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  1. @Secondator Ooh yes, you're right. I had overlooked the fact that the Squawk is active if I load some aircraft state.....it must be some kind of operational blindness πŸ™‚
  2. Good to know. You can find a more in deep going explanation here von JR Barrett.
  3. Not yet. Hopefully in a later update.
  4. Navigraph with Cycle 2105 Typed in the data from Peter via Keyboard
  5. This is a case for Hans πŸ™‚ I set up the FMS with your data and get the same result. But if I change to another Rwy /SID and revert back the your data is looks like the picture. The white line has change to north. Really strange.
  6. Four flights so far with the Update and ILS and GS interception was normal.
  7. If you compare the distances in the yellow box and on the map, you can see that the distances in the yellow box have not been updated. However, the distance of the last waypoint MUS is correct. Has anyone observed anything similar?
  8. What is telling you the Windows Event Viewer at the ime of CTD? As a preventive measure, I would delete the rolling cache and have the sim rebuild it.
  9. πŸ™‚ Wondering why you actived Anti Ice this reduced the engine power a lot. I disable AI most when passing FL130-150 seldom at higher FL.
  10. Well, I hope he is looking in the P3D Forum. But at time it seems that only we two have reported that. My problem is in P3Dv5.1 HF1 and the version of the CRJ.
  11. I have tried 4 ILS approaches so far (2x EDDH, 2x EDDF), but all ended with a sudden descent ( > 3000ft/min! ) when the GS became active and the aircraft was supposed to follow the GS signal. We've had that before, the CRJ not following the GS signal and ramming one into the ground instead. Well, the MSFS version dont show this behaviour.
  12. My observation is that if you too early retract the flaps and later the slats you get the warning.
  13. Have you set up the performance page of the EFB?
  14. Bug or feature that is the question πŸ™‚ WelI, my Joystick button shows the same behaviour but if you remove the cocks via EFB the Joystick button works till you set the cocks again This is a behaviour that the old version did not show. I don't know if it is from MSFS or the CRJ version.
  15. Please insert screenshots direct in your post. Screenshot was taken with the latest version of CRJ prof All data are displayed also in the MFD
  16. Did you also delete the Rolling Cache and let the sim building up new?
  17. I experienced this error for the first time. I first started the sim, made my settings on the CRJ, but noticed that I had switched on the "All Player Mode". However, the wrong aircraft were displayed for online flights (VATSIM). So I switched back to the "Welcome" screen, made the change and reset the flight. By default it should start in "Tournaround Mode", but this time the instruments stayed dark, only the backlight of the buttons, switches was on. No further reaction to switches or buttons. Shutting down and restarting the sim did not work. Shutting down
  18. Great to read that you was able to solve to problem. Be aware in the past a lot users have has such unwanted Keybindings. Best you control the whole Joystick profil for that.
  19. Really strange, I'm not sure, but could it be that the MSFS Assistant/Copilot is causing this?
  20. If I push the Turnaround Button in Default State it starts the next time I load the Sim in Turnaround Mode . Engines are off etc. If you use the Aircraft State then you can change the actual state of the aircraft. Means it will take some time to shot down the systems for Turnaround Mode.
  21. 1. 2. Microsoft MSFS2020\Community\aerosoft-crj\Data - look inside Product.cfg 3. AS Updater with enabled experimental Updates
  22. Du hast das vermutlich, wie auch immer, mit der rechten Maustaste, oder dem Mausrad, aktiviert. Klick mal in P3D mit der rechten Maustaste auf den Bildschirm, da sollte ein MenΓΌ aufgehen. Dort kannst Du den Kreuz-Mauszeiger deaktivieren.
  23. In the last few month, users have repeatedly complained about problems with CTDs on approach or at airports. Especially after sim updates. They were often able to solve the problem by deleting the Rolling Cache and having the sim rebuild it.
  24. Yes, there is a known bug with the ETA I can't say why the fuel calculation is so wrong, I haven't seen it before. However, I also see a few settings that you should not have in Cruise on FL290. Deactivate the reversers Turn off the APU (preferably already during the taxi) Close the APU Door πŸ™‚ Use the ADV Button to switch between the pages Wolfgang
  25. This must be a problem on your PC only. It works for me without any problems. Restart your PC and test it again.
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