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  1. That's intertesting to read - always thought it's the other way round! Love the modelling showed above!
  2. That's funny because most of the people knowing me in real life tell me that I'm way too optimisitc and positive - LOL! Maybe I'm a little bit off the line due to my break and coming back after a couple of years it was quite surprising to see how the community has evolved. I agree that 99% of the users are fine but from my impression the remaining 1% are way more vocal and disrespectful than in former days. And yes, it's not only the simming community or gamers, it seems to be the spirit of thesse days - doesn't make it better for me. For the silent listeners sometimes it's really funny (have
  3. Very intersting post but from my point of view it's a confession of failure of parts of the flightsim community that Mathijs has to write such a post. It makes me meditative in which direction our hobby is evolving! I'd never try to explain people like Mathijs how their business should work and that he is wrong. Why are people, who are totally persuaded that another business model would be way more effective not starting their own business to prove it? In former times I was rather active in communities like Hovercontrol but these days it's sometimes frustrating and therefor I've converted
  4. That would be great!!! And you could even create a landing challenge at Courchevel for this great bird: Youtube Vid Tyrolean Dash-7
  5. Yes!!! Please!!! Had to change my avatar pic to compensate my Twin Otter detoxification - still trying to make the Caravan being my best friend for the moment
  6. After reading that the Twin Otter will be brought to MSFS I'd really love to have the Maledives back in MSFS as well. Made a short trip today but the standard scenery for VRMM and the surrounding islands wasn't that appealing to stay longer. And if not the Maledives maybe another tropical environment? Would be great to have the possibility for island hopping with the Twotter on floats!
  7. YES!!! News of the month!! Coming back to flightsimming after a couple of years and firing up MSFS the first time yesterday, for me the only real missing aircraft at the moment is the Twin Otter! Thanks a lot for that info!!! Made my week!
  8. http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=155265 for the saudi A320
  9. For a clean version try this one: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/467-a320-cfm-air-france-f-gjvw/
  10. Sorry guys! Had some troubles when changing from VISTA to Win7 and lost some files (yes I know - stupid man)! But it´ll take some more time as my real world commitments take a lot of time these days. But this paint is not canceled!
  11. Sorry for the late reply and sorry but no (visible) progress right now! Will show you if there are any new pictures!
  12. Oh yes, I loved flying my R/C choppers until I recognized it´s cheaper for me making the PPL!
  13. The Tomahawk was my first trainer when making my PPL so if you need something - let me know
  14. Yes it is but still a long way to go as there are many parts which need some rework, some parts aren´t even started right now. Here´s a little sneak preview. But as said: it´ll take time. If anyone else wants to do this bird and has more time let me know! I really don´t want to go on with that one if anyone else is working on that livery and finish it in the near future.
  15. well it is not easy but if you can be patient you might have a good chance that this one will be released in 2011 by me. I´m already working on that one but the progress is not far enough to show some pics right now. If anyone can provide some good pics or drawings from the side I´d be really happy. Everything I´ve found on airliners.net, jetphotos, etc. is good but the wing always hides some parts. But as I´ve said: don´t expect a release in the next few weeks.
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