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  1. Hi, I have the same problem, this time WOAI traffic not showing at LFPG with aircraft shadows enabled. Since it was like this also at Frankfurt, but after a recent update now the traffic shows, is it possible to find a workaround in order to have the WOAI traffic at LFPG with shadows enabled? Thank you.
  2. Incredible! It worked perfectly! I even rebooted the computer a couple of times, then tried and everything ok. Then I turned the computer off and came back after 4-5 hours... the problem of the black signs was back!!! No way to avoid it when loading a flight from EDDF... If I don't want to have those black signs I must first go to another airport, then change the airport back to EDDF
  3. Solved, I reinstalled, then deleted the folder users\myname\AppData\Local\Microsoft\FSX\Shaders, allowing the folder to be automatically rebuilt at FS startup. Now the taxi signs have the grey textured back all the time.
  4. I tried reinstalling and running as administrator, no change. First I installed v1.04 and everything worked correctly. Then I installed v 1.05 (4th runway update) and the problem came out again, so it is related to the 1.05 update. Do you have v 1.05 installed? If yes, did you try firing up FS and starting a free flight from EDDF? Even in that case you have grey textures in the taxi signs?
  5. Sorry Oliver, still black signs when starting a free flight from EDDF. I tried all the 3 afcad files (one at the time)
  6. Oliver, thank you very much for your prompt reply. I have tried replacing the file but unfortunately things don't change. If I save the flight with the correct grey textures, then exit FS and run it again and load that flight, I get again the correct grey textures. If I exit FS, then run it and create a new flight from EDDF, the signs have a black back.
  7. I found out something strange. If I load EPKK Krakow Aerosoft scenery and then Frankfurt, I get the grey textures back. Maybe it happens also if I load other sceneries before, not only EPKK, but why does this happen?
  8. Hi,Since it's not possible to attach pictures to posts in the "Previews of Unreleased Products" forum, I'll post here 2 pics related to the problem I have noted in dock B of Aerosoft Rome Fiumicino previews.As you can see in the Aerosoft screenshot, the rows of windows are spaced randomly and the fingers originate from a window. In the real airport the rows of windows are equally spaced and the finger originates from the white wall, not from the windows!I fear that, following this wrong disposition, also the fingers, the parkings and the docking tables will be misplaced in the scenery...That terminal is one of the most important of the airport, because most of Alitalia and all of Air France-KLM flights depart from and arrive there!Developers, could you please check and correct that?Thank you!
  9. About 7-8 months ago I modified the file Common.fhx, following Bojote advice, in order to avoid getting black squares before certain scenery lights (such as PAPI) were loaded. He also adviced to delete the Shaders folder. Since that modification made the AI aircraft disappear (only their lights were visible), I returned to the original Common.fhx and probably deleted the Shaders folder once more. After that I did not touch it. Yesterday, while doing troubleshooting, I tried deleting it and it worked.
  10. I have found the culprit... I just needed to erase the shaders cache, by deleting the folder users/myname/AppData/Local/Microsoft/FSX/Shaders (Windows 7). After doing that I recovered the grey textured colour of the taxi signs
  11. Thank you for your reply, Konstantinos. I tried your suggested settings (I already used most of them) but unfortunately nothing changes, I still have the signs with a black frame and back :-(, like in the attached screenshot.
  12. I will check tonight at home, even if I guess the blob files replace the bgl files, not the textures. What should be the texture file involved in the taxi sign texture? I also noticed this problem with Frankfurt Mega airport, after installing the new runway file, so maybe it is an FSX texture missing, not related to the single scenery?
  13. Yes, that's how it looks on my computer, as well. I just wonder, considering that the real airport apron elevation is 156 ft and the runway 25 threshold about 110 ft, if the scenery elevation could have been done lower than 170 ft (for example 130 ft), so that the difference in elevation between airport and coast is less visible.
  14. Perfect, thank you very much, Matt!
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