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  1. Indeed, indeed. And the aircraft with the issue all lack the stupid pointed nose of the default AI aircraft. So as we are 100% sure this issue is not related in any way to Simple Traffic I will close this issue.
  2. Well, that is a fine definition of a decal. Compressed or uncompressed does not matter a lot as in the end it needs to be available uncompressed to the last stage of display.
  3. It means the aircraft you see with missing textures have nothing to do with Simple Traffic.
  4. Okay, Jeff just spotted something. Those aircraft simply can't be part of Simple Traffic. They are not default AI aircraft.
  5. That would be a generalization, but fact is that I see a lot of DLC developers who are not fully onboard with the latest technology. We invested massively in that. Modeling for MSFS is to a large degree standard game development while P3D modeling was very much a nice that required experience with that platform. The two new modelers I hired (Anne and JayEon) had zero experience with the sim, but were educated as modelers for games. What you see a lot is that people who made add-ons for the sim started from a hobby background (including me a few decades ago) and those people tend to find it hard to move to new technology. Simply put, if you see any product advertised as having high resolution textures it is not a brilliant sign. While 3rd party liveries are not possible on the Xbox platform, even if they would, they would draw heavy on the limited memory.
  6. Ahhhh... then it starts to make sense. Only 4Gb of memory so most likely there is simply not memory to load it in. Try with much lower settings to see how that works.
  7. Not really, the last image shows that part of the textures are not loaded. But we are 100% sure they are installed. What is your graphics card?
  8. New version: New file name: AS_AIRPORT-ALTA_MSFS_V1100.zip Version - Fixed mesh incompatibility with nordic world update - Added stair ground service to parking positions Note: World Update V Nordics is required
  9. Mmmmm, I have seen this on scenery a few times in the last few weeks. It indicates the sim can't load a texture. I assume you see the same during day time?
  10. No idea on the tanks, something to consider after release. As so often it is not the process of development and the brilliance of the team working on it, but the calendar that determines things. After a product is 'done' we start with all the other parts of getting something released. Testing, sending to MS Marketplace, marketing, videos, screenshots, manual translations (a HUGE job in this case), installer making and testing, product pages (8 languages) and a lot of more small things. And if you scheduled all these things you want to avoid releasing at the same time as seriously cool product internally ( Brussels) or those of friends (PMDG). Also some discussion with partners like simMarket, OrbX and Microsoft need to be done. And then there is Christmas etc. So while completion of the development is a very important milestone, it only is the starting point for a lot of other work that comes with a larger publisher as we are. If there is a massive Playstation release planned that needs most of our advertisement and marketing staff, other projects move forward. Do not be confused, the Twin Otter is a very big release for us. But still, console stuff seriously sells in the last three weeks of the year while FS add-ons actually do not. They sell a lot better in the first few weeks of a new year, go figure. At this moment we are closing in on RC delivery. I will leave it up to you to determine what that means for release, you will not get a date from me until we are a few days out. I learned my lesson.
  11. Also keep in mind the latest Nvidia driver causes issues for many people.
  12. I assume you are using Real Time traffic? If so, it simply means the sim does not have any other airlines coming from the server. Often offline traffic simply works a lot better. Do note there is no way to get airlines linked to parking places so right now. So if a terminal only handles domestic or only intercontinental flights is not a factor that can be used. The sim simply does not provide that information. In the last update we added a lot of cargo aircraft because that is a factor provided by the sim.
  13. A fan of Hans..... Now I heard it all. But to be honest, Hans is a close friend and while his respect for my brilliant project management does not match my unbridled respect for his skills, we still manage to work together rather well.
  14. Everybody needs a hobby. As we were talking liveries, resolution and decals today. Here you see a fine example of the use of decals. The whole cockpit is made with very modest 2k textures. And that would make a detail like this sticker look horrible. It would be readable but not even close to as sharp as how it looks here. Even the dot at the end of the line is sharp. That's a 1 mm wide object in the real aircraft. And it is crystal clear and razor sharp. While it makes no sense we could do objects of 1/10 off a mm and they would still be totally defined. So the next time you see a MSFS advertised as using very high resolution textures, ask yourselves, why? Using high resolution textures makes the size of the bitmaps exponentially large (see the table), thus slowing down the sim and making use on Xbox extremely hard. Resolution File Size 128×128 59.1KB 256×256 196 KB 512×512 654 KB 1024×1024 2.17 MB 2048×2048 7.43 MB 4096×4096 24.82 MB 8192×8192 83.39 MB And you know, even at 8K textures, that sticker would not look as sharp. So even if you increase the pixel count more than ten-fold, it would still not look the same. And it would increase development time tremendously, so we would need to raise the price etc etc.
  15. In that case the issue simply has to be the assignments. Just remove all of them and start building new ones.
  16. I do not see a problem with that sir and we will not change it. Do note you can of cours move it yourself with the standard controls of the sim.
  17. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  18. Well this is actually just Jeff, I just post the images. But thanks!
  19. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  20. Regio Calabria Changelog: Added Christmas lights around the Airport, Improved lighting, Improved taxi path and light rows, Recompiled the scenery with the last SDK Tools Bergamo Changelog: Added Christmas lightning, New jetway repaint, Temporarily disabled the Aeroclub Runway to allow traffics to work (since the Airport has 2 runway that cannot be connected we cannot use the "Secondary Runway Flag", so that's the only workaround)
  21. Version 1.1.0 Changelog: Fixed Rendering issue on Apron, when sitting in Cockpit (Environment Occlutions removed) Removeing default Lightspots (as far as possible in current SDK) Replacing the default high-voltage pylons along the highway with individual models Fixes for Taxiway Ground Signs
  22. Some images to keep you coming back. Tomorrow I will make some from the VC.
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