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  1. The installer is not updated yet. But the ASupdater has a log, in the documents/Aerosoft/ASupdater/log folder, when I remember correct. There you can see, if the update was failed and maybe why. You can wait until the new installer is available, maybe tomorrow, or if the updater is on state already, you must uninstall the scenery, use the old installer and then try the update again, when it failed and you know and fix the issue.
  2. But then Thorsten must Do it ;), but I know he will not do it, he don‘t generate (He make the basemodel) any of the jetways in his products yet. And I will not do it, nobody pay that. Only the change of the T1 jetways today, where 4 models in 3 variations to generate, you can calc what that main, when each gate has this. Sorry, it‘s not flight relevant. The GSX hint was for others read here an seams to say, why can GSX such numbers. Your are not the only one reading and posting here
  3. Thorsten knows, that the jetways never will get the numbers and I think you misunderstood his statement. The animation needs then a model for each gate, at an airport with 10 jetways, could be done, but here where near to 100. Don‘t come with GSX, that is a total difference, they run a tool in behind.
  4. No, will remove it, that the only solution. Sometimes you should think about the technique behind, as the count of polies and the need of VRAM for Memory is extrem at the end of the line, special in V5. It is nice to have all details, but it makes no sense to have a screenshot scenery, which could not be used for flying. It must be possible to reduce the details to the really important once and keep the howl in mind.
  5. Wir haben uns bezüglich HDR am default Wert 1.0 orientiert, auch wenn HDR immernoch ein allgemeines Problem ist, da extreme Variationen generiert, die man nicht beeinflussen kann. Im V4 fand ich HDR off immer noch am stimmigsten, aber da können andere Addons nicht mitleben. Ich hab den Bildschirm etwas dunkler gestellt, da gehts dann einigermaßen.
  6. ... in vacation for next 3 weeks Then i must remember how that is done years ago, think the complete streets must be removed. sch... orbx
  7. And regarding the runwaylight: is it possible, that you use the Timeslider to get to night for the picture, without press apply? In this case the runway and taxiwaylights are not switch on by the sim.
  8. To point 5: We have the commitment from the responsible person of the FMG that all apron lightings are changed to the new white LEDs now. So DONE.
  9. This lights are not part of the scenery, maybe Orbx streetlights.
  10. I never heard about any updates for the German Airport 3 (2012) - Bremen Scenery and this never for P3D V4.x released. Did you maybe talk about the FSDG Bremen Product?
  11. Nur um hier mal weiter zu kommen, wenn auch in der falschen Sprache für das Subforum, kann es sein, dass dein Installationsverzeichnis für Berlin der Dokumente\Aerosoft Ordner ist?
  12. Deregister the scenery by starting the EDDMconfig tool, then press deregister. Then start the Sim and check if the default airport is back without other addons you may have installed there. If this is ok and no CTD happens, reduce first the setting of the max texture size to 1024, then stop P3D and register the Scenery again to check if it starts. And next time, please give use the info about the hardware you use, special the VRAM your graphiccard has.
  13. Thanks for the feedback, something learned, because this is nothing the scenery code can control. Maybe only PBR transparency is effected by this setting. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. Yes it is the falloff Exponent, which is effecting PBR total different then normal materials. And, to the second: I don't know about this issue until yesterday. So all was fine for me and no need to fix it.
  15. Sorry, then I have no idea at the moment and could not reproduce it.
  16. Thanks, some of your points are already done and part of an Update tomorrow, other will maybe follow later. But one point we will not change: The numbers on the Jetways. In this case, we must build and animate hundred of Jetways models (for Ctrl+J and SODE version) and this is simple not handable. So here we will keep the "unique" versions.
  17. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  18. Looks like you use the Sode Version of the jetways. I just check them, all fine here. Can you please switch the SODE Version of (SODE-OFF.BAT) and check the standard Jetways of the scenery.
  19. Yes, in the meantime I understand how the parameter works together, when PBR and non PBR materials comes together. Will check it for all addons I am involved, but will take some time because of a upcoming vacation. For Munich we prepare a first update with serveral fixes for a ASUpdate tomorrow, inclusive the correct dyn. effects for V5.
  20. Looks like you start the Batchjob "As Administator" that does not work, as you see the folder the job is running in this case is not the folder the Batch is placed, its "C:\Windows\system32", but this could not work. So start it normal by just doubleclick it. All this info you find also here:
  21. Why do you open a new thread for the same issue already in discussion. Add yours there.
  22. Can you please test the attached effects by replaceing the effects in the Frankfurt Effect folder. Here it works now. But please keep in mind, the the iniBuild lights have overwritten textures, so what you then see in not the product we discuss here. Test Dynlights V5 Frankfurt.zip
  23. That looks very much like a shader issue, the glass of the terminal looks also not correct and your screen in the middle. Please delete the shader folder and the start P3DV5 again to check it, you find here: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Shaders And we can't garanty for any Shader tools, manipulate the original once.
  24. Ok, and so you place the Sode folder below C:\P3D V5-Addons\sim-wings Pro Munich V5 and click the SODE-ON.BAT from C:\P3D V5-Addons\sim-wings Pro Munich V5\SODE Can you please attach a screenshot of the errors you get when run the BAT
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