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  1. Not really. First, it is fun to handfly the plane. Second, handflying may be required on certain departures (e.g. LOWI). And third, just because some people activate the AP quite early, it should still be possible to activate it later without any issues.
  2. It is located in Community/aerosoft-crj/SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft_CRJ_700. When you bought the plane in the ingame store, the file is probably encrypted. In addition, as pointed out above, you shouldn't apply this change because it probably messes up the W&B.
  3. That's indeed not correct. It should plan a direct path to yyy, and after reaching yyy, zzz should be sequenced. I understood you previous comment such that you are wondering why zzz is sequenced at all.
  4. This is the expected behavior, isn't it? Or maybe I got your description wrong.
  5. Great, that is good to hear. Have fun flying!
  6. Good to hear that it seems to work know!
  7. According to the OnAir manual, at least the freeware version of FSUIPC needs to be installed to run it. However, I'm not a dedicated expert for this topic and don't know if there is a separate GUI to configure FSUIPC. So I would at least try to disable autosave in OnAir.
  8. OnAir is using FSUIPC to connect to MSFS, doesn't it? Did you disable autosave for FSUIPC? I thought this was already ruled out, but after going through the discussion again, I noticed that we only ruled it out for SPAD.next but not for OnAir.
  9. I don't think so either. I suspect another tool to cause the issue with OnAir and the CRJ. You may also check the Windows task manager regarding running processes. Maybe there is something suspicious.
  10. I could imagine some interaction between OnAir, the CRJ and some currently unknown third tool. Did you try to empty the complete community folder and just run OnAir and the CRJ?
  11. This actually sounds plausible to me. In the first picture, the bug shows .77 while it is actually at .783. When switching to knots, the bug jumps down to the actual position of .77. When switching back to Mach, the bug may jump to the current speed or to the old position but probably shows the correct value now.
  12. I will try the next time! This suggests that the bug value is indeed wrong and gets set to a fixed knots value (or whatever) when switching to Mach.
  13. In my observation, the difference actually increases when climbing higher. Btw, does someone know which indication is correct, the mach number or the number next to the speed bug?
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