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  1. Ok, it’s not just eddl, it’s completely broken. Again. Can’t access any charts anymore.
  2. I don’t know if this is currently known but I still have a lot of mess in my charts. For example EDDL is not working at all.....(iPad app)
  3. Did you solve it? ....I use navigraph’s service, always up to date.... next cycle should arrive soon, I will check if it solves the issue then.... in another forum, somebody suggested to add all P3D related folders to the win defender’s whitelist......
  4. Yes, I have ORBX Global + Vector + Germany South & North ....
  5. Good idea. I just did, same route, different aircraft, different weather.... and I de-installed MA EDDF before. Got the same CTD at exactly the same location as the last 3 times. So I guess I can rule out EDDF. Now I have to look elsewhere I guess... Thanks
  6. Hi there, now I've read that kernelbase.dll CTDs are apparently hard to solve and can be caused of a lot of things, most likely something related to hardware or drivers. But I tried to complete a flight three times in a row and I got the CTD always at the same location, FL370 in the area of MA Frankfurt v2.0 Professional (EDDF). Could this be somehow related to the scenery? I never had this error before, I did not change anything (besides GSX updates), all my drivers and ORBX stuff is up to date, and I also sucessflully landed at EDDF a couple of times in the past few months). Has anyone a hint or suggestion what to do/check/modify to get this solved? Any help would be much appreciated. BR Stu
  7. Seriously? ... is that the norm? I also bought it via simmarket, and we can't update??? when will they provide the new version on simmarket?
  8. Interesting. But will the charts be LIDO aswell? In the CRJ pro trailer for example I can only spot Jeppesen charts...
  9. And just to be clear, as I said before, I don't want to blow this up and I'm not blaming anyone, especially not AS, I was simply curious if there's a way to alter this. If not, then I will just look the other way ... Seriously, I really enjoy Geneva Pro!
  10. Point taken, but it DOES seem to know where the taxiways are and it has to spawn somewhere. And it's usually pretty reasonable. So somehow this can be defined, because it's not spawning in the middle of a field or on the runway. I get that it does not "know" what a main terminal is, but watching the pax and baggage being hauled over from the GA area just breaks the immersion little...
  11. Tbh, I never pay much attention to where the vehicles spawn. The don't take the real world routes anyway, some are more accurate, some are just using the taxiways... Out of curiosity I followed the GSX passenger bus once at LIPX, and it drove to what seemed like a industrial cargo area behind the fire brigade, but usually it's fine for me if they just show up. But in the above case it just looked very strange when I saw the vehicles drove down far away on the other side of the airfield. Plus the busses and the baggage trucks drove right across the active runway where AI was taking off etc.... So that's the only case where I actually wish they could spawn somewhere at the main terminal....
  12. Here‘s what Umberto wrote but I have no idea what that means for me. “The parking type decides where a vehicle will spawn from, and the path type controls the route taken. There's a priority system: if the scenery doesn't have vehicle parking spots, it will spawn from a fuel parking and if that doesn't exists as well, it will spawn from a normal parking chosen at random. However, if the scenery has only one single parking of the vehicle kind, and it has been placed too far away from the terminal, GSX will use that by preference.“ But hey, I really don't want to make too much of a fuzz about it, I just thought there is something I missed or an easy way to fix it (layering the scenery differently etc.)... I can live with the pax being bussed from over there, even if they have to cross an active runway for that
  13. Well, I'm pretty sure the passengers check in at the (main) Terminal 1 building, not the small GA "club house" ..... The bus should drive from the main terminal to the parking positions on the ramp (whatever route they take).
  14. I asked this in the GSX forum, they said it's on your side. So when I park at (for example) stand 65, the GSX vehicles will spawn way over at the (I guess) GA terminal and take a very long route/time to drive to the aicraft. Is there a way to "fix" this, having the busses arrive from the main terminal? BR Stu
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