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  1. Well, in general, my thought is that if Aerosoft created and sells the PFPX planner and if the company created the CRJ-550/700 aircraft for the simulator, then it would be logical to assume that it is necessary to provide a profile for PFPX for the released aircraft. Otherwise, all sense and expediency of purchasing PFPX and subscribing in the future disappears. Actually, it makes no sense to recommend it to new people who have embarked on the path of simmerism.
  2. Required payment subscription for CRJ-700 profile. - Pay for CRJ - Pay for PFPX - Pay for profile 😃
  3. Any news? Dear Aerosoft? Wee need profile for PFPX.
  4. Mugz

    Payload 3Tons?

    Got it. If you change values with arrow, always click on ENTER button, because data not automatically updated. Topic can close now. P.S. It will be great if this small bug will be fixed.
  5. Mugz

    Payload 3Tons?

    I little misunderstand, Where did the three tons of payload come from?
  6. I dont wont use AAO. In MSFS2020 XBOX (when it released) you will also recommend use AAO?
  7. I use Throttle 0-100 because i have detents. If i switch to throttle axis (without 0-100) i lost my detents (and they stop working. THR Reverse also) It perfectly work for ALL ingame planes. Other side, it possible to create new profile, but GAME not have ability to create profile for specified plane. So. You option is have two ways - Set for main profile Throttle Axis and loose all detents/reversers - Create new profile, but lost flight if you forgot to switch profile (And by the way, it is very inconvenient to constantly manually switch profiles)
  8. Dear Aerosoft! Please add support throttle axis mapping to this command!
  9. Mugz

    What is this?

    Already read, but not find screenshot your IRS align knob position. I mean did you check it After this situation is happen? Because according to the message it is not clear at what point you checked the IRS. Sometimes when people said "Already checked" mean "Checked before take off and no longer looked that way"
  10. Mugz

    What is this?

    Check IRS align knob position. In this aircraft sometimes some switches accidentally switch without user intervention
  11. So. To avoiding freeze during feel up MCDU, i recommend these steps: - Load aircraft in airport - Do not turn anything - Hit ESC key and select RESTART flight - Then start aircraft and fill up Tested 4 flights with these steps - no any freeze. Need additional report
  12. Mugz

    IRS2 POS

    Very small bug. Cant copy data from IRS2 POS
  13. In no see any more problem with external lite. But, some lights still not find emmeshes almost all internal lights
  14. Mugz

    Incorrect payload

    What it's mean? Aircraft data from EFB or aircraft data from ingame payload? If i set full weight in game payload panel, i can't get property value for CG/TO trims in EFB even if aircraft set zero weight. It will be great if EFB payload data and in game payload data will be completely synced.
  15. It's any way to completely clear DEP/ARR fields in sec fpl?
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