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  1. Ok, thanks Sascha. I can see the moving Polarstern vessel (even from a very long way off) and have set my waves to low but still cannot see any Orcas. I even tried waiting on the line for a whole cycle of the moving dinghy but still saw no orcas. Guess I will have to wait for the improved visibility update. Any ETA for that yet? Best, Robert.
  2. Thanks. However, I've now flown that line and still can't see any of them. Could something be inhibiting that animation on my system? I have disabled all my other addons and I have also rebuilt my content xml file and scenery indices folder. Still cannot see any. All my AI settings are also at 100 and I can see the two Orca folders and the Orca spb file amongst the Rothera folders and files.
  3. Lovely scenery! Just one question. I've been flying around Rothera at various different times of the day and months but have never seen a single Orca anywhere! All the other animations work fine. Are they just very infrequent or am I missing something?
  4. There are 323 files in the Dutch HarborX texture folder, plus 3 folders (with airport textures for the different seasons) and the texture folder is 296MB Is that as it should be? P.S. I have finally solved the problem! It was the Addon Converter X, which was converting some of the textures..
  5. Hi Horst, I have uninstalled and re-installed, running the installation as the administrator, but still have the same problems. Could my download (from Simarket) have been corrupted or do you have any other suggestions to resolve this issue? I have downloaded Dutch Harbor X again but that file is exactly the same size as the first download, so I don't think corruption of the installer is the problem,
  6. Here are some higher altitude pictures as well, which may be more useful for you.
  7. Hi Horst, There are several wrong (?) beige textures in the hills to one side of the airport. All the hills on the other side are all green, as I assume they should be on both sides. I get the same display whatever summer dates I select (these are from 5 August)
  8. Hi Shaun, I have disabled all my addon sceneries, but still get the same result. I suspect that one or more of the textures in the world texture folder is to blame, but have no idea which one/s. Do you?
  9. I only have UTX Europe, not North America, and that is below Dutch Harbor in the scenery library. I also do not have any other terrain addons, as far as I know.
  10. Hi again Mark, Regarding your suggestion about changing settings, which settings did you have in mind? Robert.
  11. Hi Mark, Yes, I did run the season tool but I believe that only changes airport textures. I have tried that in any case but it does not change anything around the airport. I have many other add ons but no others in the Alaska region except Aerosoft Anchorage, whose terrain I have already tried diasbling as well, without any effect on the Dutch Harbor scenery. Robert.
  12. Hello, As you can see from the attached picture, the hills around Dutch Harbor X are not all green in summer, as they should/appear to be in the pictures advertising the product. Intead, there are beige segments in them, with sharp straight line contrasts. That spoils the scenery for me. Is there any way I can make the surrounding hills uniformly green?
  13. Hi, I have no autogen in either Mallorca or Menorca for FS2004 (FSX works OK). Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?
  14. Hi, I have two problems with Santorini X. The first is that the installer does not add any entries to my default autogen xml files (which include entries for Fly Tampa Grenadines, the Orbx sceneries and the Earth Simulation sceneries). I managed to add the Santorini entries manually (after installing them into an earlier autogen file), but then lose much of my autogen in the Earth Simulation sceneries. Any suggestions about how I can get all these sceneries to work with one default.xml autogen file would therefore be much appreciated. My second problem is that I also have the same texture problem in relation to many of the cars (showing up black, with apparently corrupted bmp texture files), as already reported by another user. Any possible solutions to that problem would also be much appreciated. Thanks. Robert.
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