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  1. So is the app available via PlayStore already the updated one? ‚Cause I just downloaded it and it still has the same „zoom/pan“ issues mentioned above...
  2. It‘s mentioned right in this discussion above that it‘s currently not possible and being worked on.
  3. Same here, longpress does nothing. iPad Air 2, iOS 13.3.1
  4. Also, and I don‘t know if this is feasible, it would improve the UI imho if the search field would produce results as you type.
  5. Sounds great. Perhaps you could also limit the zoom out functionality, I can’t really see the use of something like this
  6. @RobsonMI think part of the problem may be the fact that when you reach the max zoom level with the pinch gesture, it switches to moving mode. Meaning you zoom in and suddenly it moves the chart away. Other systems normally will “bounce back” when you overshoot the max zoom level (just try with any website on an iPad...). Add that to a little lag where you can’t immediately see how much you zoom in and you get a very “jumpy” chart. You can test this with a text only chart (some AOI etc) which doesn’t show much lag in my case. Compare that to a transition chart for example at EDDM.
  7. Hi, I just downloaded the iOS app on my iPad and I have 2 questions/issues: 1. I couldn’t figure out how to add an airport to my favorites. Can somebody help me? 2. Depending on how much info is on the charts, zooming and panning can be very very “laggy” so much that it’s very hard to control the charts or even make them unusable. I could not zoom into where I wanted, it jumped around Rapidly and moving the chart also has a huge delay. It is very inconvenient to use it this way, especially if you have to get info quickly. Can we expect an improvement of performance some time in the future? Or is there something else I can do to improve it? Regards, Stu
  8. Just wondering, do you have any plans for an updated/reworked EDDM? Regards Stu
  9. Mathijs, I really appreciate your professional responses and your efforts trying to clear this up. Just as a recap feedback form me, as of today, if I look, there is no app available in the apple app store, neither for iPhone nor iPad. I still have the app installed on both devices but as I have show above they both show the list of charts unsorted and charts themselves don't work (just a blank grey display). So right now it's only working via web access/browser. Maybe there is a way to at least modify the web-access-website and make it optimized for mobile devices.... If you could somehow add common gesture zoom, a proper full screen mode and let it remember your 40-digit-password, then we're almost there. I don't need an app at all costs... I just want to use the charts on my tablet. Which is an extreme hassle with the current website (having to tap the tiny "+" over and over just to zoom in etc.... ) Regards, Stu
  10. Oh wow Aerosoft! You also deleted the iPAD app??? That comes quite as a Surprise and shock tbh. Mobile devices, especially tablets are pretty much standard nowadays, and you‘re taking a step BACK and remove them from the service??? I don’t get that. And it is also very disappointing, I bought the one year subscription especially for the mobile functionality you promised. You cant just remove one part of the product I purchased without substitution .... The web access is useless on tablets! Without the mobile app, I can not use the product as I did before. Please don’t take this personal (esp. Tom), I’m simply a loyal but in this case disappointed customer: Can this whole situation be a valid reason to file for a refund? Regards Stu
  11. Oh, I did not know that! Thanks for the info. Haven‘t tried on my iPad yet....
  12. hi mathijs, well, I can‘t see/open any charts via the iPhone app. Charts when I choose an airport look like this: When I tap any of the chats I get a blank grey screen:
  13. are you guys still working on getting the mobile apps back online? speed is great but still unsorted and invisible charts within the selected airport..... any forecast on when we will be able to use the service again? br stu
  14. Charts seem to be working again trough web access, mobile apps are still not though. Any info on that? Is this a different problem you’ll have to solve or just a matter of time? (For me, using the charts on my iPad app is the preferred way to go because of the missing gesture zoom in the browser version....). Thanks, Stu
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