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  1. Thank you again for the response Shaun, I just wanted to see any other options others may know of. I ended up using AICarriers 2, which works great. I'm also looking into the payware you suggested, it's really thorough with tons of customization available, thanks again!
  2. Hey everyone, I recently got Aerosoft's Seahawk package with Shipyard 2, and am making some fleets using it. I was wondering if anyone knows of any payware or freeware, other than AICarriers 2, that can place a carrier anywhere I would like, or can someone point me in the direction of a forum or website describing how to do it? Thank you!
  3. Well, I've tried to re-install with my antivirus software disabled, and it doesn't work properly. It goes from where you click begin installation straight to installation complete, with nothing changed, added, or installed. I believe I need to uninstall what I have first, but cannot find any uninstall utility on my computer. I've looked in the Start menu under "aerosoft", I've looked in the "aerosoft" folder in the FSX main folder, and in the aircraft's folder itself, and can't find it. So if it's hiding elsewhere please let me know so I can uninstall then reinstall the software. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I recently purchased your Seahawk package, instant download, for FSX, from fspilotshop.com. I really want to use Shipyard 2.0, but when I tried to install the program, my McAfee software found a trojan in it. The aircraft installed perfectly, but Shipyard did not. I would really like to use the Shipyard software, and am wondering if you can help me get it. I have already submitted a support ticket to fspilotshop.com, and am awaiting reply. I have a feeling they may just refer me here, and on top of that I think it would be best to try to get the software from the manufacturer. For proof of purchase, my order number from fspilotshop.com is Order #301699. Please let me know if you can help resolve this issue for me, thank you. Kyle K
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