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  1. Hi I can't go on to save, could you help me? thank you Alessandro
  2. No, before landing I set the two levers forward, so that when the plane touches the runway, the reverses are activated, at least, I understand this. Alessandro
  3. Hi guys, before landing, regularly, I set thrust reverses, after landing, I don't see in the ECAM that they are activated, do I forget something? Alessandro
  4. For a long time now, any aircraft both in Prepar3d and now in MSFS 2020, I have always connected the controls with FSUIPC, because in the calibrations the level is more professional especially in MSFS 2020, Elevetor and Aileron I have tried to calibrate in many ways, nothing I don't like to do, in the end I always go back to FSUIPC. Alessandro
  5. Hi guys, I did a flight again from LIBR - LIML, established cruise altitude FL360, I tried to climb with a climb rate of rfm 2500, and decreasing to rfm 1000 about FL200, but it did not respect the cabin altitude parameters of the table, looking at the manual, at FL350 I should have had altitude 6000 cabs, instead it kept going up, I clicked PRESS CONT, MAN cleared in white, I tried to control the pressurization manually, turning MAN RATE in the center, but nothing to do, I clicked again PRESS CONT returning to automatic, the pressure went up again, so I decided to go down the flight level, th
  6. I noticed PACK when you start both engines, they switch off automatically Alessandro
  7. Hi guys, today while making a flight, when it was about FL300 continuing to climb to FL360, I get a message in yellow, CABIN PRESSURE DIFFERENCE, on the overhead I turned the CABIN PRESS nano knob to the right and after a while the pressure is returned in green, after reaching FL360 and after about 10 minutes, warning CABIN ALT and a figure of about 11000 in red, before the update it had never happened to me, what has changed, where am I wrong? Alessandro
  8. Hi guys, is it possible to differentiate on the navigation display, the color between the WPT and the ICAO codes of the airports? Alessandro
  9. Hi guys, is it possible to connect the Throttle instead of the simulator, directly to the FSUIPC? Alessandro
  10. Yes I think it is a high level for developers, before in P3d I used Spadnext to make the Logitech multi panel work
  11. Thanks Mathijs Alessandro
  12. Hi guys, why when I undock and drag a window by clicking AltGr, does the flight simulator pause? this causes the virtual airline to cancel the flight, so you fly. Alessandro
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