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  1. Can you try to start the ASupdater "As Administrator" Have just test the update here, no issue with the unzip of the EDDF update. But there seams to be also another Addon listet in the path ..\Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\Products which is not anymore found (folder does not exist! Message at the begining of the screenshot). But that will not be the reason of this issue you reported.
  2. Ok, P3D V5 HF2 seams to be stayable now. The only idea I have to try to fix it before: - Rename the Lockheed Martin folder below ProgramData to Lockheed Martin-old - create a new Lockheed Martin folder - move the subfolder Prepar3D V4 from the old to the new Lockhead Martin folder. Then check with the testtool again, of the new folder is found. When the folder object has an issue, this could help.
  3. Thanks for the file. But now I am at the end of my ideas. The string ask for is the same as you show in the cmd window. I check the directory in several steps, so also hidden flaged folder are found (see ProgramData, which is hidden per default). So, no idea what happens here. Sorry.
  4. Please don't highjack a thread. Open a new one and tell the support, which Virus protection you use and if the windows defender is running or not.
  5. Ok, one last Test should be done: - Please create a Temporary Directory somewhere on your disk and unzip the Testtool from the attached ZIP into this folder - Start the tool - cut-and-paste the result here or attach the Test.log file created in the Temp Directory I think, this should point me to the reason, why the configurator gives you an error. TestTool to check for P3D Path.zip
  6. Can you please select the C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D V4 folder in the explorer and make a screenshot, so that I can see the full Path string in the header. Maybe you need to click on the field on top Maybe a space or something else is in there, which is resulting in a failed search of the directory in my tool. Maybe a simple issue, but difficult to find. The String must be simple "C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4" And maybe you can check on the folder "Setting" if maybe one is "hidden" flagged.
  7. Ok, thanks for the feedback, will close this topic now. The discussion about the problem of user Marshall01 regarding the ProgramData issue is splited to a different new thread here:
  8. @Marshall01: Forget my last Post regaring the registry, thave checked the code of the tool and was a other Error you have on your screenshot. The tool try to find the Path C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4, where P3D store the configfiles, like the add-ons.cfg, which is important to see, if the scenery is registered already. Is this Path existing on your PC? Is the drive C your systempath or is the ProgramData on another drive? The C:\ProgramData is given back from your system, when asking windows to give the tool the "COMMON_APPDATA" path. Please open a cmd window and type: Dir %ProgramData% or simple %ProgramData% In the second case you get an error, but there the Command shows the ProgramData Path windows as build for %ProgramData% In the first case, which Path is shown then at the beginning of the list? In my case, the List will show the directory "Verzeichnis von C:\ProgramData" which is in my case the correct drive and folder. And, the problem is not new on your PC, have found a discussion with you in february, how did you solve thatone?
  9. But you don‘t show the important Regkey, only Content twice and Scenery, but not the Key the tool reads, which is the Prepar3D V4 itself. And with respect, the tool reads your Registry, where a wrong key is stored. I could not solve issues on your PC.
  10. Ok, but the tool can read the Registry correct, but now it is a different error massage: The P3D V4 Path stored in the registry is not the Path, your P3D V4 seams to be now. Based on the ASUpdater Log, the Path is D:\Lockheed Martin\ where the P3D V4 is. Did you Move the P3D Folder sometimes? Anway, you need to correct your registry, but using RegEDT32, you can start by pressing the Windows Start Button end type regedt32 then browse to the Key Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 There you find a Key named SetupPath, where the wrong directory is set (C:\ProgramData\Lockked Martin\Prepar3D V4 The the SetupPath should have the D:\Lockheed Martin\ as Value, when this is the path your Prepar3D.exe Main Folder. Simple doublecklick the SetupPath Key and change the Value to the correct folder. And then check this also for the keys Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 Scenery and Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 Content in the same way.
  11. Ok, the Productdescription for Frankfurt is now changed on the ASUpdater Server, please try again to run the ASUpdater and update Frankfurt. Check if the tool has on the headline.
  12. I addressed the issue to the developers of the ASUpdater, as there seams to be the reason for the issue. Please standby. In the mine time you should be able to get the tool runing, when you replace the EDDFConfig.EXE in the Addon folder with the Version from the ZIP File I posted yesterday in the #3 post of this thread here:
  13. Ok, then please try this: Can you please attach here the file ASUpdater_App_Log.txt and if exists the Mega Airport Frankfurt 2.0 Professional_1.2.1.1_Log.txt, which you both find in your ..\Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\Logs folder?
  14. Based on your screenshot before, it looks like the ASUpdater as increase the Versionnumber on his side, but don't replace the files in the productfolder. Can you please attach here the file Mega Airport Frankfurt 2.0 Professional_1.2.1.1_Log.txt, which you find in your ..\Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\Logs folder? Correction: As you see on your Screenshot of the ASUpdater, the Mega Airport Frankfurt 2.0 Professional entry is shown red, so you don't have installed the existing update yet. Click on Update Product and then see what happens.
  15. Can you please check, what the ASUpdater gives you as installed Version, when you click on the Frankfurt addon? It should be shown in the right side of the window. And can you check the date and time of the EDDFConfig.exe, you find in the mainfolder of the addon?
  16. Have just check what the ASupdater is doing and all is fine here. He updated the Version from to the new and the Tool is correct replaced and starts perfect, showing in the header. When it fails on your side, please check the Versionnumber and if the ASupdater maybe fails to provide the update to your disk.
  17. Will check this tomorrow, until then you find the correct tool some post before here: What you have installed is the version (see header of the tool), which is not the correct version. But I could not check yet, what the Updater will install. With the fix above, only the tool is replaced, which not change the version number, but solved the issue by all others here.
  18. No, problems with serials in the installer has nothing to with this update. Please contact the support via email support@aerosoft.com. Such issues could not be solved here in the forum.
  19. is now available in the ASupdater, where the tool is fixed too.
  20. ist jetzt verfügbar, Configtool fixed.
  21. Ok, we will change it in the Updater tomorrow. From unknown reason there was the V5 Key ask. As I have both installed, the error did not popup here
  22. Can you please replace the Tool in the Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional folder with the new one in the attached ZIP. <Removed>, will now be part of the updated Version
  23. When the landclasses also white, then the internal state for the conditions will set to „snowing“ so that the codes contolled by this flag will switch to the wintertextures. I saw several issues with the weather, for example the variables are not set correct, when a previous saved flight is loaded. And about Activesky also, problems are reported, don‘t know is the last update fixes them or the Hotfix 2 of P3DV5 is needed (in beta already). The scenery is not the source of the issue here.
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