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  1. Hey all, So one of my engineers has been doing some serious research on this issue and found this article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4072698/windows-server-guidance-to-protect-against-the-speculative-execution. Note that this article is in reference to servers only for now. It goes on to say that the provided mitigations impact to performance is largely dependent on the type of workload running and the particular processor.... It may be negligible, or it could be significant. I am providing this as informational only. In our labs we saw the most impact to measurable performance on virtualized and storage I/O related workloads, but due to confidentiality and security requirements I can't provide much detail on our architecture. But we aren't panicking just yet. The desktop environment will be different and for normal office work we didn't see much if it all degraded performance (I wish I knew more about how flight simming files and code execution is handled by the CPU in order to say if our little community would be impacted) Again, the patch alone will not be the factor that degrades performance....it is the type of workload that the patch will negatively impact.
  2. I have asked my architects to begin testing in our labs and will report back any performance differential results we see. We have 24,000 employees however who run i5 & i7 laptops...LOL, our Information Security department has slowed them down so much as it is with existing encryption, anti virus and other security runtime measures I think this patch may turn them into genuine bricks. Interesting point you bring up about managing the thousands of small files in the flightsim development community going forward Mathijs.... again we will have to see to what extent any final patch will have on CPU and overall performance.
  3. He's using i7s to run a database farm with 150 servers rather than XEON CPUS??? But in any case, this is something on my radar as well. I'm the Chief Technology Officer for a global company - we utilize both on-prem and cloud compute platforms. What will also be interesting is to see how cloud providers manage to any performance hits with their customers... PS - look at AMD stock after this went public!
  4. Now that is funny!!! But I have to wonder about the conversation...."How on earth will we get this F/18 across the water? Hey I know, we can move it across on this tiny boat." Once it got transported, someone probably then said: "You know, after thinking about it some more...we always could have flown it across...."
  5. Simply put, they should never have disbanded the Aces team, and instead developed the successor to FSX. And done it right, without carrying over legacy code. Huge mis-step in my opinion. Robert
  6. Hi Matt, First off, thanks for taking the time to share your experiences on P3D with us here. I have a small question: I see that the $50 version includes a small watermark in the upper right hand corner, - do you have this same version and if so, is it noticeable or is it something that gets forgotton after a bit... Thanks!
  7. Oooh, that last pilot did an amazing job!
  8. Shaun you beat me to my punch line: That video was 1:42 minutes long, I bet the outtakes or missed shots video is 22:45 hours long!!!
  9. Using a 28" monitor, running natively @t 1900x1200 (same setting in FSX, 32bit). I want to go to a multiple monitor setup soon though...
  10. Mathijs, Here's a question for you: are you running the processor at a constant 4.4 OC, or is your BIOS setting enabling "turboboost" up to 4.4? There is a difference...one runs at a constant core clock of 4.4, while the other will ramp up the CPU to 4.4 depending on load. An easy way to determine if this is not clear in the BIOS is to run a simple program like CPUZ (here) and look at the clock speed at system idle (after a fresh boot up for example with no other programs running). 4.4 is definitely a sweet spot for the i7 with a watercooler...nicely done!
  11. WHAT??!?!?! Doth mine eyes deceive me??? Mathijs, overclocking? I knew you could not resist temptation!
  12. Nice one Mathijs...really solid components (I'll reserve my opinion on the Fatal1ty branded hardware as I think you pay a bit of a premium for his Avatar namesake). It should be a great performer for FSX! We can't wait to see a posted FSX screenshot from you taken on your new system.
  13. Hi Fly2012, I too bought this scenery and was dissapointed with the textures on the main strip...to be fair, the rest of the scenery is very good. However, for me, the main strip just ruins it for me. I hope Aerosoft considers a much needed update to this small area - that would make this scenery up to Aerosoft standards in my opinion. No where does this product state that it is a "budget" series, I would not have spent my money on it if it had.
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