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  1. Hi, am also using Fulcrum Yoke - this is the best yoke I ever had... you will be amazed Ideal for CRJ also, and even really similar brds
  2. I think release will be after sim update 3... Relax, It will be nice to see CRJ with custom contrails and touchdown smoke effects..
  3. I knew it, I told you so.... last update turned upside down CRJ... ok, lets be patient more - relax
  4. you all go feverish and get excited when CRJ comes out .. the truth is that Asobo is on vacation and after the last update Aerosoft has a few problems and they have to wait until the team comes back to work to help them sort it out .. so I am calling for peace and quiet. a little patience .... amen
  5. is there a chance for a slightly more worn interior? brds
  6. Hi Mathijs, how can you comment on the fact that Pmdg is not able to release the 737 on the current MSFS platform, even though they supposedly work with Asobo in close cooperation ... and how does it look with your CRJ .. do you have similar problems?
  7. ok, but if you show pictures of Crj then don't show them in the MSFS hangar because the models in the simulator don't look at the same level as there ok?
  8. thx, I`m alpha user since v3.. I understand that at the moment you have a version that is more current than V5 ... the beta is going to be 30-07 for us (alpha users).. is it the version you have ? brds
  9. What's on your mind?

  10. janda

    AFS 2012...

    Konrad .. My dream is focus on Aerosoft platform only.. brds Marcin..
  11. janda

    AFS 2012...

    ok so my dream and great expectiations about new and fresh Flight Sim platform is nearly dead.. it`s too long for discusion and looking like for me - sorry for my iritation. brds Martin
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