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  1. Please, check if you have in your scenery library Mega Airport Budapest - Airport before Mega Airport Budapest - CITY
  2. Have you tried setting the frame rate limiter inside the Settings/Display window to unlimited. I had before similar system as yours and it helped me a lot. 5-6fps more. Try it!!! Peter Onody
  3. Dear Support, Today I uninstalled my Mega Airport Budapest V1.5 and installed the new updated V2.0 version. When I use AES I have transparent jetways on the airport and having two extra jetways on a certian part of the apron where they should not be because of the new Skycourt terminal. When I switch of AES I do not have these problems, the jetways are solid and the two extra jetways dissapear. In the lates version of AES (V2.13) only Mega Airport Budapest V1.5 is available, thus I assigned credits for this version, but I use V2.0. Can that be the reason of having transparent jetways? If yes, are you planning to add an update for the next version of AES? Best regards, Peter Onody
  4. I have it most of the time. I do not know what it is... Now I have it even during flight up in the air.
  5. Hello, Does anybody know the reason of the constant smoke coming from the wheels? If I taxi, fly, on blocks I have smoke coming from the wheels. It is like taxiing on wet surface. I attach two pictures. Thank you for your help, Peter
  6. Hi Andrew, my email is: peter.anni@t-online.hu Thank you in advance, Peter
  7. Hi Andrew, I would be very happy to have this modified file. As I wrote the drop in fps happens only when departing from an airport and arriving in EDDW. If I start from EDDW no fps drop, or if I save my fligh just after experiencing fps drop and reload it again, the fps drop disappears. Peter
  8. I haven't tried it yet, but I will check it. It is stange that it happens only with Bremen and I have almost all the Aerosoft addons installed on my PC.
  9. Hello, I have the GA3 boxed version under FSX installed. I noticed that when I fly-in to Bremen I have a very strong fps lost after landing. It means 9-11 fps. When I save the flight and load it after FSX restart I have again the normal 30-35 fps at Bremen. I have high fps when I fly from Bremen, which means that I start my flight at EDDW, but when I arrive to EDDW I have this huge fps drop. I have version V1.01 installed. I saw at the product support site that V1.02 is available. Will this update solve this problem? Thanks in advance, Peter
  10. Hello, If you like WizzAir (hungarian low cost airline) here you can download a very nice repaint for AirbusX. http://www.lhsimulations.hu/?page_id=41&did=16 Thanks for the creators. P. My link
  11. Dear Aerosoft! I read in several topics that it is not possible to insert SID/STAR into MCDU, but why it is not possible to insert DEP/ARR airports? In addition if we need to insert SID/STAR manually based on the airport charts, does not look so real. The advantage of the MCDU should be that it has a very big database which includes all the SID/STAR and runway datas, so the pilots can make any modifications as soon as possible. I think the Airbus X is not useable to fly online, because during online flights you need to fly SID/STAR, you need the vertical navigation mode of the MCDU otherwise how can you level off at a certain altitude at a certain waypoint as the ATC requests you. I am really disappointed with this, since I have been waiting for several weeks to get the boxed version (which I got yesterday), but I think this add-on is only for "fun". Peter
  12. I also attach a picture of the problem. In addition the highways do not connect to each other, the cars just fall off the roads. Peter
  13. Dear Support! I have just installed Madeira X into my FSX and I realised that some of the palm trees are just hanging in the air, the highway under the beginning of the runway05 is covered by ground scenery. It looks that the levels of the terrains are not correct. I do not have FsGlobal or any add-on installed. Could you please help me what could be the solution. Thank you, Peter
  14. Dear Support! I have tried to install the Mega Airport Frankfurt under Vista, but right after the CD driver starts reading the CD I get the following error message: "Error loading x65 driver. Did you forget to reboot?" The installation stops, thus I can not use the product. Could you please advise me a solution for this problem? Thank you, Peter
  15. Dear Support! I bought the Mega Airport Brussel for FS9 a few weeks ago through simMarket, where they promised me that I will get the FSX version for free. How can I dowload it? Do I have to buy the FSX version? Thank you. Peter
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