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  1. I'm having the same issue. Just installed this for EDDK and it wasn't loading. Restarting the flight fixed it. Thanks for the workaround
  2. Hi, yeah I selected it in the Custom DEM field and all my ortho is based off the V4 HD Mesh so not sure what’s going on…I created just a standard tile in the end and seems to work ok.
  3. Hi there, I've tried building the +50+007 tile using the Ortho4xp patch, however something strange is happening. The tile itself takes almost 2hrs to create when using the patch (as opposed to about 5-10 mins without) and the Data+50+007.mesh file size it produces is almost 6GB in size! Most of my other meshes are only 50-200mb. Is this correct what is happening? I imagine this going to bring XP11 to its knees
  4. Perfect thank you. Glad my educated guess of 210-220 was in the right ballpark!
  5. Thanks. So how do you determine minimum clean, is there a table or is it calculated for you in the real world?
  6. I was flying on VATSIM last night and the controller asked me to keep "minimum clean speed." Now on the Airbus this is labelled on the PFD speed tape but I wasn't sure on the CRJ (900 variant in this case). I stuck to around 210-220 but what actually is the min clean speed in the CRJ? Also what is the T and 2 that appears on the PFD speed tape?
  7. What is the Lvar for controlling the doors in the CRJ? Or if that’s not available, is there a variable for monitoring if the door is open or closed?
  8. Have to agree, it has gone very quiet on this front...
  9. Looking at the Navigraph airport chart, taxiway V3 and V4 are incorrectly labelled V1 and V2 in the scenery.
  10. daan_vb


    Are holds fixed in 1.0.6…saw something about RF Legs being fixed in the fix list, wasn’t sure if this was maybe related to holds not working very well?
  11. Can we get patch list so at least we know what might not be working curently
  12. Can you confirm that there is a currently an issue with capturing the GS with 1.0.5. Have tried 3 approaches now and all 3 failed to capture the GS. LOC was fine.
  13. I am also experiencing this. Makes the plane a pretty unenjoyable experience. It gets stuck on a speed and then changes abrubtly, gets stuck at another speed for a while and so on. Hope we can get a fix asap (before the marketpalce update on Friday *cough*)
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