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  1. Is anyone working on the AirTindi Floater versions? That would be nice for Canada and Alaska! P.S. I didn't know that Era operates TwinOtters! Wow!
  2. Great, Spike! Thanks for your work! Much appreciated!
  3. Are there any repaints for the Tundra-Version yet? Or can I use any "Wheel" repaint also for the Tundra-Version?
  4. This is a very nice repaint for the new AEROSOFT Twin Otter Extended. It is well made and I especially like the eagle at the tail. A perfect symbol for power and freedom. A paint made for flying in Alaska and the Rocky mountains. Well done!
  5. I like this paint for my trips in Canada. I Shows the Twin Otter as it is: A workhorse!
  6. Thanks for this! Do I have to install the fix if I just download the main product only tonight or is the update already integrated in the recent version?
  7. I wonder if it would be better to invest in one bigger screen or in one or two other smaller screens or just use TrackIR... Has anyone an opinion with regard to multi-monitor cockpits versus TrackIR? Or has anyone tried this jDome-system?
  8. My resolution in FSX settings is 1920*1200*32 (whatever the last means).
  9. Thanks Matt, the change indeed improved the view in the cockpit substantially. Using a zoom of 0.5 is much better than using 0.3 with the old setting.
  10. I am grateful for any hint how to improve the visual output (not that I suffer to much though). Can you give me a little explanation of what the result will be? Thanks, Till
  11. Will check back and let you know once I am back at home. But for the moment I think: The monitor (Fujitsu Amilo SL 3260W ) provides a resolution of 1.920 x 1.200 and FSX is at its highest resolution (like 1920 * 1200?).
  12. Dear all, I currently run a 26'' display at highest resolution but still the view is somehow limited by the software. In my opinion gauges could be smaller and scenery could be larger. I zoom down to 0.30 in most aircraft to have a better (bigger) but that is also not the best solution. I sometimes see in the specs of other users that they use 40’’ TVs as a display and wonder if there is a benefit. Alternatively I assume it is best to use multiple monitor systems or Track IR. Please share your experience with all of us.
  13. Hallo Zusammen, ich gebe mich mal der Hoffnung hin, dass dieses Problem auf der To-Do-List für die neue Aerosoft Twinotter (Extended) steht und damit dieses Problem nicht mehr bestehen wird oder liege ich da falsch? @ Thorsten, wenn das mit dem Tutorial noch klappen würde, wäre ich wirklich dankbar. Viele Grüße, Till
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