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  1. any news? com'on it's the 2nd largest airline in egypt
  2. yeah i agree for the a321 g-medj it's different from the usual bmi liveries i'm used to see around
  3. Hablas espaƱol? please forgive my audacity, but usually you dont see girls in flight simulation, on what airline are you working??

  4. Hola ! Gracias jon8a :) saludos desde Egypt

  5. Hi Isabelle, i just want to say hello, saludos desde Mexico.

  6. The kingfisher looks fabulous and omg. your website is full of them. i'll spend the night downloading them gracias Holgi
  7. Thank you sooo much, this is what I needed to make my move... will go buy it now and get the bonus
  8. thanks, but is there any updates coming to the fsx version soon?
  9. Looking goooood where can i get your paint, it seems you have a lot and when's your kingfisher and almasria coming i see they still did not land yet
  10. I agree with cenkcnk, a video tutorial will be much easier
  11. Oh Thank you so much !! I was suffering from the same thing for 2 days now, didn't know about the 01 thing though !
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