyone knows how to fix this, please help!
  2. Excellent! should have put it in my AS account, I'd have spent more money with you!
  3. Morning, As the title says, AS have sent me some money, but I'm not sure why. Its only a small amount, but I'm confused as to why. If anyone wants to PM who can assist, I will happily hand over the transaction ID from paypal. Jc
  4. Good Morning! Finally received my HC Bravo yesterday and its glorious, but the laborious task of keybinding is upon us. I have tried the PMDG 747 Alpha and Bravo profiles available from here, but I am having issues with them working correctly in the sim and wondering if I am doing something wrong. The gear selector works, the axis work, the buttons on the yoke work, but the buttons on the yoke base and buttons/knobs on the Bravo do not work. I also get this message in the sim when turning the DECR/INCR knob. Pulling my hair out, Thanks for reading. Jc
  5. Hi Raphael, Fantastic job on the profiles and the software its self. I am having some troubles with the PMDG 747 profiles though, I seem to get most actions working on the yoke, but not on the throttle, the gear indicator lights up and the gear selector works as intended, but nothing else does. I have activated the PMDG option in the action menu, and tried to reload the bindings. The show bindings doesn't work for me in the sim either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jc
  6. Steve, email Info@Aerosoft.com for an update, I did and got a reply back this morning stating AS expect delivery on Friday and will despatch the same day.
  7. I am not upset that you can't deliver, I am just upset... is a strong word for a piece of hardware, I am outraged and emotionally.... no, thats too strong too... I just grow more impatient as I see more people receiving their throttles. Is there any news? I leave in peace!
  8. Good Morning AS, Considering the lack of information regarding the availability of the product, I was wondering if you could shed any light on delivery scales for those who pre-ordered back when the Alpha was purchased? As much as I would like a time when the post man will hand it over on my doorstep, I understand that definitive time scales can not be given for any number of reasons, but a ball park would be good. CC
  9. Hey Dave, I have looked in Documents and public documents and I have no honeycomb folder in each. The handbook resides in C\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\aerosoft - honeycomb P3DV4 -PREPAR3D V4.X
  10. Where is the honeycomb software? I have the handbuchs and uninstall.exe but I can't find the profiling software anywhere.
  11. Installed the update, can now use the keyboard on the EFB. Thanks for the continued support.
  12. Hey Mathijs, After reading your post I realised I was only trying to enter text into the Navigraph charts, so I tried your way, into the weather tab, and I couldn't enter any text into it. Clicked top bezel to illuminate the green dot, left clicked the text box and pressed keys! Still doesn't work
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