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  1. Not to start a debate, but why not upgrade to FSX? I've never looked back (ok I did install it on my latest rig) but it was terrible performance at max settings compared to FSX. See my Youtube Vid here: Probably some better but... Chris
  2. Hi. You may be best to send an email to support@aerosoft.com and they should be able to help you directly. Chris
  3. Yeah, I'm getting this too. I'm sure they're aware of it. At least the forum is working
  4. Hi Stanner. Do you get that message after installing the V1.22 patch? If so I would not worry about it, I believe everything will still work fine, it's just the installer having trouble accessing the xml.dll file. But it appears to have made the correct adjustments anyway. Chris
  5. cbd80


    Hi Stanner. You say you engaged Loc before the ILS. You should have the ILS active first and ensure you are on a course to intercept the localiser. Have you switched the ND into ILS mode after pressing the active LS button? This will give you a rose compass with a line indicating the CRS selection ie the runway heading. Treat this as your runway. There will be a bar in the middle if the ND that will likely be to the left or right depending on the direction you are approaching from. This tells you which side of the localiser you are. You should aim to intercept the localiser at 30 deg. So for LOWW that would be 130 deg or 190 deg depending on arrival direction. As you approach the localiser the central bar will move in and the key is to get the line in the centre. You actually only need to use APPR as this will capture the LOC and glideslope. Select APPR a soon as the LS is active and you are on an intercept. The autopilot will take care of the rest. As the glideslope bar indicates descent activate AP2. After that as long as you're on approach speed you should have a good landing. Hope that helps. Chris
  6. Guys. The crash of FSX on exit of Airbus X was commonly seen through Beta testing and it is the issue that was highlighted before release that couldn't be tracked down. Chris
  7. Ok. As far as I'm aware TRK mode isn't implemented, so you're restricted to VS. As for your second point some users are experiencing issues and others not. Personally I dont have this issue, but I know several Beta testers did. For now you will have to live with it and I'd suggest manually applying brakes. Hopefully affix will be found. Chris
  8. I quite like it, it seems more organised. Though I do agree you have to jump through a few more hoops than I'd like to get where you want to go. Chris
  9. I second San Diego, that would be a great addition. Maybe Aerosoft could team up with FlyTampa to produce the airport..... Chris
  10. Bonjour, Je ne parle pas francais et je me sers d'un traducteur. J'ai eu ce probleme. Allez dans le dossier FDC et executer: PFE_V312_System.exe et Sysinfo_inst.exe ce qui devrait resoudre le probleme. Chris Hi. In case you speak English or someone can do a better job translating! Go to your FDC folder and run the following: PFE_V312_System.exe & Sysinfo_inst.exe This should solve your problem. Took me a long time to figure out. Chris
  11. Hi. Using FS Commander is a good idea if you need to SID/STAR. However, it won't enter altitude/speed constraints in the Airbus X FMS. This shouldn't be a worry to you as default FSX ATC doesn't cater for SIDS/STARs. An FS Commander flight plan will load into Airbus X with the SID/STAR so you can fly it an any given altitude/speed you like. Chris
  12. Shaun will confirm, but German Airfields 3 is different than German Airports 3. Are you sure you purchased the correct tittle? Chris
  13. MWR. Apologies for any offence. Indeed there is an issue, you are correct, however I do believe it can be overcome with practice. When the Autopilot is disconnected the code reverts back to the FSX FBW, which has the effect of resetting the trim. During testing many things were tried to resolve this, and this is the best that we have been able to get it. I do hope it can be improved in future, but for now we must live with it. As you are aware that it will happen you can compensate for it by being ready to give a little nose down and also retrim to regain control of the aircraft quickly. When disconnecting on an ILS approach, I would do it when you have sufficient altitude and distance to recover i.e. 2500ft and 10nm. It's not perfect, but for now some of these issues can be overcome by the pilot. Chris
  14. Usually there are 2 download links in your Aerosoft account. One for fs9 and one for fsx I'm sure it will get sorted. Chris
  15. cbd80

    T2G MMMX

    Hi, It would be good to see all T2G products covered, just got some of them myself. You may be better posting your request here though: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=17429 Chris
  16. Hi. As it's the download; is there an FS9 version to download? Secondly (sounds like you may have done this) have you pointed the installer to the location of your FS9 main folder? Chris
  17. Airbus X definately needs delicate control inputs, and so too does the real Airbus. If you've heavy handed, leave decisions too late then you are going to get into trouble. I can fly Airbus X without issue into challenging airports like Quito in Ecuador. Surely this won't be possible with such bad flight dynamics?? I think some users need patience and practice. Chris
  18. No you don't. Please read the manual. Chris
  19. Hi. It is possible to insert Dep/Arr airports. This is done on the Init A page, you can then insert your flight plan on the F-PLN page. If you read the articles you will know this version of the Airbus was not intended to have SID/STAR functionality. A couple of Beta testers tried Airbus X online and did not find any difficulties. Remember you have other navigation aids on the aircraft to assist you with bearings and distances. Chris
  20. Hi. It's a result of the 3D technique used to create the lighting effect. Looks great from the cockpit, but does have the drawback of having little effect when looking directly at the lights themselves. Chris
  21. Hi. I believe there will be further updates but they will come in much slower time now. Chris
  22. Mathijs, it would be good if we could get a status update on this project. Chris
  23. Hi. Yes the airbus X dies have the PTU sound. As for the flight plan, there is a button on the MCDU to enter it. Firstly you need to enter the From/To, afterwhich you can click flightplan to enter the remaining waypoints. Chris
  24. Point 1 is ok too as the Airbus throttle isn't a conventional throttle like a Boeing. The airbus will only idle when in that detent. Chris
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