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  1. You're welcome! Glad to help! This applies to both A320-Family and A330 packs.
  2. As long as your FPS don't drop below 20fps, you're safe regarding reverse activation. Been doing some flights and have had no issues at all with FPS above 20.
  3. Funny thing is that I was planning a humanitarian/repatriation flight that is right on the limits of the 787-8 with 83pax with no cargo (only baggage), around 17h40 flight time and just over 20h release fuel and it says that the forecast doesn't cover the entire flight time. I guess that I'll have to wait until the issue is solved so I can get more precise calculations (in the way it is right now I could still carry an astonishing extra amount of +46KG though 🤣).
  4. Hello! After discovering the wonderful world of FSUIPC macro controls, I am trying to assign some Airbus functions to given TCA Airbus Sidestick and throttle quadrant buttons. Now... I have been able to use the button on the sidestick above the PTT to toggle the tiller on/off and it has been working uneventfully on both A318-21 and A330 as it should, which isn't strange, because the LVAR is the same for both the A318-21 and the A330. However... Trying to assign the three following LVARs, which again are common to both Airbus packs, to three different buttons, it works as
  5. My only issue right now is that the reverse thrust not always engages, though it seems to be related to the sim performance (FPS). On an airport with less "heavy" objects with >30fps, no issues at all, reverse always engages. On heavier sceneries or areas (MK Lisbon - my home airport, ORBX Chicago area) with 17-22fps, if I try to engage it while taxiing out it engaged, but after a circuit near the airport, when landing again, it doesn't engage, although the levers on the cockpit sit half way between idle rev and full rev, though the rev unlockers on the cockpit levers stay down 🤔
  6. Got it working 😅 it indeed works as you said. I was assuming that the autothrottle arm command from the P3D default assignment menu would arm or disarm (toggle) and I made a macro with an LVAR from the AS Airbus to overcome it, when in reality it works the opposite way 😂
  7. Never mind. Figured it out. I had the virtual buttons disabled and I didn't know they should be enabled.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I'll check it later. Maybe I have it mapped in a wrong way. How do you have it configured on the buttons? Via P3D control assignments or FSUIPC?
  9. I've been having issues with the reverse but only on the A330. A318/1920/21 all working great. All on P3Dv4.5 HF3. I have two Saitek throttle quadrants side by side to control spoilers and engine 1 on the left quadrant, engine 2 and flaps on the right quadrant. The joy button on the bottom of engine 1 should control the reverser (mapped via FSUIPC to Throttle 1 decrease) and the same for engine 2. It works well with all aircraft, Aerosoft or not, as well as with the Aerosoft A318/19/20/21, but not with the A330. It doesn't activate the reverser in either ENG1 or 2. Just bought the TM Air
  10. It switches on or off (or rather toggles it). In reality it only switches off. I'm trying to figure it myself via FSUIPC macros if I can use it to only switch off and not on again if it is off.
  11. Or you can select open speed on the FCU to the VLS, or set the VAPP on the APPR page on the MCDU to the same as VLS.
  12. I bought my Airbus Quadrant yesterday and I am having the same issue on v4.5 HF3. Any help will be welcomed.
  13. I'm from Portugal (on the "Western world") and we refer it as a male "o avião" (sort of "the airplane") more commonly than "a aeronave" ("the aircraft") which is, indeed, a female term, so we can use both genders depending on what term we use, but it's more commonly used as a male term. Spanish (also Western world) also uses "el avión" more frequently than "la aeronave" and I might be wrong, but I think this is common to all latin languages. Sorry for digging this up with some kind of off-topic, but teaching and learning is always something good.
  14. Thank you Emanuel. Indeed these CJ modifications are out of your business and intentions so it's perfectly natural that you didn't test it out of the "standard" and it's possible that the "theoretically" just remains theory. I'll try some flights "inside the flight envelope" and see if the issue remains, though for me it's kind of strange that on a flight of <3h (LPAR-LPHR mentioned above) the fuel used was 1100+ than planned while the route, speeds, FL/altitudes were just as planned, so as the weather, but nonetheless it was a modified airplane. I'll check it with a "standard" (unmodified)
  15. Alright! All clarified now! Didn't know about that of the drag bias. Thanks a lot for your help and congrats for your wonderful job regarding these profiles!
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