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  1. Same issue? It´s reported and will be looked at by the developer team. A/C goes nose up when activating autopilot - Manual Flight, Autoflight and Flight Management - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES
  2. Regarding the spoilers deploying itself: Binding the spoiler MSFS axis to one of my encoders don´t work properly, the spoilers jump around when touching the encoder, show deployed when they aren´t etc. Binding via FSCUIPC works as it should. Did I remember right, it´s a MSFS issue? Regards, Herbert
  3. Thanks a lot! I'ts absolutely my favorite plane and software, very well done! Regards, Herbert
  4. Hi GEK_the_Reaper, should I open another thread? My issue is still unsolved. Either when manually flying to and stabilized at the first constraint: https://youtu.be/ZYF88nFiRkA Or when I activate AP just before or during the ALTS CAP Phase in armed SPEED Mode it´s apruptly changing the trim and climbing rapidly, overshooting the armed altitude, (AP Activation at 2:05) https://youtu.be/xPS-4YXAdWk It´s only keeping the AOA when activating the AP thousands of feet before the constraint, as the Dude does at his tutorials. Since I
  5. Your first issue, the altitude constraint, happens often to me, when engaging AP during or just before the ALTS CAP phase, I've also recorded videos. My current workaround is to engage AP earlier. By the way, you might know, we can edit the altitude tolerance at P2ATC settings, I use 200ft because of manual flying a lot. Regards, Herbert
  6. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/162219-crj-star-issue/
  7. Correct, full flaps unless an emergency. Otherwise you'd hear the "config flaps" warning, Regards, Herbert
  8. After takeoff ATC would give either headings or a "direct to" a specific waypoint. To imitate that I would rather use HDG mode than flying manually. At the STAR ATC usually give headings to cross the localizer, to imitate that I'd also use HDG mode. before crossing the localizer ATC says "cleared Approach", means, now you can arm APPR, no need to use NAV. I use Pilot2ATC and it works nicely at the MSFS. Best practice would be IVAO or VATSIM. Regards, Herbert
  9. APPR overrides the other Lateral modes, you don't need to deselect a mode before. I also think you might have overseen the VECT, so regulary the plane continues straight ahead as you would get vectors by ATC. You could even drag the next waypoint and drop it at VECT. Then it'll fly without a discontinuity. Regards, Herbert
  10. Didn´t find the wrong labeled dark engine start/stop switches at the list, but guess, it´ll be part of the update? Thanks and regards, Herbert
  11. Thanks Mark, the only annoying thing ist when having reached the first altitude manually, and engaging AP, it starts to climb again, as my second video shows. Altitude Capture Issue - YouTube But I will engage AP much ealier as a workaround. Regards, Herbert
  12. Thanks for your info, Hans I´ll be able to live with this workaround, as I like to fly manually a lot, I´m especially pleased about the realistic moving Lateral Flight Director of this model, very well done! Regards, Herbert
  13. Here we are I´ve done my videos without flightplan yet, because the issue is the same with and without FLP. SimBrief: My aircraft, ESGG-ESMS and I´ve only edited the Cruise Altitude from FL250 to 210, I like to use lower levels as suggested, just to enjoy cruise and landscape for longer. Default performance sent to FMS and Sim, Altitude to set 5000ft I´ve skipped the speed set to 210kts and selected 250kts, regulary I try to follow that: GEAR UP: SPEED Mode, 400ft HDG or NAV, 1000ft CLB Thrust, 3000ft 210kts, FLAPS UP: SPEED 250kt
  14. You are right, sorry for that, thanks for the insights. Will bring these infos. Regards, Herbert
  15. Studying my videos I´ve stabilized Trim at 4.6 for the climb and 3.6 for keeping altitude. Engaging AP produces a sudden jump to 5.4 and then moves nose up to 3.6 Seems, trim (AP) gets out of control when selecting AP during climb to, and being at the first constraint. Regards, Herbert
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