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  1. I can share my mod through forum post or in some file area in aerosoft forum? This is my community mod, but contained modified original (Aerosoft copyright) ModelDefinitions files. Also, i'm working now for fully interactive ingame checklist which also requires modification of some files.
  2. For example. Testing new switch logic with only LEFT mouse click. All switches have a side. And no need to guess in what position the switch is. If it is permissible, I can provide changes absolutely free of charge if the company is interested in using them.
  3. I especially turn ON aircraft without alignment to show issue. If aircraft aligned state - issue is same. It has nothing to do with it
  4. Hello. 1. If i'm increase/decrease HEADING via knob on AP panel (mouse scroll), i have information on PFD with Heading degree and line. 2. If i'm increase through sim command (key mapping/joystic), i have changes for heading, but no line and HDG information on PFD. Only small figure is moving. Is any chance to fix this?
  5. I hear to many times "It's not possible" from Aerosoft, but what if it possible?
  6. I will do. All controllers directly changes specified SimVars (used by command), everything what you need catch changes of SimVars (and better to set all animation to SimVars instead of LVars) Yes. It's Required, but why? Throttle (X) not work with detents on axis i'm right? Cockpit interaction not used WASM. I'ts modelbehaviour. I post some month ago proof of concept. And i can do this without WASM module. Also MSFS support RightMouse (can prove also), all what you need to do - remove FreeLook from Right Button. Actually, i mean. For two position switch, If you scroll mouse down - switch must stop at last position and not return back. If you want return back - scrollup. It's not personal preference, it's logical. So, why A32NX/CJ4/TBM930 all other aircraft have terrain/weather, but no in CRJ? If it WASM SDK issue, create with same method like default aircraft? So, it will be fixed? I ask, it because if i set Payload in Sim to 0 - i cant fly. I already do that, but all without answer. Thanks a lot for you reply, you create good plane, but it will be better.
  7. I installed the last update and was a little disappointed that small bugs were not fixed, but nevertheless significant and greatly reduce the pleasure of the flight. List of bugs that I would very much like to see in the list of fixes: 1) Throttle Axis 0-100% command does not work 2) DM LT LH / RH Emissive texture is too bright and does not change brightness from knob. 3) ALT does not respond to physical bind. Only with the mouse. 4) The Light switch and many other elements cannot be configured on the bindings of the simulator 5) Incorrect switch logic is still relevant. Scroll the mouse wheel down, the switch works up / down. It is more logical to turn it down - switch to a minimum, up to a maximum, click min / max (this is for two-position switches) 6) There is still no logic for three-position ones. Click the top part - switch up, the bottom - down. 7) Periodically, some switches switch randomly when you rotate the camera by holding down the right mouse button. 😎 PA / CHIME / CALL / EMER buttons stopped turning on. They just click. 9) Terrain radar does not work 10) Weather radar does not work 11) Almost all animation is sharp (instant). No smoothness of switching 12) Payload does not work (values do not match in EFB and simulator). 13) Keybind "SET ALTIMITER" still works strangely. Resets the pressure value to the standard value, and the next press sets the real one. And so in a circle (it is always correct to set the current pressure value. To set the standard there is a bind "SET ALTIMETER TO MSL PRESSURE" 14) Cockpit is illuminated by an external light source (ground service vehicles for example). Seems like transparent 15) All displays are backlit at night (not completely black). It’s like they’re on. 16) There are no pilot models inside the plane and options to enable / disable. I understand that the list of bugs will seem ridiculous to someone and not worth the attention of developers, especially considering that you are working hard on new projects, but nevertheless. I can fix some of these things myself, but you do not allow me to create modifications for your aircraft. I can correct and send you to include in the subsequent correction (I already wrote to you about this). Waiting for your reply. Cheers. P.S. With great pleasure I am ready to help in fixing bugs and share ideas on how and what to improve. If this is acceptable, of course.
  8. Can I ask for an optional item ?? Can you make a clean model in addition to all the livery of the aircraft? Without any liveries decals? Is this necessary to make liveries through decals and not overload with unnecessary and unused objects? I would like a similar thing on other aircraft (CRJ-550/700 / Twin Otter) but I'm afraid this is beyond the scope of this topic.
  9. There is no some objects inside right taxi/landing light on CRJ-550 (not checked CRJ-700). On left side no problem
  10. Well, in general, my thought is that if Aerosoft created and sells the PFPX planner and if the company created the CRJ-550/700 aircraft for the simulator, then it would be logical to assume that it is necessary to provide a profile for PFPX for the released aircraft. Otherwise, all sense and expediency of purchasing PFPX and subscribing in the future disappears. Actually, it makes no sense to recommend it to new people who have embarked on the path of simmerism.
  11. Required payment subscription for CRJ-700 profile. - Pay for CRJ - Pay for PFPX - Pay for profile 😃
  12. Any news? Dear Aerosoft? Wee need profile for PFPX.
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