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  1. Can anyone do an easyJet Europe repaint for an A319 please?
  2. Any chance you might do any of the OE registered A319's do you think?
  3. Hi I wonder if it is possible for a re-paint of a Scoot A320 now they've taken over most of the Tigerair aircraft please? Many thanks
  4. OK, thanks. Not sure what AES is; UK2000 do moving jetways. If they don't work that's fine, I just wanted to make sure there wasn't something wrong! Cheers Jerry
  5. Do the jetways in aerosoft airports operate? Tried Ctrl J to no avail. Have Nice X installed on FSX. Thanks Jerry
  6. Shaun Hi again I just realised I haven't given you the bit of info you need - I use FS2002! I know there is a BA in FS2004 version but I use 2002 a lot when away on my old computer. My commuter sirliners is the pro version Thanks jerry
  7. Hi Shaun I'm not home at present so I think it must not be the pro version as there definitely isn't a BA paint on the 319. Is there any way I can buy an upgrade or get the repaint at all? Thanks jerry
  8. Hi everyone Has anyone got or done a BA repaint for the Airbus models in Commuter Airliners please? Thanks Jerry
  9. Thanks Shaun I'll try it when I get home at the weekend.
  10. Hi I have got the up to date Navdata for the FMC but when I download it to the default it doesnt upfate the FMC for any of the Eurowings commuter airliners, (I usually use the 319 and the 146) Can you help and say which folder exactly the navdata should be extracted into please? Thanks Jeremy :?:
  11. Hi I have really enjoyed this product but two things have frustrated me - first is that the level of detail drops a lot in the airports between fs2002 and fs9 - second is that in fs9 whatever departure gate you programme into flight planner, the aircraft is always placed at the threshold of the duty r/w. Apart from that i think it's great. Any help woulb be happily received.
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