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  1. But in the short final, I see that it tends to pull up excessively. Alessandro
  2. Hi guys, this plane, not having the autothrottle, when I disconnect the autopilot and fly manually, for example in short final, the trim, must be managed manually? Alessandro
  3. Ok I will check, I have made many flights with CRJ700 I have never had this problem, I have always displayed the TOD, in these last flights I do not see it anymore, I will let you know thank you. Alessandro
  4. Hi guys, it happens to me in the last few flights that DESCENT no longer appears on the navigation information, and I am forced to perform the calculations manually, what can be the problem? Alessandro
  5. As a Throttle I have the Whartog, I set it as you indicated, it works, but it needs adjustments, because the two levers when you push forward do not go in perfect synchrony; then the throttle Whartog, after the Idle range, has like a back jump that has only a pulsating function and no axis, it would be nice of course if feasible, give it the SHUT OFF function Alessandro
  6. The red stripe at the top gives values when moving the Throttle, but the throttles inside the plane do not move. Alessandro
  7. I entered as you indicated, the problem now is the right values to enter Alessandro
  8. I'm trying to configure the Throttle Whartog, I can't get it to work, if you can, a more detailed explanation, for the CRJ, thanks bye. Alessandro
  9. Hi I can't go on to save, could you help me? thank you Alessandro
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