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  1. When I first start the engines, then after ignition the engine goes to 100% for about 2 seconds then back to normal? Help please!!
  2. i tried all these above and no it wasn't in a turn or high bank angle just during descent in a straight line to decrease speed
  3. I put the spoilers up for descend but then on the left wing it comes up but on the right wing the poolers is down,
  4. So i was flying from toulouse to madrid and i had 100% fuel and now i need to dump ALOT of fuel but how do i do that?
  5. hey thanks for helping me and yes i should try with FBW but the engine keep locking at 100% even thought on my throuttle control its at idle , how do i get rid of the engine 100% lock?
  6. I was trying to change my joystick control key and if i press button 5 , it comes up as S changing the throttle key button 6 , shows up as Control+Shift+W i need help on getting this fix
  7. thx i sumbitied in the AES forum
  8. So i parked my plane at the gate, gates and truck move in and i want to open the option box , i pressed every key on my keyboard and nothing happen . how do i get to open the AES option box? i heard its F10 but nothing happens.
  9. So i parked the plane at the gate, gate and trucks are in place , i can't get the AES option box to show
  10. my flight sensitive is all the way max , i just want to disable fly by wire , how do i do that?
  11. then how do i disable the fly by wire ?
  12. like i pull up the plane, the elevator is slow moving , so does the aielerons ( wings ) and sometimes the rudder too
  13. i get what your saying about AP but what about the SUPER LAGGSSSS?
  14. but i know what your saying , im saying that in normal flight no AP on , like after takeoff , the control stick is lagging like slow
  15. so my laptop was send to repair and when i got it back , the hard drive was wiped out clean and then now im trying to restore everything back the way it was before the restoreation so i want to know how can i get my product back.
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