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  1. Hello Aerosoft, First, I want to congratulate you on this awesome Airbus you have made. I'm finding it to be very beautiful, stable and I believe accurate. Anyway, it's doing what I believe an Airbus should be doing. I noticed that after putting in a flight plan, I set the knob in the MCP to "Plan", and the ND resets itself. acting as if ready to show me the flight plan, but when I push the up arrow on the MCDU, the ND does not walk me through the flight plan. Also, when I take off and reach "Slats up" speed, I'll raise the slats, but they seem to take so long to go up as the aircraft accelerates that I have to manually choose 220kts so that the aircraft doesn't go into slats overspeed. It could be that the flap lever isn't going all the way up the first time I put it to "0", because I'll hit my flaps up button again a second time and they seem to go up then. I'll have to go on a few more flights to really nail down what is going on. All in all though, this Airbus is a wonderful simulation with great features that make it a lot of fun to fly. You have done a truly amazing job with it. I have all the Airbuses available for P3Dv4 and X-Plane and I'm really enjoying this one. It's very special. Thank you, Bob
  2. Hello, I am using the JetMax 737 throttle levers, which are just plug&play. I am also using FSUIPC registered version in which I set up all of my controllers. I cannot get the thrust levers to work at all. In the Airbus configurator that came with the 319, I have 2 levers selected and in FSUIPC I have selected "Send to FS As Normal Axis" then "Axis Throttle1 Set" and "Axis Throttle2 Set", but that doesn't work. I also tried "Throttle1 Set" and "Throttle2 Set", but that also does not work. What am I doing wrong? Thank you, Bob
  3. How will owners of the CRJ know when the update is released?
  4. Hello, I love the CRJ and I am very addicted to it. It is a wonderful challenge to fly, especially on approach. The initial flight goes well, but it seems that if I have to do a missed approach, I cannot get the FMS to accept programming a second approach to the runway. The LEGS page goes blank and if I go to DEP/ARR and select the runway again, I do not get any waypoints for the approach at all. It's just blank. If I keep trying to push buttons to get back to DEP/ARR in order to get an approach path, the sim will crash to desktop. Is this something that anyone else is experiencing? Is there something that I may be doing wrong? Thank you, Bob
  5. I know that this is an old post, but I just kind of discovered "Fernbus" since I had it in my list of games, but never tried it. Well, I tried it last night and really like it, but I also had blurry graphics. The solution for me was to update my video driver to the latest version. My graphics are sharp and clear now, and everything seems to be running great.
  6. I would not even fly in P3D at all, if I couldn't use FSUIPC. Every time that I change aircraft, I would have to re-configer all of my controller axis. That would get old very quick. An aircraft that isn't compatible with FSUIPC is not a good feature. If it doesn't "need" FSUIPC that's fine, but it should always be compatible with it. At any rate, I love this CRJ. It is a real challenge to fly after flying aircraft with auto-throttles, FADEC like the Airbus.
  7. Why do I now have to wait 50 or 60 seconds between entering my serial numbers with this new version? This inconvenience has never been a part of AES before. I am trying to get my numbers back into AESHELP after re-installing FSX and I have quite a few numbers. Now I have to wait a minute between entering numbers. I didn't expect this to be so inconvenient. I didn't want to take a lot of time setting this up. Before, I used to just put my numbers in and activate airports without waiting. This seems pointless! Thank you, Bob
  8. I am getting a message that one of my numbers is either in use or blocked. This is a number that I purchased back in 2008. It is not in use. Why has it been blocked? Thank you, Bob
  9. This has to be the biggest city project ever. Screenshots look great.
  10. I'm glad that Aerosoft has taken on X-Plane also. I will surely be buying many Aerosoft airport releases for XPlane10. This is looking great and will be great to have such a real looking airport for X-Plane 10 also.
  11. Wow! This looks like a huge project. I never thought you would take on Los Angeles. I will be watching anxiously for the release.
  12. I believe the answer would simply be for Aerosoft to make an admin thread about the updates and situation with releases like Hahn, that are having problems, then just lock the thread so that there are no responses. That way you know that the post is the latest news and there is no complaining. The complaining or rushing doesn't do anyone any good. It doesn't hurry the release and it doesn't make anyone happy. I just come in and check the status, so I don't miss anything.
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