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  1. Hi Daniel,

    If you want I would be very pleased to receive your Tara Air Twotter livery.

    You can send it to thank you.




  2. Hi Mathijs,


    Can you tell me how long it takes to process a press copy from the final version of Berlin? I placed a press copy order on 13-03-2018 with order number: 1137894 including the remark as beta tester but until now the order is not processed at all.

    Just asking because after a totally clean installation from my OS and P3Dv4 I can't use the beta registration data anymore to install my beta version.


    Best regards,

    Ruud Meijer

  3. Fully agree with Emanuel integration of the GTNs would be great and the upgrade fee no problem. Cheers, Ruud
  4. Great Daniel love to see that your are back with creating some great TwinOtter liveries. Cheers, Ruud
  5. Ian did you try the FlightOne utility vc-rain-fix Good luck
  6. Ruud


    Hi Mathijs can confirm that everything is working fine here the first screenshot from me.
  7. Good news for people that not already own this airport but sad news for me just got it on 05 May, 2011
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