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  1. In contrast to the copilot from the outside view, this is not a feature of MSFS. However, some third-party developers added this feature. I would like to see it in the CRJ as well.
  2. You shouldn't use that anyway. As discussed above already, this will most likely mess up the W&B of the plane, since it will load the weight of the passengers of the forward cabin to the position of the copilots seat, while all other weight is shifted forward by one position. I suggest to pretend that the copilot is inspecting the lavatory
  3. There is usually never a copilot in cockpit view. The tip in post #1 doesn't bring it either. It can be added by modifying the plane's files. The general method is described here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/tip-add-a-copilot-to-your-aircraft-and-passengers-too/351556/18 However, I wouldn't recommend to do so if you don't know what you are doing.
  4. I bet they aren't even aware that this is in issue. I also imagine that the fix is quite simple. They probably only need to add on_ap_engage(): ap_trim = get_current_trim() But maybe I'm too naive here
  5. Most of those aircraft use the default XP features as well. The difference is that the XP stock systems are more matured than the MSFS ones. In fact, we are speaking of the AP, which is fare more complex than trim. I see no issue in Asobo fixing their AP, at least regarding this specific issue. It apparently stores some old value trim somewhere and it needs to use the current value instead. This wouldn't change the behavior of the default planes, since the reactivity would remain the same. I.e. instead of jumping to an old value and then more or less instantly trimming to the value calculated by the AP, it would just start at the current value and then to the desired value. For CRJ with a more realistic trim speed this would solve the current issues, because the trim wouldn't jump to a wrong (old) value but remains at the value set by the pilot. After that, the AP can set the trim to whatever it thinks is right. This doesn't require any changes by Aerosoft.
  6. Interesting findings! Did you try to reproduce this with default MSFS planes as well?
  7. Interesting finding! I'll do some tests myself and file a bug report
  8. Reading your previous posts again in the context of your last post actually made it clear to me I haven't seen this issue either, but I also usually disconnect the AP after capturing the GS and at about 1000ft AGL. I handfly some approaches (e.g. LOWI circle-to-land to RW08), but here I had no issues either.
  9. I get your point, but I can confirm that the issue also happens in nice weather without icing (Just for clarification: This wasn't my video but the one from CptCanada.) I guess I misunderstood your previous two posts. I thought your aim was to show that it rarely happens to you, and of course it doesn't happen to you when you activate the AP earlier. But as a workaround, I'm fine with that. Another workaround is to apply gentle pressure to the yoke (or stick or whatever you are using) when activating the AP. This will not cause the AP to disconnect but counteract the sudden trim change. You can gradually release the pressure when the AP starts to trim the plane nose down.
  10. Sorry, I don't get it. Why should having icing effects turned on cause a sudden change in trim of a perfectly trimmed plane when enabling the AP? The speed itself doesn't make the difference, but the trim does. In all videos, the pitch trim is in the green band somewhere around the middle. The issue discussed here causes the AP to set the trim to 7-something. So when the trim is already in that range, the issue of course doesn't appear.
  11. Not really. First, it is fun to handfly the plane. Second, handflying may be required on certain departures (e.g. LOWI). And third, just because some people activate the AP quite early, it should still be possible to activate it later without any issues.
  12. It is located in Community/aerosoft-crj/SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft_CRJ_700. When you bought the plane in the ingame store, the file is probably encrypted. In addition, as pointed out above, you shouldn't apply this change because it probably messes up the W&B.
  13. That's indeed not correct. It should plan a direct path to yyy, and after reaching yyy, zzz should be sequenced. I understood you previous comment such that you are wondering why zzz is sequenced at all.
  14. This is the expected behavior, isn't it? Or maybe I got your description wrong.
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