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  1. I partly agree on what you are say saying Tom, but you are limping on your equation. What if, a very loyal client always comes in and get's the 250g package because the shop doesn't sell the 500g packages yet. So you shop-owner forces the client to buy the 250g package, at least when he wants to have coffee :-) The same goes for me, I am a loyal client for the Airbus for nearly 7 years. And yes I got the A318-319 for free because I did some work for Aerosoft but I did not get the opportunity, back in the days, to buy a bundle. Aerosoft did not sell the 500g packages coffee back in the day. And that's partly my point as well, I was always a loyal customer, I even promote Aerosoft as much as I can, but now I have to pay extra for being that guy. In my humble opinion that s*cks! Cheers, Peter
  2. Report flight 7: VABB - VECC Flightplan: AAU G450 JJS Airplane type: Phenom 100 Flown: 24-10-2017 Time: 2.20 Hr. Fuel: 950 Kg
  3. Report flight 6: OPPI - VABB Flightplan: KABIM P518 IGANU M638 EXOLU Airplane type: DA42 Flown: 12-10-2017 Time: 4.15 Hr. Fuel: 163 Kg
  4. Report flight 5: OIAA - OPPI Flightplan: DEMPO G665 SYZ UP574 SITEN W10 CBH R654 EGPIC A791 JI J120 GD Airplane type: B738 Flown: 11-10-2017 Time: 2.00 Hr. Fuel: 5.843 Kg Something bigger today :-)
  5. Report flight 4: HEPS - OIAA Flightplan: ELETA UB411 DEESA UY415 NIMAR UL550 BOSID B417 UKNAR G55 IBSAL Airplane type: B190 Flown: 10-10-2017 Time: 3.30 Hr. Fuel: 1.275 Kg
  6. Report flight 2: LBWN - HEPS Flightplan: IVGOT T68 RIXEN G1 IST G8 YAA A16 ELVON UA16 SOMGU A16 TOMBI M855 DASNI A16 PEDER M855 MAROS A16 KOSEG M855 EVORA A16 MELDO We start again with the meteo: It doesn't look bad, some light rain at Varna (LBWN) but nice and clear at Port Said (HEPS) As said, there was a 'light' rain expected in Varna, I am quite happy I was inside the plane :-) During taxi we had a little spray on the taxiway, that always gives a nice view Climbing out was turbulent but once above the clouds it was a smooth ride. Just before entering Turkisch Airspace the weather changed a bit and it became darker Once above South of Turkey the weather cleared a bit and the evenings fell. We secretly catch the last sunrays for this day Once landed in Port Said the crewbus is coming to pick us up. But not before our friend Jim ( has landed too! We are going to spend a few days here, we will be back Tuesday with the report of our next flight. Cheers, Peter
  7. Report flight 2: LOAN - LBWN Flightplan: GESGI DCT PESAT DCT NARKA N133 ORA Y559 BUKAN N127 LAMIT L605 BULEN L744 EXIGA We start again with the meteo: In Wiener Neustad we first had a nice coffee at the Katana Bar :-) from there we gathered our pax and prepared for take off. Climbing out from LOAN, we see Budapest in the background. Quite some turbulence though See attachtment on the bottom :-) Passing Caras-Severin, Romania and the Trei Ape. A lovely place to visit but for now we continue..... Descending into Bulgaria towards the coast of Varna. Runway insight, nearly coffeetime. Was another beautifull flight with a little turbulence. Looking forward to the next flight. Time: 2.00 Hrs Fuel: 674 Kg atw80-02_003.mp4
  8. Report for the first flight: EGKK - LOAN Flightplan: DVR2W DVR UL9 KONAN UL607 AMASI UM149 BOMBI UL984 OSBIT UZ205 LULAR T703 DEXIT DCT LIVDU Let's have a talk with meteo: Last preparations on the gate en boarding of the pax: Instruments all set Push back complete Just over the Chanel entering Belgium, what a lovely sky. In the Southern of Germany starting my descent, quite overcasted. On downwind for runway 27 LOAN. Not such a nice weather as it was in the UK. Landed with some company compagny :-) It was a lovely flight which took about 2,5 Hr and we used 781 kg of fuel on this leg. Thursday on the next leg to Varna.
  9. And we do have a late arrival :-) Wentian -
  10. Nice to see some fellow OAV pilots flying as well. Peter - Jim - Howard - Terry -
  11. Hi, Just landed at Gatwick for my final checks of my B1900 before we leave on monday. Flightplan: Airports in red are the mandatory airports. London Gatwick, United Kingdom (EGKK) Wiener Neustadt/Ost, Austria (+visit Diamond Factory) (LOAN) Varna, Bulgaria (LBWN) Port Said, Egypt (HEPS) Abadan, Iran (OIAA) Pasni, Pakistan (OPPI) Mumbai, India (VABB) Kolkata, India (VECC) Chiang Rai, Thailand (VTCT) Hong Kong, Hong Kong Kai Tak(VHHX) Jeju, Korea (RKPC) Chofu, Japan (RJTF) Memanbetsu, Japan (RJCM) Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia (UHPP) Shemya, Alaska (PASY) Cold Bay, Alaska (PACD) Whitehorse, Canada(CYXY) Comox, Canada(CYQQ) San Francisco, USA (KSFO) Sedona, USA (KSEZ) Okmulgee, USA (KOKM) Bowling Green, USA (KBWG) New York City, USA (KJFK) Iles-De-La-Madeleine, Canada (CYGR) Goose Bay, Canada (CYYR) Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (BGSF) Reykjavik, Iceland (BIRK) Stornoway, United Kingdom (EGPO) London Gatwick, United Kingdom (EGKK) I have made the decision to not to land on bigger airport in between the mandatory airports. For everyone the best of luck and have FUN! Cheers, Peter F.
  12. KL401

    Airline Names

    Version 1.03


    While playing GATC i came across a few Airline codes i did not know. My problem is that i want to know them. You can do 2 things then: open your browser on the other screen and everytime you see a new airline ICAO code type it in and search. That part is not only anoying, it's very distracting as well. Put a list in a text editor is the same. So i came up with making a small program where you type in the ICAO code of the Airliner and you get the Name, Callsign, IATA and Country back. You can put it under your flight- strips. I hope it will be useful for you as it is for me... Install Instructions: Open the zip. Start the installer and install the program, yep that's all folks! Enjoy... Peter J. Faase V1.01 Major update, you can edit the list yourself now. V1.03 Got a few small bugs out.
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