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  1. Yeah, hold on your hats coming soon jack, Holgi already sent me a preview, but ill wait him to upload the final shoots first here. Stay tunned and Tks again Holgi
  2. Hablas español? please forgive my audacity, but usually you dont see girls in flight simulation, on what airline are you working??

  3. Hi Isabelle, i just want to say hello, saludos desde Mexico.

  4. Hi i love your producto despite of all those pesky bugs around:blush: , i personally love IAE´s sounds far more than CFM,s, as far as i know booth models are alliased to the CFM engine sound, i tried to alliase the TSS IAE sound to my IAE model, but my IAE planes always appear with the cones and choks on, and its impossible to turn them off. hope somenone can help
  5. Hi there guys, would any of you out there consider doing this paint? http://www.airliners.net/photo/Volaris/Airbus-A320-233/1736325/L/&sid=8159bcf695a5b15b4bdd7385d3608dda Please Please
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