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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
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  1. I hope the countries birthplace, Philadelphia, PA, is on the list. Bob Lyddy
  2. Hi Mathijs, I was a beta tester for the AirbusX and Antalya products. Regards, Bob Lyddy
  3. Finn - Thanks for the update. Regards, Bob Lyddy
  4. Mathijs, How does this all affect the Aerosoft AirbusX V2 that is being developed? Hopefully development is continuing, and not at a slower pace...... Regards, Bob Lyddy
  5. Hi Peter, I had the issue graphical issue yesterday flying with the PMDG 747 (from KDEN to CYVR). Bob
  6. Hi Nolan, See response #39 from Finn in this thread regarding V2 - http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=43346&st=20 Regards, Bob Lyddy
  7. Sasa, Very nice; looking forward to its release. Bob Lyddy
  8. Happy Birthday Mathijs! Hope you enjoyed some fine wine, a fine meal and a fine wo... I'll keep it polite... Regards, Bob Lyddy
  9. Markus, Very nice changes and thank you for your contribution. Bob
  10. Andi, Great job and Thank You. Bob
  11. Bjorn, I can confirm the behavior you are experiencing - When the thrust levers are moved from TOGA to CLB and the speed increases past 210kts the flaps DO NOT automatically retract from 1+F to Zero. When the thrust levers are left in the TOGA or MCT gate the flaps automatically retract once the airspeed reaches 210kts. I tested this using the US Air A320 and Air Berlin A321 with Managed and Selected Speed.. My understanding (I'm NOT an Airbus pilot nor an Airbus Engineer) is the flaps are to retract at 210kts no matter the thrust lever position. I'll post this in the beta forum. Bob
  12. Hi Bjorn, Once the indicated airspeed reaches 210kts the flaps will automatically retrat from 1+F to zero. I just performed a takeoff using the British Airways A320 and soon as I reached 210 the flaps retracted. If the flaps are not retracting for you at 210kts which aircraft and livery are you flying? Bob
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