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  1. Bei mir funktioniert EDNY in P3Dv5 ohne das ich in Orbx Germany Süd etwas deaktivieren muss - abgesehen vom Configurator. In P3Dv4.5 musste ich noch diese drei Dateien auf .off setzten: FTX_GES_EDNY_objects.bgl ADE_FTX_GES_EDNY.bgl ADE_FTX_GES_EDNY_CVX.bgl Wolfgang
  2. First new install the CRJ and after that use the Updater You are still with P3Dv4.5 HF3 ? Wolfgang
  3. @fkkch You have no tweaks in your Prepar3D.cfg? Since I've been using P3Dv5, I only got this message once. The reason was that I increased the texture size from my default 2048 (P3D + ActiveSky) to 4056 when I saw that the graphics card memory was only used in the 3-5GB range. After a 2h flight the message appeared during the rollout after landing. I started the tool GPU-Z from TechpowerUp and could see that the 8GB of my GTX1080 were used up. After resetting the texture sizes to 2048 this message did not appear anymore - knock on wood. For me this fits to the statements that DX12 is supposed to be responsible. This manages the graphics memory differently than the earlier DX versions. If the memory is used up, P3D freezes. As long as Microsoft doesn't change this behavior, Lockheed can't do much about it. Maybe this is also the reason why DX12 is not yet used by MSFS? @mopperle Ah, ok. I dont use this function. Thank you . I first thought of an incomplete installation. Wolfgang
  4. I'm very surprised to see only one typ of the CRJ in your P3D installation? Where are the other like 550, 700, 1000? Wolfgang
  5. Are you on the latest CRJ version plus the Experimental Update via the Aerosoft Updater? If yes, what show the Windows Event Viewer at the time of P3D shut down. Wolfgang
  6. Frans, the good first - the CRJ weather radar really works with ActiveSky. Just because there are clouds in the sky doesn't mean that the radar will show them. That depends a lot on the meteorological facts. If you turn the main switch the Nav display will also show the corresponding modes (Off, Test, MAP, WX). During my flights the main switch is set to WX and the tilt is 2° down. Wolfgang
  7. If I understood it correctly, the culprit is the way DX12 handles VRAM. The older DX versions of DX12 swapped out to memory when the VRAM limit was reached - I think everyone remembers the jerking of the sim which followed. DX12 only uses the built-in VRAM - nothing more. If it is used up, the error message appears. Just try with reduced settings (textures etc.). Is it possible that Microsoft still uses DX11 in the new MSFS for this reason?
  8. Nein Die müssen für den MSFS angepasst werden um die neuen Möglichkeiten des Sim nutzen zu können. Ob Aufpreis oder Neukauf kann man bisher nicht pauschal sagen. Es wird Hersteller geben die den vollen Preis verlangen werden. Aerosoft bot bisher für ihre Szenerien und Flugzeuge aber immer einen vertretbaren Updatepreis an. Wolfgang
  9. @flusiman1000 Hast Du diesen Hinweis schon gelesen? Vielleicht hilft es. Wolfgang
  10. Ich habe BergenX in V5 installiert und es sieht so aus: Per Admin Rechte installiert? Hast Du Version 1.04 installiert? Benutzt Du Orbx Central 3 oder 4? In Central4 muss ich die vier Dateien in EU Norway nicht mehr deaktivieren, hatte es aber in Central3 auch deaktiviert. Welche Austauschtexturen? Für mich sieht es aus, als ob noch alte Szenerie Reste vorhanden sind. Wolfgang
  11. @Akki 5. You need vpilot to connect both Wolfgang
  12. Have you install the experimental update also? From to Some people forgot this and get then this strange behaviour.
  13. Please read the last post why you should always load a default aircraft first: Wolfgang
  14. Are you shure you have choose an ILS approach or have you mixed up with a RNAV approach? This "not capture GS, stay at present altitude" looks for me for a RNAV approach. This required an different handling. Wolfgang
  15. LIRN funktioniert ohne Probleme in V5, Roma habe ich nicht. Wolfgang
  16. I would say there is something wrong in your CRJ installation: I find my CRJ folder here: C:\Users\username\Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft CRJ Pro v5 [FMSDefaults] DOW_550=45749 DOW_700=45749 DOW_900=48749 DOW_1000=54749 I have the same CRJ installation as you have Wolfgang
  17. Well, no wrong numbers here if I use the weights from your screenshot. Wolfgang
  18. If I type in your provided flightplan I get that: Look at the distance of 10.4nm vs 63.1nm of your screenshot. Wolfgang
  19. Only version or have you update via experimental update to version Wolfgang
  20. You find some information in the document folder of the CRJ: Vol5_Aircraft Operating Manual_Part_2.pdf Page 78 Wolfgang
  21. Have you load a default FSX aircraft first before switching to the CRJ? This is mandatory for proper work of the CRJ.
  22. No problems with KDEN/Flightbeam with me. Tested with the CRJ700 and CRJ900. AIRAC2008 Wolfgang
  23. Well. it seems that is Hans "blind site" 🙂 I reported this TCAS issues in the beta part of the forum but don´t get an answer: Hans, how do you see the TCAS module from your perspective? Are you working on improving this module? Anomalies: Display of aircraft only within 10nm radius. Display in the wrong place on the display, because always a bit too late in the calculation (I compared it with FS-Commander and in the outside view). If required I have screenshots. No sliding display of the TCAS contact in the display, only first contact within the 10nm and then again when leaving the 10nm radius. This results in jumps of the displayed aircraft in the display. The current altitude (ABS) of the displayed aircraft is always shown. REL does not work. For Traffic <10nm in the outside view you can display different values. I use altitude, speed and callsign. While the altitude match with FS-Commander, they are always shown delayed on the TCAS display. I know he is at time busy in real world business for a week or two but I hope he will find time then to fix this issues. Wolfgang
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  25. Auch ohne Prepar3D.cfg tweaks, also mit den original Einstellungen, sieht EDDF bei mir gut aus und die Texturen laden auch zügig wenn ich in den Bereich des Flughafens komme. Warum hast Du GES deaktiviert? Bei mir langen die drei EDDF Orbx-Files in GES um ein kleines Höhen Problem im Bereich der Rwy07L zu lösen. Die Speichernutzung der GraKA ist mit dem default Aircraft auch nur bei knapp 3GB. Wie sehen den Deine World Optionen in P3D aus? Überlege mal ob Du nicht auf den HF2 von P3Dv5 updaten solltest. Da wurden einige üble Fehler bereinigt.
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