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  1. What's on your mind?

  2. Konrad .. My dream is focus on Aerosoft platform only.. brds Marcin..
  3. ok so my dream and great expectiations about new and fresh Flight Sim platform is nearly dead.. it`s too long for discusion and looking like for me - sorry for my iritation. brds Martin
  4. Where you saw this notice... I`cant find it.. is it all they said? brds Martin
  5. great to hear Shaun! brds Martin
  6. Hi, We are six month`s to 2012... and still lack of any info about... When Aerosoft is going to tell anything..? few days before launch? or project is in "pattern holding" and waiting for FLIGHT from MS is going to be?... brds Martin
  7. hello Mathijs, that`s all for update? not even a word on AFS subforum? - by the way.. AFS forum should be clean from tons of outdated information and topics.. brds Martin
  8. if you could explain this ..... I don`t get it... p.s I`m glad to hear AFS is going well but was sure to hear more about it, not only " Hey guys Project is alive and we are happy".... brds Martin
  9. so, we are in "late feb" already.... Mathijs ? brds Martin
  10. so... three weeks and some news at last... I take your word for it... brds Martin
  11. HI Aerosoft.. update in status on February ( 2011 ) still active? brds Martin
  12. All the best for you Mathijs! brds Martin
  13. that`s nice ... so no news until february.... brds Martin
  14. where is the source of this information? brds Martin
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