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  1. Yeah I use VS if I'm going to fast for my climb speed until I get near my speed I want than I hit speed. Where is the VNAV button? MCDU Menu on the bottom left? Is that the one you are referring to? I'm referring to is the spot on the menu where you can choose ON/OFF/VNAV/etc on the display.
  2. Hi there, I am unable to use vertical speed in the climb out. Speed works somewhat, but you need to be close to pitch attitude (and I am in the climb detent btw) of the intended climb for that airspeed. My main concern is that my vertical speed will be set to say 2,500 feet in decent, and than between 22,000-19,000 feet it just stops descending. Vertical speed will still be lit up on the MCP, but it will read 0 on the PFD. Clicking VS on the MCP to extinguish the light and pressing it again, setting it back to 2,500 doesn't do anything. So I click off auto pilot, and hand fly it a
  3. Yes. To be clear, I have the NavData and chart subscription from NaviGraph. The charts on the EFB DO work. The airports in the MCDU do not. Well, not all of them... even though (as mentioned above) they are in the airport.txt file... this error is only occurring with this airplane. All my other planes are on XP and work fine with Navigraph. Thanks.. Davis
  4. Hey there @Hoffie3000 and @mopperle (and thanks for the help so far), I downloaded it there.. through the navigraph manager and it created another folder... unfortunately I still can't pull up some of the airports I am testing that exist in the U.S (47N, KDXR, etc). Once I click on Aerosoft CRJ professional (where the manager downloaded the data to after creating that folder)... the data is downloaded to the path C:\P3Dv5 Addons\Aerosoft CRJ Professional\Data\NavData within that folder. Any advice? See attached image for the folder (highlighted) that the man
  5. Hello, I have been trying (both manually and through the updater from NAVIGRAPH) to update my AIRAC cycle and I can't seem to figure it out... Right now, the path is the following... C:\P3Dv5 Addons\Aerosoft CRJ Pro v5\Data\NavData\Aerosoft CRJ Professional\Data\NavData\Aerosoft CRJ Professional\Data\NavData Even if I delete the folders from the First "NavData" onward (C:\P3Dv5 Addons\Aerosoft CRJ Pro v5\Data), it still keeps making this long path.... and my main concern is i don't think its updating because I am missing several airports I try and fly to in
  6. Just tried using Navigraphs downloader for the crj on their site and it worked. I guess my question is why? there path was C:\P3Dv5 Addons\Aerosoft CRJ Pro v5\Data
  7. Its P3D V5 most updated plane... not sure what version we are on but all are updated. Current path is... C:\P3Dv5 Addons\Aerosoft CRJ Pro v5\Data\NavData and data not showing up as updated in the MCDU. This is in fact the folder the plane is stored in.... When I set the path in the Nav Manager it creates another "CRJ professional" folder in that path too... so after updating Nav data through the manager.... the path is C:\P3Dv5 Addons\Aerosoft CRJ Pro v5\Data\NavData\Aerosoft CRJ Professional\Data\NavData
  8. hi, I forget where I installed this aircraft... do you know an easy way to find it so i can install NAV Data? I tried the nav data manager from navigraph and that did not work so I need to route it to the right spot. I am seeing conflicting advice on the internet. Thanks.
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