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  1. Great answer, but not completely right.... Works also online
  2. Hello, I purchased a month access to NavDataPro How or where do I find the Airport information with current weather information like described in the features?? (see picture) Thank you
  3. Thanks for your answer, I just purchased the scenery and it runs very well 😉
  4. Hello, I think I asked my question in the wrong forum section, maybe somebody here can answer my question: If I buy Skiathos X in the Thrilling Airport Sale, do I get the P3D version for free, or does the free upgrade only count when I already own it? Thanks!
  5. Hello, If I buy Skiathos X in the Thrilling Airport Sale, do I get the P3D version for free, or does the free upgrade only count when I already own it? Thanks!
  6. Mr. Kok, please...... Don't you get it, or are you not willing to get it? The only thing you talk about is were I bought the scenery. And YES I didn't bought it at Aerosoft but at Simmarket. So I don't have a selling contract with Aerosoft and yes I do understand (because I'm not stupid) that you can't give me my money back. BUT, you don't give ANY answers about the initial question and the multiple issues all reported in this topic. You don't give any answer if there will be an update or bug fixes. Maybe you should start to read this forum topic from the beginning. This discussion is going the wrong way. So please leave me alone and get your scenery fixed ! And please do NOT reply with an answer that's not related to this topic. Thank you very much, have a nice day!
  7. Yes, you're right. I bought it at simmarket. So people be aware: if you buy Aerosoft products at simmarket you don't get support or a refund. But Mr. Kok you really don't understand. I don't want a refund, I just want this scenery to get fixed!! But please let us stop this! Thank you very much
  8. Contacting Aerosoft support unfortunately brought no solution and also the scenery didn't get any better...... I'll wait, maybe sometime Andras will stop traveling....
  9. @Mathijs KokI actually paid money for this and didn't use the free update. What did I got for my money? A very badly und full of bugs simple portet v3 scenery! No support, no reaction from the developer! Can I please get my money back? Thank you
  10. Bought it, installed it, found a lot of issues (all in this topic mentioned)...... reaction mr. Kok. ..... andras is travelling....... Deinstalled it weeks ago, to bad I can't get my money back!
  11. No problem! Thank you for the info @Mathijs Kok, I already thought this beautiful airport was forgotten
  12. No information and no confirmation about the reported issues.....
  13. Thank you very much for this status update @Mathijs Kok
  14. I'm really really sorry Tom, will not do it again Mopperle confirmed 6 different issues, now with the lightning we have a total of 7. Should I make 7 new topics?
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