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  1. Gents, on init B screen, there are only two boxes for inserting a three digit ZFW. can this be amended ? rgds Carey
  2. To the Bosses, despite 5 clean installs, I am no further ahead with issues here. In order that I may use the product, will you make available on the account downloads the previous version ( or so. This will allow me to have full use of the product, and will give your people respite time to correct, if any, problems from your side. I would appreciate you doing that, as I see it as a benefit to both sides in a bit of a shuttlecock debate here thanks in anticipation. rgds carey P.S. I am more than happy to revert to the old worked for me.
  3. I have the speed/height issue after installing v1.2.3.0; all was well prior to this. In addition I have the boot up (P3Dv4.4) in "slew" mode. here is a screenshot of the last flight and its earthward plunge. Win7 Home.. recorded on VA Pirep.. speed can be set manually if I catch the issue in time and flight goes on fine rgds Carey
  4. LUKo0211, EXACTLY !! I have only P3Dv4.4 running and active sky addons..No others (scenery for dest is addon tho ) rgds Carey
  5. Hoffie, it has IAE engines data logged by BAVirtual pirep after flight surely it may not matter what type of engines, so long as it has two ? flight level 350 and speed .78 Mach
  6. why does this drop from the sky ? new update on P3Dv4.4...see below;
  7. ozgulkagan, loaded the f18 as default, but the download comes with certain airlines types and liveries, so I have tried to select one from the list after booting P3D but I still get the black screen as above "visualisation mode" rgds Carey
  8. after cleaning everything relevant to Aerosoft out and reinstalling, I still have the box above, and the pushback I am unable to stop, as it left me outside the airfield boundary and showed no way of stopping. this is the first time in many years I have had a problem with the Airbus, but I do not know where to go with this next. rgds Carey
  9. I am also seeing this when booting P3Dv4.4 thanx in advance Carey
  10. Gents, just installed the new a/b pro version and all seems to work well. I have an issue with the push back, as despite using r/h fmc to select distance and nose direction, it only manages to push in a straight line even off the airfield. I am only able to stop the push with "ctrl P" any suggestions welcome. Thanks P3Dv4.4 Win 7 rgds Carey :)
  11. Gents, the cockpit interior lighting of the instrument panels, both sides and overhead is VERY dark.This is with all the light buttons turned to max. How can I make this less black and a lighter grey ? rgds Carey :(
  12. Gents, do we have any further news on the SP1 release and subsequently the use of the CFD ? rgds Carey
  13. can someone please point me to which "documentation" explains the above screen, and how to make it function Rgds Carey
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