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  1. Hi Shaun and Chris! Since i installed Win7 (64) on my computer, it's been impossible to load this airport at all. The loading screen always freeze at precise 80 % - "loading auto-generated objects". I discovered that if i disable/remove the file " ENVA_Buildings.BGL from the VaernesX_D folder, everything works just fine (altough it looks a little bit weird). Perhaps Chris could try that to, at least we'll se if our problem is originating from the same source? /Bjorn
  2. Hi! You are not alone. I reported the same issue in this forum in may, but there seems to be no solution to this problem yet. FSX complains about missning textures (with that option on) when loading an aircraft at or close to this airport. /Bjorn
  3. I have now tried setting the trim with the default (fsx) keys from the keyboard, num1 and num7, but the behaviur is the same. I tried with different intervalls between the keypresses, but even with quite long delays between each keypress, it acts the same. The behaviour seems almost random at times. Its not a big issue, just a little annoying when you trying to do small adjustments on the approach. Perhaps it has something do to with FSUIPC, SP2 will tell. /Bjorn
  4. I think you have missunderstood what i wrote. I have not disable trim all together at all, the trim event is still there for you to catch. The only difference is that i let FSUIPC manage all key and axis configuration, simply because it does a much better job doing that, then the built-in configurator in FSX itself. You can read all about it in your documentation of FSUIPC (placed in the fsx/modules folder). When i press my TrimUP and TrimDOWN buttons on my yoke, FSUIPC injects/sends the corresponing events: ELEV_TRIM_DN (65607) or ELEV_TRIM_UP (65615) in to FSX. Could it be that your special trimfunction, with what ever calculations it makes, are somewhat slower to react/execute/finish to those messages, and therefore more easely get kind of "flooded"? /Bjorn
  5. I have FSUIPC 4.60 (registered) installed, and i manage all my buttons, switches and axis control trough FSUIPC. All controls are disabled in FSX itself. I'm aware of the possible "lag" when holding the trim button down in repeating mode, but that is not the issue here. Even if a disable the "repeting mode" for that button(s) in FSUIPC, ie it only registers just "one click" per press , it still "runs away". No other of my aircrafts shows this behaviur. /Bjorn
  6. Hello! Just wondering, is the pitch trim supposed to be operated in a special way on this aircraft? For me it sometimes seems to live a life on it's own. With one click on the trimbutton on my saitek yoke, it often just moves "one click", as on most of my other aircrafts, but at other times, it just kind of "keeps going" and make a rather large adjustment. There is nothing in the manuals about this, but in the description of the aircraft at aerosoft, there is a (for me at last) little bit cryptic statement: "Realistic pitch trim simulation: You can actually trim the aircraft to fly the attitude you want, not the attitude FSX "thinks" you want...". /Bjorn
  7. I can find only one bgl file containing "enva" outside of the aerosoft folder itself. The filename "VaernesX ENVA.bgl" makes it look like a aerosoftfile rather than a FSX default one? /Bjorn
  8. Don't know if this has anything to do with it, but when i turn on missing textures warning in FSX, it reported the following when loading ENVA: Scenery library objects not found: GUID: 9C395CED-66DC-497B-99B9-3DF20A0B4766 C3A5D216-094F-E38B-BBD6-44BE08FCBA07 G1F29AF4-C7C3-41C2-960E-31E2C6F7FC96 2EA549C8-E776-4390-BADC-92E9A24DCFC6 0C9F2BCF-5064-483E-A5DE-A8AB96024650 B485B80E-3A93-4F29-829D-D7C4A1153C4A 05A8AE04-2618-4613-9B29-FA5B93108D48 3E56FCAF-939B-458A-B401-889AD9E420A8 A6E4875B-2465-4749-9503-9A7E58DA7A78 FA0CD807-03CB-47A2-BF3D-5ACA76328E2B 766ACD53-76B8-4372-BC66-9207A563D145 782A9462-524C-43F1-A653-455C7220192C 01F76C71-0207-4318-B352-92738111959F Fail to load texture: DEFAULT.BMP /Bjorn
  9. Hello! I have the FSX installation on it's own drive, and i have that very annoying UAC disabled. /Bjorn Boman
  10. Hello! This happens with all my aircrafts, including the default ones, no matter what time of the day (or night) i fly. Because of my workhours, i actually do most of my flying at midnight, or close to it. This also happens when i try to start/load my flight at Vaernes, FSX freezes and crash after the "loading textures" dialog reaches 1-5 %. I just replaced my Nvidia GTX 285 graphic card with a GTX 480 and at the same time uppgraded from Vista 64 to Win7 64. I have made a complete reinstall of my computer now, including FSX and all addons, with the exception of "My Traffic X" (wanted to try without it), but the problem remains. /Bjorn Boman
  11. I have followed those threads myself and are using the memfix now, it has fixed many of the textureproblems i experienced in FSX under Vista, but sadly it did'nt help me with this issue. But thank you for the tip :-) /Bjorn
  12. Hello! Almost 9 out of 10 of my approaches to Trondheim, results in a appcrash of FSX when getting close to the airport, usually when i am just a couple of hundred feet from touchdown. Everything runs very smoothly until it just complety freezes, and i have to Cntr-Alt-Del me out of it. I have "Mesh resolution at 10m and "Mesh complexity" at 100, as instructed in the manual. I also tried to lower all my display settings in FSX and even reinstalled the airport a couple of times, but the problem still remains. I haven't experienced this with any other of my airports from Aerosoft, even though the FPS can drop a bit at some of them, like LFMN. Any ideas? /Bjorn
  13. That fixed the problem, it was displaying "1" not "01", as it should. thanks /Bjorn
  14. Hello! I can't make the INS system to work properly, because the HSI needle newer seems to show the correct course to the inserted waypoint. I have the aircraft parked on Rw35 at Flesland (ENBR) in Norway. I typ in the waypoint ROXET N61.35.25 E007.16.65 to the northwest of the airport, in to the INS as no 1, and the navigationswitch is set to GPS. The needle moves, but now points south. The Distance and other data in the HSi is also wrong. If i then type in other N and E values in the INS, the needle never move again, it just keeps pointing in the same direction. I don't know what im doing wrong here. I have FSCUIP 4.60 installed. /Bjorn
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