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    While playing GATC i came across a few Airline codes i did not know. My problem is that i want to know them. You can do 2 things then: open your browser on the other screen and everytime you see a new airline ICAO code type it in and search. That part is not only anoying, it's very distracting as well. Put a list in a text editor is the same. So i came up with making a small program where you type in the ICAO code of the Airliner and you get the Name, Callsign, IATA and Country back. You can put it under your flight- strips. I hope it will be useful for you as it is for me... Install Instructions: Open the zip. Start the installer and install the program, yep that's all folks! Enjoy... Peter J. Faase V1.01 Major update, you can edit the list yourself now. V1.03 Got a few small bugs out.
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