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  1. Understood. Thank you for the response Mathijs.
  2. Dear Aerosoft-Team, so unfortunately I "had to" switch to your competitor regarding charts, but not because I wanted to. I really LOVE the/your LIDO charts, I like them soooo much better than the Jeppesen ones and I feel kinda sad that I (personally) can't quite get use to the "apps" you currently provide. But I wonder and hopefully + respectfully ask: What are your future plans regarding the NavdataPro Charts? The outdated interface and visual quality aside, my biggest issues are the mediocre usability on android devices (the web-based system is just not working well regarding zoom etc.) and the strange account/login logic, where I a) can't set my own password but have to look up/ use the 40+(!) digit code every time I want to use the charts and b) that my favorites I set on one device while logged in into my account are not saved/shown on other devices where I log in. I don't get that, why can't I manage my NavdataPro Charts-account/profile (data, login-details, favorites etc.) like in every other user-account??? I even started saving the PNGs of the charts and set up my own "charts browser" (like others did as well) just to be able to get quick access and common zooming- and panning functions on my mobile devices, but I'm kinda tired of doing that every time I add an airport to my inventory. And also that's just not the purpose of subscribing to your service, and I'm sure it's not in your interest either. Anyway, I know this has been discussed several times in the forum, and I always read that this topic/product has just not a very high priority at Aerosoft. And that's fine I guess, you guys have to manage your resources like any other company, but still, I'd really like to know if there is a future for NavdataPro Charts. Is it going to develop? Are you planning new apps, features like moving maps, plugins, improvements on the account side etc. or is it more like a "side project" that will never find any place in your development schedule? Sink or swim? Best Regards, Stu
  3. The thing is, I fly mostly inner european holiday carriers with A320/319, where it‘s just uncommon to have only 10 passengers and/or 8 tons of cargo (on top of the baggage). The random payload functions sometimes give me very strange loadings of that kind. I would love to be able to tell PFPX to give me random payloads within a certain range with one click. Sure, I can always change the loading myself but then there’s no point in having a random function at all.....
  4. I'm wondering if there is a way to define the range in which the random payload is generated? For exmple to always have over 100pax and never use cargo etc.... bg stu
  5. Well, I have to say, after 2 Weeks of testing and struggeling to learn and fix error-reports, I somewhat came to peace with pfpx. At least for now. Although I find this a little rediculous, my way of using pfpx today is by copying a route from the "Real World Flightplan Database" ( wich passes the validation 99% of the time. It would be awesome to be able to export this real world database into pfpx completely....
  6. I'm sorry, I didnt mean to shout and I hate to be naging/complaining like this all the time. You guys have been very dedicated and friendly and I appreciate it. I really do. I'm just frustrated after thinking about buying pfpx for quite some time. And I regret it. Thanks again and all the best! Stu
  7. Okay, first of all thanks for the links. Now, please look at this: I found a YT video where the guy uses EuroFPL to search for routes. The site will PROPOSE different routes that seem to check out perfectly when copy/pasted into pfpx. WHY DOESNT PFPX ALSO DO THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE? Why do I have to rely on free tools to get perfect results in my 50,- Euro professional software? Cant there at least be some kind of "uplink" to such a site to get a good route? (same goes for weather. i was irritated to learn that I have to pay a yearly fee to get weather data that can be optained free on dozens of sites) Stu
  8. Thanks for all the input. Is there any source with tutorials or courses to learn this program propperly? Is there a database that explains the validation errors?
  9. Gee, what are you guys talking about???? I can't even create EDDK-EDDM without errors. Every time I fix one error, the new route creates more/other errors. It's just getting worse. Most of the errors are regarding altitudes, "non existent" stuff and "too long" segments. When I watch YT-tutorials, most of the time they suggest to just ignore the errors. Great. Nobody seems to be able to work those out except for a hand full of professionals..... sigh This is all just to complicated for me. They should call it "Dispatch Simulator Pro". I give up. But thanks a lot you guys! BR Stu
  10. Clive, I just spent 1 hour trying to reproduce your route. I wasn't successful. I get errors that I just can't fix, i.e. if I tell pfpx to avoid KENUM, it will tell me that it did not find any route. Or it tells me that airway Z283 is unknown (when I enter "MODRU Z283 AUTO"). Also, I get errors gegarding mandatory about "EDYYUTA", which I don't know how to fix. Furthermore, if I just enter exactly your route, I still get errors when I try to validate. I have the latest Airac 1901 (Navigraph) installed. Is there maybe something wrong with my database? BG,Stu
  11. Thanks Stephen! I will check that out.
  12. Not quite, but you pointed me in the right direction! I accidentally checked the entry that minimalizes the multifunctional toolbar automatically. Thanks srcooke, problem solved!
  13. is there a way to make the top menu bar (thw one with the icons) permanently visible / sticky? I've seen videos of the earlier version where the bar is always visible, which I wouod prefer. Right now I always have to klick shedule or results etc again to get the menu to unhide.... thx stu
  14. On the other hand.... Okay, I just tried to plan a flight form EDDL to LEBL, and valitation gave me 10 errors. I get warnings on forbidden routes, mandatory routes, non existing waypoints and so on.... Why doesn't pfpx take care of this automatically? I would expect that from an "auto"-function. If I do this manually, okay. I'll have to work this out step by step, but on an automatically generated route, in my opinion the system should do this for me and give me a solution.... . Why does it give me "forbidden" routes at all? Why does it choose waypoints that "do not exist" etc...???? I can't spend 2+ hours planning a simple P3D-flight, sorry. Why are there no "optional routes" to choose from? Routes that work, routes that validated before, routes that airlines use or other userer created? .... Those flight are done several times a day IRL, there should be at least one known route that checks out.... I don't get all of this!!?!? Guess I'm back to simbrief for now. Stu
  15. Thanks for your thoughts, your arguments sound legit and got me thinking. There‘s always something to learn, so maybe I will just have to get more into the flight planning and dispatching world. But it seems like there should be some kind of database where pfpx can get pre-planned, validated routes (ie from other users). Or maybe there is? Anyway, I accept that pfpx is no „3-klick-planner“ and will try to up my game ..... Regards and thanks for all replies, Stu
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