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  1. Have the exact same issue. Mine will go down but will not go back up. When you close the door, the railing sticks out of the fuselage.
  2. Hi guys, any update on this? I posted over a week ago and have had no response from the team.
  3. Hi guys, after the latest update, the plane still goes back to the default state after saving a flight. Running FSX acc.
  4. I can confirm after the latest update, this is still not working for me, everything goes back to default once I restart a saved flight.
  5. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this. I set up a flight including the fms and saved the flight through the FSX save option. I restarted the flight and the plane went back to the default state. All FMS data reset. The only items that saved were the fuel and payload. Even all the light sets defaulted back. Is it supposed to do this?
  6. Excellent news. Sorry disengage was the wrong word. What I was referring to is the safety feature most aircraft have that once the weight is off the wheels, the nose wheel physically locks in place and cannot be physically turned in flight.
  7. First off, fantastic job on the aircraft. Was definitely worth the wait. One thing I noticed that might need a little adjusting is the nose wheel steering. No matter what the speed, the wheel will fully deflect in either direction. Also, it does not disengage after takeoff. Also, it would be great to get a popup option for the electronic checklist.
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