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  1. You don't find the airplane really quiet with the gear extended?
  2. @Mathijs Kok checking if there is any update?
  3. Hi Mathijs, I am referring to the loud wind sounds heard after gear extension, note how quiet the bus is after the gear is extended towards landing (when it's speed is low at the point that the regular wind sounds aren't heard I believe under ~180 knots). I believe this sound file was removed since it was being heard unrealistically during taxi. As for your point related to vibration sounds - are you planning to add a unique sound relevant during taxi? Shom
  4. Hi, Is there any plan to fix the missing rumble sound during taxi? I remember that previously the file was removed since it was causing a loud sound during taxi but now there is no wind rumble when extending the gear before landing, the bus is really quiet until touchdown. Using P3D v4.4 with v1.2.3.2. Thanks Shom
  5. Thanks but shouldn't I limit the AI bubble instead meaning the max number of aircraft to spawn? This happened during cruise and not within an airport.
  6. I'll check but I am pretty sure its unrelated since I experience this in every airport. Also, why is it not occurring when I use other aircraft? Thanks, Shom
  7. Thanks this makes sense since later in the flight it worked again probably because the change of the AI traffic around. Any idea if LM plan to fix this? Thanks!
  8. Should I open a separate thread? I did not since I experience the same issue described here. Sorry I forgot to provide my HW specs - i7 4790k, EVGA 1080ti, 16GB RAM, EVO SSD. Using P3D v4.4 on win 7. I use only TrackIR (no camera add-on) Thanks
  9. I use envshade and regularily delete P3D shaders after installing new add-ons.
  10. I am experiencing the same issue using TrackIR.
  11. Thanks Hans but is the flood light late appearance in general an accepted behavior (like the shadows behavior when panning)? Or is this not experienced by all? I am guessing LM should be fixing this? Do we know when?
  12. Sorry P3D v4.4 And I forgot to mention that after a certain time during the flight the issue got resolved by itself.
  13. Hi, In a recent flight I did I've noticed that if the flood lights are turned on when panning away from the relevant cockpit section the relevant flood light will disappear (does not make sense)? I use TrackIR and have dynamic lighting turned on. The issue is that when looking ahead the main flood lights will not stay on. I have to pan down with TrackIR in order to get them to turn on (I mean pan down to an angle that does not make sense). Otherwise the cockpit is pitch black. Any advice on this issue? Thanks, Shom
  14. I've just upgraded from a 970 to a 1080ti and that pretty much eliminated the stutters for me, which in the past were causing the aircraft to lose control.
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