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  1. Like all Lufthansa Repaints from Holgi this Airbus looks very good, but like all Lufthansa Repaints from Holgi the inner side of the wingtip fences have still the wrong colour ! The lower inner half should be grey, the upper inner half of the wing tip fences should be white !
  2. Hi, I have the same problem with the radio, when I would like to tune in the tower frequency of Hanover Airport (EDDV) which is 120.175, I switch the radios to 120.17, but the ATC Window still says to switch to 120.175. (With the radio in the realistic mode). When I go to the simple radio mode it works when I press the Frequency in the ATC Window and when I tune the radio to 120.17. Must be a problem with the realistic "Radio Mode". And the second issue I found is, in the Instructor Mode the Fuel Level remains always at the same level. There is fuel flow indicated, but the level remains always at same quantity. Best regards and Thank you for that great airplane. Markus.
  3. Hello, one small question about the installer and new products: so is it correct that every new product will have this installer, and I can install all of these products on a computer which is NOT connected to the Internet and activate it with another Computer 24 hours 7 days a week by sending you some data (for example Huey X). And how long will take your response to me than ? Best Regards Markus
  4. Hello, thank you. Again very good work. I will try it within the next days. Markus.
  5. Hello Holgi, very good repaint, I tested it just today. But I found one small mistake. The inner side of the wingtip fences are on the upper half white and on the lower half grey ! (The same mistake as on the stock aerosoft Lufthansa A321). Thank you for all your very high quality repaints. Markus
  6. Hello, Aerosoft stuff, yesterday I found another bug on the PFD. When the ILS Info Text is switched on, the DME indication shows always ---. Even when selected a VOR/DME Frequency. (I know, some ILS systems and some VOR´s have no Distance Measuring Equipment (e.g. NIE near Hannover)!). So I check it with other VOR´s (WRB) and ILS approaches (IHNW at Hannover) which has DME but Airbus X shows always ---. Must be another Bug. (Version 1.22) Should be corrected in the next update, or tell me how to correct that. Markus
  7. Ok, so I hope I won´t have an engine failure during one of my flights. Thank you. And the changes I made were: On the upper ECAM, I modified the engine indications so that engine number 2 has slightly higher N2, EGT and FF. (It looks more realistic, I think two engines with the same indication, impossible) On the lower ECAM I added an metric altimeter on the Bottom of the Display just above the clock. And I set the Cabin Temperatur Indications which shows in cruising flight -10°C to 23°C always. If its ok I think of uploading it in the download section. Only a few changes but it looks more realistic than. Of course I won´t make money with it. Airbus X is your product. I just try to improve it a little bit. Markus
  8. Hello Airbus X Pilots, yesterday, I tried to set some engine failures to my Airbus X, here are the results: ENGINE FIRE: Fire visible outside, but no warning on ECAM and normal engine operation ! FUEL PUMP FAILURE: Nothing visible, no warning on ECAM, normal engine operation ! OIL LEAK: Oil leak visible outside, warning on ECAM, Oil pressure is going down to zero but Oil Quantity remains at the same level. Engine shutdown. IGNITION FAILURE: Engine shutdown, completely unrealistic, the ignition system is only working during engine start-up and takeoff power. During normal cruise its off ! There shut be a warning, but not an complete engine shut down. Engine runs without Ignition power all the time. OIL SYSTEM FAILURE: Same as Oil leak. All in all not very realistic. (Remember the commercial text on Aerosofts product page: "actual operation of the aircraft is highly accurate" !) Shut be changed with the next update please. Markus. And one more question to aerosoft stuff, you wrote on the product page: "Very open in design (all systems in XML etc) and Aerosoft invites people to change and extend this product." so, is it allowed to upload in the download section a modified XML-file for the upper and lower ECAM Displays ? (I did some minor improvements). And on your Product page you say, "systems based on IAE standards" I think it should be "systems based on CFM standards". (On IAE engines you have EPR as the main control parameter instead of N1).
  9. Ok, I could fix it on my own. I reinstalled Munich X, started it, again no traffic, no runway lights. I searched for VistaMare folder, found it under FSX Main Folder. Than I opened dll file under AppData/Roamin/Microsoft/FSX and found the file ViMaCoreX.dll disabled, I activated it and now everythink works (Cars, Trains and Runway Lights). Maybe its a mistake in the installation routine. But with the runway Lights working during low visibility (1.2km), I found one small thing, during approach the PAPI Lights (2 red and 2 white) are visible in the fog, long before I can see the first runway lights ! Check it, only a small mistake. Great scenery, outstanding, with good frame rate even with traffic, but next time please a release without bugs! For me the most time working with FSX is to fix bugs, and not flying! Thats your job during testing just BEFORE release ! I hope than for a small update to fix the wrong elevation of the Tower View Point ! Now you can close this Topic as solved. Thank you for your good support. See you with the next bug. Markus
  10. I have FSX with ACC-Pack, but no VistaMare Module, Subdirectory or Sub folder. I will try to reistall it, but ACC-Pack I had also installed during the first installation of Munich X, so I don´t expect any changes there, but I will try it this evening. Thank you the fast answers. Markus (I have also no cars (or Trains) when I activate them with the Munich X Traffic Control Tool, only standard FSX Airport Traffic when on).
  11. I see no cars driving (I think I deactivated them with the traffic tool of Munich X to increase frame rate) And I have to check for VistaMare subdirectory but I think no. Markus
  12. Hello, I just installed Munich X and did some flights from and to Munich X. And I discovered the following problem, when I set visibility to 1,2 km (or less) the runway lights are not working during daytime. I checked it with the same weather settings in Frankfurt and Hanover (both Aerosoft sceneries) and the runway lights are on. So it must be a bug of Munich X. (Weather was no clouds, light wind and up to FL 95 visibility 1.2 km) Does some else have this problem, and how can it be fixed ? (I use only FSX weather, no real world weather). And one more thing is the tower view point. In my version it is a very high point above the real tower (same bug as with Paderborn X Scenery ?). So you have a good view over the complete Airport, but thats not the real tower view I think. Markus
  13. Hello, yesterday I found another bug with Munich X. I did a Flight with Airbus X from EDDV (Aerosoft Scenery) to EDDM (Munich X) in low visibility condition (Visibility 1.2 km). During final approach to Munich I found the Runway Light NOT working. I checked it with other Aerosoft Airports, so EDDV and EDDF Airport Runway Light is on with this weather setting. Seemed to be a bug with Munich X Scenery. Beside thats, the elevation of the Tower View Point is too high (1000 ft or so) ! Markus
  14. Hello, I found a way to start the engines without the N1 and FF Peak, but its still not realistic. 1. Start APU and APU Bleed On 2. Switch the Engine Start Switch to IGN/START Position 3. Push the FSX Command to start the Engines STRG + E. 4. As soon as No.1 Engine N2 increases switch the Master Lever of Engine No.1 into running position. Than Engine starts normally. 5. As soon as No.2 Engine N2 increases switch the Master Lever of Engine No.2 into running position. 6. Switch back Engine start Switch to NORMAL and shut down the APU. Try it, not very realistic but for me it works, and its even better than the N1 peak ! Markus
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