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  1. Well, to be on the safe side, I de-installed and re-installed the whole scenery and updated via the ASUPdater to version I found that turning on or off the FTX GES Seasons switch doesn't change a thing now (except some very minor water reflections so it seems). FTX GES Seasons checked: FTX GES Seasons unchecked:
  2. Yeah, my OP is a couple of weeks old now. My FTX might have spring textures as well now. This is how it looks now on my system, v5.1 HF1. The integration works a bit better in spring now, that's something I could actually live with, even if you can still see where the scenery starts. I also deleted all the photo-BGLs for a test, after someone on discord suggested this to me, which made the integration even better. But I'd like to keep the intended textures tbh, so I put them back in. The grass on the airport itself however is still very "dry" compared to nature outsid
  3. Otto, of course, no problem. Sorry for doing it via link, other forums encourage to use external links for screenshots so I thought I was doing you a favor Will upload directly here next time. Stu
  4. Sorry, maybe I posted in the wrong section/forum. Can someone tell me how to get support or at least a response from the developer? Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, I have a visual issue with EDDMs seasons/textures. Currently, the airport and its surroundings don't fit very well into the rest of the scenery. It looks really strange having this "patch" of scenery standing out against the rest of the country, especially on approach. Also, the overall look of the ground textures is pretty "desert like", when I land it doesn't feel like Munich but more like Casablanca or Riad. .... Please see my screenshots below. I have "Use FTX GES Seasons" checked in the settings, since I do have FTX Global and EU Germany South installe
  6. Thanks guys, solved. Turns out the texture resolution setting has a huge impact on this, mine was set on "1m", which was too low. "30cm" works way better, it now looks like in mopperle's screeshot. Br Stu
  7. Thanks for the reply. I thought I have it installed, but I will check again.
  8. I know this is an old product made compatible with P3Dv5, but are the textures around the runways and taxiways really this low res or did I mess something up? Apron/runways/taxiways are fine. Looks very unsatisfying....
  9. Okay, so first of all, sorry for not providing appropriate info. Second, I just want to make clear, I'm not reporting any bug or error here, the scenery is fine and one of my favorites and best I own. Having said that, let me elaborate my suggestion. I simply noticed the above "effect" and thought, maybe some more diverse textures (skid marks, patches, rubber residue etc.) could enhance the experience. The real runway doesn't look nearly as clean. Here's what I mean, I uploaded two videos. Fist, a landing at FCO, which I would call rather usual, that's what I experience
  10. Oh, sorry, I thought posting it in the P3D section was enough info. It‘s P3Dv5, latest version of EDDK available.
  11. HI Aerosoft, just a little remark, IMO the runway textures of EDDK could need some more "random details" like dirt/marks/uneven areas etc. The reason is that right now it's so clean and uniform, it's difficult to get a sense of speed with only the white markings are reflecting the movement. It looks kinda unusual (compared to other landings) because it seems like I'm going very slow... if that makes sense. Cheers Stu
  12. I’ve been gone for some time and while my current *other* charts service subscription is running out, I’m assessing my options. As I prefer LIDO over Jeppesen, I think about switching to NDPro again. I have only two questions that are elementary for my decision (things like moving map or overlays etc is not important to me), since I’m not up to date with the current state of development..... maybe somebody can answer those: 1. on the iPad app, is it possible to pin charts now? 2. if I pin charts on the PC/desktop app, will they show pinned on the iPad app as well? 3. if I m
  13. I can confirm that turning off Dynamic Texture Streaming solves this without using the patch. I'd like to keep it on though, so I'll try the Blurryfix. Thanks! EDIT: After applying the patch, the textures are still blurry. It's not a big deal tbh, I don't want to make this more than it is... But FYI, wiht Dynamic Texture Streaming on, some vehicles are blurred. Here is a comparison, DTS ON (top) and OFF (below). Your patch applied. But maybe it's suppose to be just this way with DTS...
  14. You are of course right, I didn‘t switch on my brain P3D v5.1 HF1, latest EDDB (up to date through the ASUpdater). Sode is installed.
  15. All the vehicles driving around EDDB (ambulance, fuel trucks, busses etc.) have extremely blurry / lowres textures. Everything else looks pretty okay. Is there something I can do? Thanks!
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