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  1. I noticed his comments on simflight.de as well. It brings up the question of whether or not the issue here really is lack of time or lack of interest in this project, maybe both...
  2. It didn't work out apparently. Well, it is what it is...
  3. On some occasions only idle reverse is used on landing, amongst other things, due to noise abatement procedures.
  4. It always felt like it was not designed to go into idle reverse. You had to press F2 for a fraction of a second and if you were lucky it somewhat worked, if not it was somewhere between idle reverse and full reverse. In either case the sound of stowing the thrust levers back to idle would not play afterwards, only if you were in full reverse. Controlling the thrust levers via keyboard obviously is very sluggish but with a regular Joystick your options to assign reverse thrust are limited. One way to improve this would be to have a detent for idle reverse. You'd press F2 once to go into the idle reverse detent, twice for full reverse and vice versa, F3 once to go from full reverse to idle reverse and twice to go back to idle.
  5. Selecting idle reverse was kinda awkward in previous versions and caused the thrust lever sound to not work properly, has this been improved?
  6. Would it be an option for you to hire Marcel like some of the Airbus devs until the Porter is finished? It would be a real shame to let this project die...
  7. What you've said pretty much sums it up. Marcel is busy with other things so apparently there is little to no progress on the PC-6.
  8. I understand that this project is not officially canceled but it's not actively being worked on either at the moment or is it? It would just be nice to have some clarity since Winfried Diekmann said back in June of 2016 that (at least in his opinion) this project is basically finished and that's now one and a half years ago.
  9. I think the yoke movement you see with the autopilot engaged is custom coded so it doesn't exactly reflect the actual position of the flight controls. On my system the yoke shows a ~10 degree aileron input to the right while in level cruise so there clearly are some issues with the animation.
  10. Winfried Diekmann talked about a meeting with Airbus to discuss future projects possibly involving the A380 but due to little demand for ultra long range FS flights more likely the A350.
  11. I'm really happy that Marcel isn't taking part in this BS "release it already" debate and I hope he doesn't even read this thread and these ridiculous discouraging comments. Everyone who owns Marcels Do-27 or his Katana 4X knows how much work and passion is required to deliver such immersive and realistic add-ons. A2A is being praised a lot, and their GA Planes are very nice indeed but neither visually nor system wise do they compete with Marcels Katana 4X and of course the upcoming Porter 4X. Of course this takes a lot of time, why else do you think that in over 10 years of FSX being available nobody else has managed to create a realistic rendition of the PT6 Turbine?
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