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  1. hje X-Plane 11 Addon Airport Berlin-Tegel XP updated in our shop and on Steam Changelog V1.02: Adapted static aircrafts to current state (2018) Updated animations (jetways, custom AGNIS, Marshaller) | SAM Plugin required Minor changes to ground textures
  2. Mathijs Kok

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    If you have the Steam version we are unable to offer any update as we are not the publisher. And of course, because there is no 32-bit version of the A330 there will be no discount, only if you already have any of our 64 bit versions will there be a substantial discount.
  3. Time to give this one it's own topic (I'll make one for the A320/A321 as well but for some reason that won't load at this moment). As explained while the graphical work on the A330 is progressing nicely we want to have the A320/A321 out first and have the A318/A319 on the same system status (SP1) as well. So we are not thinking about dates. But so many of the systems have been done already and so many others are the same as in the smaller busses we do not see major issues at this moment. It's just a lot of work, not a lot of unexpected surprises. As you can see from the images, the modeling standard is VERY high, on the same level as the A318/A319 Virtual Cockpit. You can see what the advantage of doing an aircraft directly for 64 bits is, If we would work with a 32 bit model we would never dream of this level of detail and in P3d V4.3, compiled with the very latest compilers the framerates are simply fine. It's a new dawn for the simulator if you start fresh! The images that follow are renders from the 3d tools. in the sim that rendering engine smooth things out a bit and generally makes it look better. Keep that in mind. The prices have not been fully set but should be in the same ballpark as the A318/A319/A320/A321 and there will be a modest discount for people who own any of the current busses because we reuse some parts from the current project (and you know we never ask you to pay more then one time for a file).
  4. X-Plane 11 Addon „Airport Genoa XP“ has been updated to version 1.02 on our shop and Steam Changelog: fixed hovering cranes in harbour fixed wrong LOD distance on ships fixed missing billboard lights on apron Added Active Sky weather file for custom windshear effects (refer to approach chart warning)
  5. Mathijs Kok

    FlightSimStore closure

    We assume more people already know this but customers of the closing FlightSimStore, who bought Aerosoft products there, will be assisted to move that order to our store. Absolutely no need to do so now, should you need to do a new download, just contact us on and we'll assist you. Of course, this service is free of any charge.
  6. Here are the paintkit, just click on to download that specific paintkit. Paintkit Bundle of all DOWNLOADPaintkit VC DOWNLOADPaintkit 700 American Eagle DOWNLOADPaintkit 700 Lufthansa Regional Star Alliance DOWNLOADPaintkit 700 Lufthansa Regional DOWNLOADPaintkit 700 HOP DOWNLOADPaintkit 700 United DOWNLOADPaintkit 900 US Airways DOWNLOADPaintkit 900 Eurowings DOWNLOADPaintkit 900 Delta DOWNLOADPaintkit 900 Air Nostrum DOWNLOAD VC [DOWNLOAD] 700 American Eagle [DOWNLOAD] 700 Lufthansa Regional Star Alliance [DOWNLOAD] 700 Lufthansa Regional [DOWNLOAD] 700 HOP [DOWNLOAD] 700 United [DOWNLOAD] 900 US Airways [DOWNLOAD] 900 Eurowings [DOWNLOAD] 900 Delta [DOWNLOAD] 900 Air Nostrum [DOWNLOAD]
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    LIRF Safedock does not work

    Double post, this one closed.
  8. Mathijs Kok

    Aerosoft Trondheim V2 - Texture issues

    And did you do what they suggested? It makes little sense to copy it here and not do as they advised does it now? As the issue is really not with our software I suggest you solve the issue with the companies involved.
  9. Mathijs Kok

    Want to beta a new version

    Latest news is that I will see files soon.
  10. Mathijs Kok

    Want to beta a new version

    We are preparing a major overhaul on this project and could use some help testing. drop me a mail at when you want to assist. Only apply if you got a good forum status and own the initial release.
  11. Mathijs Kok

    Abnormally poor FPS in P3D v4

    Any tweak to the sim that is not advised by Lockheed is not advised by us.
  12. Mathijs Kok

    A318-319 ECAM Bugged.

    I think that will do no good. We have our test beds. They get a fresh P3D on Monday and then we install the last released busses plus the released updates. If we are unable to recreate the issue (like in this case) we simply have to assume something non-standard (that we will never be able to support) on the users system.
  13. Mathijs Kok

    Speed (Managed Mode)

    The issue we face is that some users (like you) see this issue and many others say it is solved (as we see on our testbed machines).
  14. Mathijs Kok

    Sound when CLB is pressed

    And there is no message in the ECAM at that time? Or a warning light lit?
  15. Mathijs Kok

    Climb doesn't match climb profile

    Then we can be pretty sure your files are not all on the latest version. We are pretty sure it is dead-on now.
  16. Mathijs Kok

    Managed Speed lost during flight

    We are trying to make sense of this, it's weird. We got 6 test systems and of course, none of those show the issue still being there. All of these are clean systems that are reset every week, new P3D (full install), latest Bus installer + updates. So we are rather sure that on a system like that the issues are solved.
  17. Mathijs Kok


    It needs a recompile of the model and rather serious work. Weeks. But we'll get to it.
  18. Stop, do NOT open the attached image yet, do so when I ask you. Colors are most often defined by RGB (Red Green Blue) in 256 ‘shades’. 0,0,0 is black, 255,255,255 is white, 255,0,0 is pure red. With me so far? But what if I told you that there is a good change that on your system 0,0,0 looks exactly the same as 15,15,15 and 255,255,255 looks exactly the same as 235,235,235 because of a windows/graphics driver setting that is defaulted towards low end display systems? What if I told you that with two clicks your sim (and basically everything) could look a lot better? Default on almost all systems we have ever seen Windows does not show all 255 shades of the RGB spectrum but makes the lowest 16 all 100% black and the highest 16 all 100% white. It simply deletes the data and inserts either 0 or 255. That means that you simply lost a lot of color information. In Flight Simulation this is very painful because the colors you see are often in the lowest or highest section. The darker bits of the VC are seriously dark and the sky and certainly clouds are very bright. But NOT as dark and bright as they might be on your system because so much information is deleted. Luckily there is a simple setting that solves this. For NVIDIA systems it is under the Change resolution tab of the settings, for other systems there is some thing similar. For now, just select the non-default option, no need to change anything else. Your screen is now able to show 96 new colors! Note that this has nothing to do with shaders or monitor settings. Those can only change the colors that your system can produce, they can’t fill in the deleted data. Now open the attached comparison image, it is zipped to prevent the forum software compressing it. I am sure that by now it is pretty obvious why you had to wait. To see the comparison you have to be able to display all the colors. You will still see a different at default settings but it will be far less effective to prove the point. Check the dark footwell section and see how much more defined that is, how much more detail you see. The same in the clouds, they are far better defined, better resolution (if four pixels are the same color you perceive them as one). We have not been able to find a reason why Windows default to the castrated color setting. It seems very silly.
  19. Mathijs Kok

    World of Aircraft : Glider Simulator

    and here is a nasty spin in the Schleicher Ask21 Mi (again keep in mind, all alpha material!). Do see it in 1080p!
  20. Please note this project was earlier shown under the preliminary title VFR Simulator. World of Aircraft is a series of stand alone flight simulation products that all focus on a specific part of VFR aviation. It is in no way intended to compete with X-Plane or P3D as it is not expandable, low cost (around 20 euro/dollar) and limited in content. It does however look very good, has excellent flight models and always has solid content. The product is intended for the STEAM sales platform. The first release will be World of Aircraft: Glider Simulation, that is about gliders, motor gliders and gliders with auxiliary engines. It will contain a Dimona H36 (motor glider), Schleicher ASK21 (glider), Schleicher ASK21Mi (glider with aux engine) and a L-13 Blanik (glider). A Wilga PZL-104 is provided as tow aircraft. The simulation is based on Herrenteich Flugplatz (Germany) that is located on the borders of the river Rhein. A high resolution 50x50 km photographic terrain with detailed mesh and thousands of objects is provided. The game engine used is one that is created for flight simulators and should provide good framerates and high realism. Development is at this moment ongoing and on schedule for a release later this year. The images shown below are from a very early beta where about anything will still be worked ar. The aircraft are not correctly shaded, terrain textures will still be replaced, cockpits worked on etc etc. They are just provided so you can get an idea on the product. Expect more information and images as the project progresses.
  21. Release Version P3D V4.x - Adjusted runway tire mark texture. - Fixed incorrect Taxiway designation sign A3. - Fixed incorrect ILS frequency RWY32R. - Added missing information text in configuration tool. - Updated optional SODE download with correct ILS frequency (RWY32R). - Fixed incorrect texture formats. - Adjusted stand radius. - Adjusted glide slope touchdown locations. - Fixed incorrect ground markings for stand C 06. - Adjusted SODE jetway ranges. - Added missing night textures for UPS terminal. DVD Release version - Adjusted taxiway layout around stand C02 & C03 to prevent incorrect GSX pushback. - Removed border artifacts on tiled normal maps when lower texture resolution settings are selected. - Various performance optimizations. - Better photoscenery blending with FTX Germany. - Added more options for photoscenery in configuration tool. - Correct taxiway direction sign for runway 14L. - Fix old ATIS frequency. - Adjust jetway's night texture brightness. - Added pavement grooves to repaved RWY14L/32R. - Adjusted dynamic lights brightness. - Optional SODE jetway's download updated to v1.05. Please note that so many files were changed we decided using the updater did not make much sense so this is a full new installer.
  22. I will try to get that data.
  23. Mathijs Kok

    A318-319 ECAM Bugged.

    We simply have no idea what causes this and are utterly unable to recreate this on any of our test systems.
  24. Mathijs Kok

    CTD and BSoD after update

    There is really nothing in the update that could cause this (and it has not been reported by other users). So it really has to be something on your system. Was there an update of the OS or other drivers? Have you checked if your .net files are all okay?
  25. Mathijs Kok

    Abnormally poor FPS in P3D v4

    And let's not open multiple topics, please.