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  1. Thanks mates, glad you like it. @Spud - Hope you had a good flight @Robert S- You won't regret it, and I'm sure we will see some very nice clips from you soon dealing with this simulation Cheers, Andreas
  2. Hi, Filming this clip was a little bit complicated, becaused I'm used to record and play back my flights, so that I can concentrate on the camera movements during capturing. But this simulator doesn't offer neither a record function nor self defined cameras, so the results may be a little bit weak compared to my fsx videos. Anyhow I hope you'll enjoy Cheers, Andreas
  3. And clouds were REX with OpenClouds weatherengine Cheers, Andreas
  4. Hi, Sorry for the late reply, but sometimes job comes first You are absolutely right, Simon, even I wouldn't fly with myself because I'm not stupid enough to enter a plane where the pilot is filming while flying through a thunderstorm Of course I only used the Instructor Mode for this flight, and each time I buy a new plane, I resolve to read the manual and try to understand the systems and procedures one time, but being very impatient, I always do some testflights, and when I don't fall down immediately, my motivation for reading the manuals grows smaller and smaller The only planes I'm flying with full realistic settings (but without reading the manuals too) are gliders, because I know/knew how to fly them in the real world. Don't trust the faulty displays of the avionics in this video, I'm sure they must be a provoked by the amount of static electricity during the thunderstorm But seriously: when I did the flight the first time (using Instructor mode), mostly everything seemed to be ok, including flaps settings and speed. Using my 3D-vision set, it was such a real experience, that I wanted to share it, and so I saved the replay of the last seconds with fsrecorder. The problem is, that fsrecorder isn't able to deal with all aircraft of higher complexity. Simply have a look at those rapid jumps of some displays during the clip: itt will be very difficult to reproduce them in another flight, even with a simulator. Anyway, thanks to all for watching, and especially to Marcel for creating this fantastic aircraft. Hope that the clip was able to entertain you for a moment. And I'm sure, it will not be the last time I used this lovely aircraft in one of my future clips Best, Andreas
  5. Hi, How I love the new Katana! Although I haven't the faintest clue on how to treat her right - because at the moment I'm to lazy to read the manual - I enjoy every single minute in this beautiful aircraft. You should experience this awesome cockpit if 3D with the NVidia 3D-Vision set in combination with TrackIR and EZCA, it's unbelievable. Yesterday I just landed at Bear Gulch, when a storm came up, and so I decided to whisk my new Katana to safety at Cushman Meadows. Only a four minutes flight, but right after takeoff from Bear Gulch, I wasn't sure, if I made the right decision. The turbulences increased, rain came up, and the avionics were playing riot. Would I be able to bring this bird down in one piece ? Have a look at or Thank you very much, Marcel Best, Andreas
  6. Thanks a lot, Patrick. Glad you like it. Of course it's an impressive scenery Cheers, Andreas
  7. Just for your entertainment Hope you enjoy. Cheers, Andreas
  8. Very persuasive video! I just bought, downloaded and installed 'Approaching Innsbruck', and I'm really exalted about the scenery. You did a perfect job, Xavier. Cheers, Andreas
  9. Thanks for watching, B21. I fully agree with you concerning those mentioned talents, they all are outstanding, but let's not forget Microsoft/Aces, who built a flight simulator, which offers so many great ways of expanding and improving the whole environment. I'm a software developer myself since about 30 years, so I think I'm able to judge the amount of knowledge inside this program. I don't know any other comparable program with this facilities. Every future flight simulator must be measured against this piece of software. Best regards, Andreas
  10. Thanks a lot for your nice comments, and special thanks to Peter for your great support by improving the possibilities of sailplane pilots in FSX with your fantastic addons. From my point of view it's not a pity that MS stopped the product range. I think it gives a kind of planning reliability to the developers of addons, because now they don't have to fear to be overtaken by the next version of filghtsimulator during their developing process. Kind regards, Andreas
  11. I'd like to introduce my newest gliding video. Hope you'll like it http://www.vimeo.com/11239898 Regards, Andreas
  12. Thank you very much to all of you. I'm very happy about your nice comments, I really didn't expect so much acceptance. Thanks a lot. Regards, Andreas
  13. Just a little glider video showing some winch and towplane takeoffs. Hope you enjoy Slowdown Regards, Andreas
  14. I hope that the good memories prevailed, Mr. Chams, don't want to be the one who reminded you of the stresses and strains about climbing on hills I wish I could have used the discus in this clip, can't wait to fly this beauty, but it isn't released yet So I used the Genesis2 from David Rowberry for the inside views and the FSX DG808S for the rest. Kind regards, Andreas
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