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  1. I noticed the same issue here. It was amplified by the pitch trim bug (now fixed) but the aircraft still pitches up rather violently as soon as the main gear lifts off the ground. Using the instant load feature and a CG of 32.3%.
  2. Hi all, when deviating from the selected altitude e.g. in turbulent weather the FMA will falsely go to "VS 0" instead of recapturing the selected altitude. Cheers, Jan
  3. Hi all, I noticed that even on a gentle rotation the plane is very pitch sensitive and after the main wheels lift off will immediately pitch up to 25° or higher. On the next flight I left the F/CTL ECAM page open and it turns out that even though pitch trim was calculated and set to 0.8 units nose up, during T/O run the trim resets itself to 4.0 units nose up. Both the original and forum hotfix flight model are affected. I'll try to do more testing in the next couple of days. Thanks, Jan
  4. Very nice paint, altough the "Lufthansa Group" will definitely not be painted on them so it would be great if you could remove it.
  5. Holgi is already working on it.
  6. A319 IAE, Privat Air, D-APAC would be very nice! :-)
  7. You have to turn off the avionics before starting the engine!
  8. Okay, I'm flying the Dimona in real life so I thought I could help you but okay
  9. Joachim, do you still need a Beta tester ?
  10. Okay thanks! Sorry for disturbing but do you expect the release before christmas ?
  11. Hello Marcel, could you tell me how many liverys are included ?
  12. Haha, well i flew our DA20 yesterday and there is the same mistake, sorry for that, of course "Außentemperatur"
  13. Aussentemperatur is the german word for outside temperature. Yes, it is.
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