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  1. Hi Mathijs, Title is: "Aerosoft F-16 new AB and canopy textures". By Dag Roger Stangeland and Vincent van Yperen. March 2009. Has statement: "Should there be any problems whatsoever, feel free to ask us at the Aerosoft forum under F-16 support". As an aside, I really love both your F-16 and Lightning packages. Super well done - and they both are doing real well in my P3dv4! Personally, I would buy either over again immediately! Best regards, Bill
  2. I am trying to update my afterburner texture with the one provided in the tex update package. I have read the Install instructions and have put the "F-16_AFTERBURNERFLAME_C.dds into the Aerosoft F-16C\Texture folder. I removed the original AFTERBURNERFLAME texture. However, when I add take-off power, I do not see the new orange flame - only the original grayer one. What have I done wrong? Regards, Bill I forgot to add: I am using P3dv4 Bill
  3. My question to Mathijs then remains. Since there is a need - why not fix the installer (rather than us owners having to "make" it work with an installer that is not designed to do what we want to do)? I would love to have an Aerosoft comment here> Bill
  4. I just copied and pasted the sceneries from FSX (I maintain FSX strictly so I can download using older installers) to an "Aerosoft" folder that I created under the P3Dv4 root. There are two sub folders in IcelandX. Take the "Scenery" and 'Texture" folders out of the "Iceland X - priority 1" folder and add them to your "Iceland X" folder. I ignored my "Iceland X - priority 2" folder. Add the "Iceland X" folder to your Scenery Library in the usual manner. Everything works well - except that I can't run the Aerosoft "texture tool" (as recommended in the manual, prior to every flight). It probably does not recognize my new P3Dv4 location. Mathijs (I assume that you will read this): Both of these sceneries work well in P3Dv4. I would strongly recommend that you update the installers to include P3Dv4. As there is no competing Keflavik or Iceland, I would assume that you would recover your labor to update the installers. Regards. Bill
  5. I have tried this - but don't see the scenery in game - and get a Scenery.cfg error upon P3Dv4 start
  6. I own both of these FSX sceneries. I no longer use FSX. I would love to use them in my P3Dv4 Scenery library, however the installer will only allow an installation into FSX . Is there any way to install it into FSX and manually move both sceneries into my P3Dv4 Addon Scenery folder? Bill
  7. I am trying to place the LHD4. I can create the KML file, and can successfully do all the remaining steps in Shipyard V2 that are called out in the Manual (V.2), BUT - when I save my new title (in the Aerosoft_ship\Scenery folder), the final screen is replaced with the previous screen. When I try to "X' out of that screen, I get a "not responding" alert, and I have to escape by using my task manager. No new File is found in the Shipyard 2 folder. What am I doing wrong?? I am using FSX acceleration and Win7 (64 bit). Bill
  8. I would like to use my cruiser as an AI model to accompany my aircraft carrier. I see the Valley.mdl (in Aerosoft ship \ Model folder) and the sim.cfg file. Can this model be used as the basis of an AI? Best regards, Bill
  9. Addendum to my previous answer: All I am asking for is that the current scenery .bgl that contains the cruise ship (and the passenger terminal) be modified to not include these items. Then include these items as unique seperate .bgl's. That way anyone desiring an earlier era version can remove those unique .bgl's and replace them with any other terminal or ship of their own choice. The developer does not have to make a new terminal or cruise ship - just provide the capability to have the existing one removable. That can not be that much work. I will still pay (again) as much as the original purchase price. I think that you would be surprised how many customers might prefer to fly from an older Gibraltar. Best regards, Bill
  10. Oliver, I am willing to pay as much as Aerosoft feels is necessary for the modifications. If they would like to release a new dedicated "Reto" version for an earlier era, I'll pay the same price again that the existing modern Gibraltar cost. Bill
  11. I really enjoy the superb Gibraltar, but for me, there are a couple of improvements that would have made it even better (as well as more flexible). The two improvements concern the brand new passenger terminal and the modern cruise ship. Both of these items firmly date the scenery in the present day. I would very much like to fly older period aircraft from Gibraltar, and if those two items had been modeled as seperate .bgl files, I could have simply removed them and replaced them with a terminal and Royal Navy ship more appropriate to an earlier era. Would that give me a perfect Retro Gibraltar? Perhaps not - but it would be one that was VERY acceptable. Please consider this modification. It would require very little work by Aerosoft, and would result ia a much more adaptable scenery. Best regards, Bill
  12. Hi Shaun, Unfortunately, when I do that I get a notification: "couldn't find Microsoft Flight Simulator". I have even tried to put a "Flight Simulator 9" folder into my "Program Files" folder, along with "Aircraft, Gauges and Effects" folders inside the Flight Simulator folder. I get the same notification. Is there no way to install this .exe into temporary folder? Bill
  13. I am about to install the (Fs2004)Starfighter F-104 using the provided.exe. I need to know if I will have the option to select where to make the installation, as 64 bit programs need to install in Programs (x86). I really want to install into a temporary folder - will I be allowed to do that? An additional reason is that I want to use the TF-104 in FSX. I do not have the ability to install into Fs2004 unless I reinstall that entire program. Bill
  14. I did go ahead and install the Catalina into my FSX SP1 system (in spite of the installer warning not to do so). I have a perfect Catalina in SP1. The warning is totally unnecessary!
  15. I was installing the new FSX Catalina, and just before the last button I got a notice that "If you do not have either SP2 or Acceleration installed - GET OUT NOW". I use FSX SP1 by choice, and have no problems with any other native FSX airplanes (I have a lot of them). But - I can't ignore a warning like that! OK, so I'll manually install to a temporary folder and then distribute the PBY, and see what it looks like. BUT - the installer will NOT allow me to install to any other folder other than into the FSX root folder (but then I'll get the warning not to install without SP2 or Acceleration). I did not see any advisory not to buy the PBY if I used SP1 (perhaps I missed something?). So what will happen if I do install the PBY into FSX SP1? Will it harm my SP1 FSX? Will the PBY just not have some features like bump mapping? Will I not have any glass textures? Why the warning? Please advise. At the minute I have a PBY that I dare not install. Bill
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