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  1. Do you use FSUIPC? I mapped "Autopilot Off" and it works as it should. Kind regards, Herbert
  2. Great and valuable infos, thanks a lot! But still one issue: I´m exactly on the selected altitude, PFD shows "ALT" and I´m maintaining constant speed. If I now select a new altitude and push SPEED, only ALTS CAP starts to flash, but SPEED Mode keeps disengaged, till I push a second time SPEED. The picture is taken at 7000ft, after selectig 5000ft and one push at the SPEED button, ALTS CAP is flashing, SPEED Mode still disengaged. Thanks and kind regards, Herbert
  3. Hello pilots Sorry if that question appeared before, I wonder about the real world usage of the AP Mode switches. Climb: 1.) After gear up I push SPEED 2.) At 400ft I select a Lateral Mode (HDG or NAV) 3.) At about 1500ft I reduce throttles to CLB Power 4.) When flaps up I select 250kts (or lower regarding SID) Changing altitude: 1.) I select the new altitude 2.) I push ALT (ALTS CAP flashes) 3.) I push SPEED (CLB XXX or DES XXX appears) 4.) I increase/decrease thrust Is this a correct way? Thanks and regards, Herbert
  4. Thanks for the guide, very nice! I´d like to discuss the exterial light usage. I know it differs often much, depending on company´s SOPs. Studying the cockpit videos and SOPs I would use them that way: 1.) As soon APU or GPU is powering the aircraft, you´ll need NAV Lights ON 2.) At night LOGO Lights ON 3.) Wing Inspection lights only during the inspection ON, otherwise OFF 4.) Before Start: BEACON ON 5.) Cleared to Taxi: RECOG/TAXI Lights ON 6.) Entering runway: STROBE LIghts ON 7.) Cleared for Takeoff: LANDING Lights ON 8.) After Takeoff: LANDING Lights OFF 9.) At 10.000 or 18.000ft RECOG/TAXI Lights OFF (LOGO Lights OFF) 10.) At 10.000 or 18.000ft RECOG/TAXI Lights ON (LOGO Lights ON) 11.) Cleared to Land : LANDING Lights ON 12.) After Landing LANDING and STROBE Lights OFF 13) Approaching ramp: RECOG/TAXI Lights OFF (Because of dazzling) 14.) After engine shutdown: BEACON OFF 15.) Just before APU or GPU are OFF: NAV and LOGO Lights OFF Any corrections welcome. Kind regards, Herbert
  5. Thanks for the great update! I love the new engine sounds, now in a proper level. Takeoff FD and ALT Mode issue solved! The only left seem the multiple callouts "Minimums" when selecting a MDA or DH. When DH is 200 it comes three times before touchdown. Kind regards, Herbert
  6. Glad to hear about the Service Pack, I experience this issue about every third flight, thought, that it might be a bad SID planning. Ignoring the FD and setting speed mode late is my workaround meanwhile. Thanks and regards, Herbert
  7. Great, it worked, I was overlooking the experimental patch! Thanks a lot! Herbert
  8. Thanks, yes, I´m used to restart Prepar when I change aircraft. But for the issue explained, the CRJ cockpit never initalize again, so the QW installation ruins my beloved plane. No problems with FSLabs, PMDG, FeelThere and Captain Sim installations, but as example the don´t use TrueGlass. Kind regards, Herbert
  9. Maybe someone had the same problem and a solution for it? After or before installing QualityWings 787, CRJ Professional don´t initialize it´s cockpit anymore. Here I´ve mentioned some files modified by QW, I don´t bother Aerosoft, it´s a QW problem, but maybe you have an idea. Thanks and kind regards, Herbert
  10. Sorry to say, also when QualityWings 787 is installed after or even before CRJ Professional, the cockpit don´t initialize anymore. Could be a problem with True Glass or Real Light, which is shared by both programs and each program needs it´s own values? At least both programs are producing Prepar3D.cfg_TrueGlass_Backup.cfg and Real Light_Backup.cfg files at Roaming\Lockheed Martin-Prepar3Dv4. Also UISettings.xml is modified. But I don´t know how to handle these. Good, that the 787 has some major VNAV issues, I won´t miss it. Kind regards, Herbert
  11. To be correct, when I select MDA, no Minimums callout at all, At DH it comes multiple times. Common feature or am I the only one? I push the switch and dial the number, as example 200, it´s viewed at the PFD. Guess, no switch error. Beside that great sim aircraft, my favorite. It flys manually very nice at faster machines. Kind regards, Herbert
  12. Ok, sorry, I understand. I don´t use any shaders or similar but as I wrote before, I´m not a typical user because I don´t care of the external view and any visual effects. But I care a lot of the systems working as the real thing and you did great work, I enjoy it much. Thanks and regards, Herbert
  13. You might be correct, but if I see it that way, the other products as PMDG, Captain SIm, FSlabs, Quality WIngs, Feel There,... don´t seem to be prepared for HDR then. They share bright displays and untinted windows without the use of HDR. Kind regards, Herbert
  14. Thanks for your reply, yes, at EFB (Dave) there is the option "untinted windscreen glass", but without HDR the windshields and displays turn from dark to slightly dark. It´s still like wearing sunglasses. I found some threads customers complaining about it at CRJ and the Airbus models. This option <censored> But as you wrote, I´m using the sim for practicing the procedures and readable displays (especially the small ones of a CRJ) are much more important for me than the external model, which I don´t care. I guess, most of the customers think different. And I´m enjoying the landscape, when I turn on HDR, it looks hazy or too shiny, even I decrease blurr, also don´t like the dadption time when switching from external to cockpit view. Kind regards, Herbert
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