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  1. Hello guys, Is the Twin Otter compatible with Prepar3d AleItalia
  2. Hi guys, FFA320 is not working properly, it conflicts with the latest Xplane11 11.35 update, they released FFA320 0.11.2 beta version, why can't I find it in my Aerosoft account? Aleitalia
  3. when I enter the serial number, the unauthorized writing appears AleItalia
  4. Hi guys, I can no longer activate the license, what should I do?
  5. Hi guys, I bought in Aerosoft FFA320, for Xplane 11, only that after downloading Java for windows 64 Bit provided for my PC, in the FFA320 folder, I don't see the executable with Java icon, X-Updater-Client.Jar , in order to update the plane, on the Xplane.org forum, they told me that I have to contact you, I look forward to receiving your feedback, thanks. AleItalia
  6. Hi guys, I wanted to know, if there is an update to Prepar3d V4.2 of the following airports: I await your feedback, thanks hello. MANCHESTER PRAGA BERGAMO PISA ROTTERDAM SPLIT DUBLIN OLBIA BARI
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