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  1. WTF ? Joystick is required for that ???? Thats joke ? WHY ?????????? And what the hell I do if I have only keyboard and mouse ??? All other aircraft addons have no problem with it, BUT SPECIAL AIRBUS X MUST HAVE SOMETHING EXTRA. So, i found topics with some problem 2 years ago. Hey Aerosoft, are you know what means word "patch" ? Any chance to get money back?
  2. Hi ! Airbus X looks perfect and realistic, BUT... I have a little problem with the engines. I canĀ“t add power.... All day I staying in active runway and trying unlock throttles. Power is frozen at 25%. Only if I HOLD F4 ....Engines have full power, but my finger is not like it. Please help me... This is the first time I had a problem with aircraft My pc : Amd phenom x4 Ati radeon HD3850 3,2 GB ram Windows 32bit Flight simulator X service pack 2
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